Andy was sitting on the very edge of the circle, as was Siren. The two hadn't exchanged a word, but they seemed to be thinking along the same wavelength. Moving towards the outside of the circle in order to protect the younger and weaker on the inside. Some might say it was valiant, but it seemed to Andy that he wasn't quite thinking straight.

They say that hero's rise to the occasion, and today was no exception. Andy realized that there must be a bit of a hero buried deep within himself, because this was as selfless as he had ever been. Usually he just cowers inside himself, but Andy was feeling a fire in his stomach that was unfamiliar to him. He couldn't even identify it at first, but soon found that it was courage fueled by fear. Cell phone taken, his worst bully sitting right beside him, and men with guns pacing around them with a look in their eyes that spoke of violence.

A cry of pain from behind him made Andy turn his head, and just a second to locate it. There were a lot of people in the bank compared to the population of the town, but all in all it was a small number. Surely enough for two men, surely four, to keep under control. But the sound had come from the woman right behind Andy. This was the woman who happened to be pregnant.

Sweat rolled in beads down her face, a face which was very red. Most people had given her room to sit comfortably, and one mother with the child was holding her hand. There must have been some sympathy between them, Andy realized, because they had both been through the same thing. But the thing that troubled Andy was the look of pain plain on her face. Disregarding the man that held the gun who was watching them, Andy summoned the courage to comfort her.

"What's wrong?" Trouble stirred in Andy's gut like a thunderstorm, but some of the worry was eased when his eyes darted to the side and he caught Alia's glance. There was a throbbing in Andy's heart suddenly, and he swallowed nervously. This was one of the best chances that he could ever have to impress anyone, especially her. The woman responded quietly, and in a hushed voice.

"I d-don't know. My stomach started to hurt, and, oh-" She cut off as her face scrunched into a grimace of pain, and the grip on the hand that she was holding tightened by tenfold. The woman who was the mother of the young boy looked into Andy's face, and Andy knew this to be Mrs. Kline, one of his neighbors. She had a worried look on her face, and the pregnant woman looked at both of them. It was a miracle that none of them had gotten caught speaking yet. Mrs. Kline whispered to Andy as the pregnant woman breathed heavily.

"Andy, I think she's having her baby. Now." Andy's eyes felt like they were ready to pop out of his head, and he was sure that the pregnant woman was having the same reaction. Alia scooted over closer to Andy, as did Siren. Andy found Alia's sugar sweet voice speaking close by him, but it was directed to the woman.

"What's your name?" She answered between breaths, and Andy turned to look to Alia, seeing her beautiful eyes filled with worry. Something in Andy told him that the worry was not for herself at all, but everyone around her.

"My name is Susan." Biting down on his lower lip, Andy was ready to interject his own quiet comment, when there was a loud yell and a hand grabbed the back of his neck. He could feel the grip of the glove before he even registered who it was exactly that was grabbing him.

His toes were barely touching the ground, and Andy soon found it was hard to get air with such the tight grip, and his ears soon started to ring with the loud yells in his ear.

"What did I say about no talking, huh? WHAT DID I SAY!?" Andy was prepping to choke out a response, or more of some words that would plead for his life. No one responded though, and suddenly a circle of cold metal was pressed against Andy's temple. The angered voice of the person holding him and choking him yelled again.

"Are you really this eager to play with his life? One more body, no problem to us." Andy tried to gather the air to plead for something, anything to get the gun away from his head. When no oxygen would step forward and the fuzzy black soon started to edge around his vision, and unlikely hero came up to beg for Andy. Of course, it was none other than Siren. At this point though, Andy could care less. He was one finger twitch away from death, and if anyone could save him, even his enemy and tormentor, so be it.

"Hey, listen, he wasn't trying anything. This woman here, she is on her way to giving birth to a child." The gentle, persuasive voice that Siren always used to sway the teachers into letting him off was at work here. Part of Andy prayed to the lord that Siren was such a sweet talker that even a hardened criminal who was ready to kill was persuaded in the slightest. The grip on his throat tightened, but the yells did not cease in their volume.

"Obviously, anyone can see that!" Siren met Andy's eyes for the briefest of seconds, and there was something in Siren's eyes that Andy couldn't quite place. But all he knew was that as Siren began to talk again, the grip loosened, and the black started to go away. Air was once again kissing his lungs, and Andy was breathing.

"But sir, I think that you might be mistaken. Not only is she pregnant, but the baby is soon to arrive. Right here, right now. Maybe an hour at most, but it is moving along quite quickly." The grip went away completely, as did the hand as Andy was shoved the ground with such force it almost made him black out. Siren sat back down as well as the man with the gun yelled a few final words.

"Well, that's too bad! But we'll be out of here before that hour so she can get to wherever she needs to go to have that damn baby!" The man made his emphasis by backhanding Andy across the face as he walked back around the circle. Stinging, though hardly feeling it, Andy looked at Siren with a look of eternal gratitude. They both knew that Siren had just saved Andy's life.