Hello, butterfly.

You're so pretty,

Dancing high above my hand in your graceful ballet.

I can't resist any longer,

And I guiltily encage you within my lithe fingers.

Within my gentle grasp,

I felt you flutter about in the core of my palms

And I knew right then

That I never wanted to let you go,

But I could never claim you as mine completely.

I would never claim you, or the beauty that you held.

Your wings of soft velvet,

They are streaked with the colors of my heart

And become reflected in the tears of my eyes.

You're the prettiest butterfly ever—

The prettiest I have ever looked at.

I'll keep you here,

Just to keep you safe from the ones

Who are aching to tear your wings away.

But I can't keep you forever—

As much as I would like to…

As much as I would like to make you stay with me,

Because I want you to know how joyous you make me.

Why does it have to be like this, butterfly?

Why does goodbye have to be so sorrowful,

Even when it is not the "forever" end?

Why do I have to be so sad and resilient to let you go?

I open my hands and release you from my selfish prison

Fly away, little butterfly.

Take to the sapphire sky

And show others why I cherished you so.

Bye, bye, butterfly—

You will be dearly missed.