Jimmy's POV

Goodbye, I wrote. It was the last word of the last entry I would ever right again. I signed my name in almost perfect script underneath the word that filled up half the page.

"Beep," I heard coming from outside my bedroom window. I peered outside just in time to see Tyler wave from the driver's seat of his brand new Toyota. I grabbed my backpack from my double bed and slung it over my right shoulder. I ran down the steps and into the passenger seat of Tyler's car.

"You ready?" he asked.

"I guess so," I replied.

"Since when did you become such a pussy?" he questioned.

"I'm not a pussy," I snapped. "But remember, these are people's lives we're talking about."

"We're not actually going to do anything," he explained. "We're just going to pretend too."

"Yeah whatever," I grumbled. I stared out the window the whole ride to school. I didn't know what today would bring and neither did Tyler, whether he thought he did or not. All I knew was that we we would never see sunlight again.

Tyler pulled into this usual spot around a quarter to twelve. Everything was all ready set, so we had about ten minutes to kill. "What do you wanna do?" Tyler asked.

"Lets just chill out," I answered, so we cranked up the radio and waited impatiently until the clock struck eleven fifty-five. Each second of every minute felt like an hour. My palms started sweating like crazy and I had to constantly wipe them on my pants to keep Tyler from noticing.

"It's eleven fifty-five," Tyler announced.

"Lets go get this damn thing over with," I mumbled.