My Best Friend

My best friend lies strapped to the table, screaming and struggling against his rope binds. The dust that fills my dimly lit basement causes me to constantly scratch at my nose. I can't help but let out a small chuckle as I watch his brown eyes dart side to side, looking for a way out. Too bad he isn't going to find one. Why can't he figure out that he deserves this? He tried to leave. He tried to run off to college and leave me all alone again. I tried to tell him he needed to stay, but he didn't listen. So, I was forced to take a moreā€¦drastic action. We have had far too many good times for him to just throw away. Such as the time we first met.

Were just kids, only seven years old. I was curled up in a corner, trying to protect my facer from the raining kicks and punches. Back then it was common occurrence. The kids would either walk by, point and laugh, or cheer them on. I remember the tears falling from my face as I begged them to stop, to just leave me alone. But they never stopped. I quickly learned to just shut up and take it, whenever I begged the just laughed and kicked harder. I remember just thinking to myself, What did I do to deserve this? I knew the answer, I just didn't want to accept it.

They pummeled, called me names, pushed me around, but all this had nothing to do with me, no, it was because of my mother. She was nothing but a fucking drunk. The teachers knew it, the students knew it, everyone knew it, except for me. Well, I guess I knew it; I was just in denial about it. What kid would want to accept that there mother is a drunk? I remember blaming it all on my dad. If he didn't go and die then none of it would be happening. Mom would still be happy and I wouldn't be constantly bullied.

A muffled scream bring me back to reality. Oh, right. Seems mind began to wander again. Anyway, I met Johnny boy over there when I was being pushed around. He was the new boy at school, so he didn't know about my mother yet. He just saw me being pushed around and was the only one to ever make them stop. He was the only one that ever stood up for me before. The site of him smiling down at me, holding a hand out to help me out, will always be one of my most favored memories.

And yet he wants to throw it all away. Just push me aside like I mean nothing. No, I have been nothing for far too long. I am not going to let the one person I was something to just walk out of my life. He is going to stay. Whether he wants to or not. I walk over to my friend. I watch his eyes go wide in fear as he lets out more muffled screams. I run my hand through his lone brown hair. "All of this could have been avoided if you just stayed. But no, you had to go to college. Leave me here. This isn't my fault, oh no, it is yours. You brought this upon yourself."

More muffled screams, more thrashing against his binds. Doesn't he know it is pointless? Does he really think he is going to rip through the rope? Well I will certainly applaud him if he is actually able. That rope is at least three inches thick. I grab my knife from the shelf next to him. "Don't worry Johnny, even though you were going to leave me here alone, I will make sure this is quick and painless, for old time sake." I plunge the knife into his chest.

I slowly stand up from my chair, stretching out my back from my nap. I take a glance at the clock. Two in the morning, I really should be going to bed. I make my way to my room, cringing at the loud screech as my door slide against my wooden floor. Before heading to my bed, I make my way to the closet. My closet doesn't hold clothes, oh no, that is what the dresser is for, this closet if for a different purpose.

"Goodnight Johnny, I'll see you in the morning." I say to the still form my best friend, as he hangs from the wall of my closet. Now he can never leave. Now he is here to stay.