Bob's Adventure in the Talent Search Studio by Jonathan

This guy named Bob had to play his accordian on the show "Talent Search". He came in last place and the guy that won the competition named David was acting insincere about winning on live T.V.

Then they had to stop the live broadcast because a tornado was heading straight for the studio. Bob had to go through the crucible of surviving the terrible tornado.

While this was going on, a tree trunk crashed through the windows and almost hit Bob in the head but he was able to avoid it.

Then David told Bob that it was safe to leave the studio. Being gullible, Bob listened to David and left the studio but found that the storm was not over. He quickly got back into the studio and told the Executive Producers of "Talent Search" that David tried to trick him into going outside when the storm was still brewing.

After hearing this, the Executive Producers made Bob the winner and David lost his title because of his lies. Bob's prize was a million dollars and a record contract. Thanks to the show, Bob became a well known Polka Musician and he moved to Asheville, North Carolina.

And he lived happily ever after.

The End