I am on the outside looking in, and I understand the choreography to this dance perfectly.I can see when one girl is about to step on the toes of her friend next to her before even she notices. I can tell when one of the boys is about to drop the girl he's supposed to be holding. I can predict each footstep, I know the timing to every twist, every twirl, every spin. But when I walk onstage to join them, I am clumsy. No one ever taught me how to dance. I know the moves in my mind but my muscles jerk awkwardly instead of sashaying across the floor gracefully. Because, you see, I know people better than they know themselves sometimes, but that gift is crippled and made useless by the fact that I don't know how to fit in with them.

They are getting instructions from their director, but outside these sound-proofed walls I can't hear a thing.