Super powers

Random kid: HELP!

Bully leader: Shut it as no one will help you. Get ready for a wedgie.

A kid is in trouble as he upset a bunch of bullies during recess at Blakes creek elementary school. They being the process of the wedgie until.

Bishop: Hey stop right there.

Bully lackey: Who are you?

All four: We are the amazing four as we fight for truth and justice!

Bully group: HA HA HA HA HA HA!

But they soon regret laughing as they begin to fight. They all have amazing reflexes and they dodge a lot of the bullies punches and kicks. They use team work to defeat them which cause them to retreat.

Bully leader: We will never forget this!

Cindy: Are you ok?

Random kid: Oh thank you very much! Your really are my heroes.

Once school ended. The four walk with every kid clapping their hands and cheering for the four as they are well know for helping any kid in need. As they walk to their homes, they being to talk about their day.

Zeke: Man I never thought that today will be even better than last time.

Zeke is a young energetic Mexican who always acts with its fists rather then thinking. He is the strongest when it comes to close combat.

Cindy: Ya I never thought we go up against bullies.

Cindy is a soft hearted girl and her combat is weak but she make up with her thinking of the situation by using objects to help her in body movement. Some say she has PSI

Trisha: Well we are amazing and we could of done it without our leader and best friend.

Trisha is a blonde hair girl who is well known for her speed and can be shocking to say the least.

Bishop: Oh you guys.

Bishop is a tough boy who suffer a lot when he was in the first grade. He decided to stop suffering and start doing something as when he started the fifth grade. All this friends have one thing common and that's their passion for super heroes. They are all big super hero fans that much that they hope that one day they'll become like them.

Bishop: I hope that we all get are powers someday and when that comes, we be able to help everyone and stop bad guys.

The rest: YA!

After a few days, the weekend starts and Cindy is hosting a sleep over. They do what do in a sleep over and that is having as much fun as possible. Once it got to about 1 am, they all fell asleep except for Bishop.

Bishop: Oh I don't want to sleep yet.

He tip tow quietly and he decide to go watch a little T.V upstairs. When he turn it on, he saw a commercial that got him interested.

Seller: Do you ever want to become a super hero but don't have any powers? Well look no more as I have got what you need. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call by 555-555. Don't wait as this offer will be gone soon.

In an instant, he pick up the phone and begin to order.

The very next day, he got the package and is so excited about. He called his friends to tell of the big news. They all meet at the school and they put them on.

Cindy: Ok I don't think its working.

Bishop: Are you sure?

Zeke: I think you got rip amigo.

Trisha: Yep.

Zeke: Ah man I was so hoping for it to.

He punches a tree and everybody is surprise that it did gave them super powers. They all got a power depending on what they are wearing. Zeke wears power gloves that give him increase strength of his combat plus it gives him knowledge of other fighting artes.

Zeke: This is mucha beuno!

Trisha wears the boots that gives her super speed and along with its rubber coding, gives her electricity.

Trisha: does anybody want a churro that came from Mexico?

Cindy wears nerve senesces which gave her the power of telekinesis.

Cindy: Wow I'm actually levitating 3 heavy cars.

Finally Bishop has flight and super strength just like Zeke.

Bishop: I can't believe we got super powers. I must be dreaming.

Zeke: "Pinch"

Bishop: Ow!

As they all talk about how amazing it is to have powers, suddenly a person appears.

Mysterious person: So how is the products kids?