It's my first FictionPress story! *Audience claps and cheers, confetti flies. This was a homework assignment, it's a very short story, I wouldn't even call it a one shot. It MIGHT be continued if the teacher gives us a new assignment, but if she doesn't, I won't even write the rest of it. Why? Because FanFics are waaaaay better than my original writing. Probably because I'm such a fangirl, I just want to read FF. Enough of my blabbering. Here's my cliffhanger suspense story.

The Match

"You know it's not right to do this. Now go to the principal's office." said Marina Stevens, a teacher's aide at R.S. Middle School. She took the matches from the tween, and placed them in the pocket of her skirt. She sighed in disappointment, running a hand through her smooth blue-black hair. Just then, the teacher asked her to do him a favor and go downstairs to the basement to get some supplies he needed. Marina grabbed the keys and strolled down the hallway to the door that led under the school. She stepped down the stairs, her heels clicking softly against the smooth laminate. The musty basement was still, quiet, and smelled of varieties of paper and Pine-Sol. It was divided into five different rooms, with no windows, and the one door. Marina never really liked this place, the building itself was over 50 years old. She turned and switched the light on at the foot of the stairs.

Marina searched for the supplies, and gathered them on the table in the area next to the furnace room. The school bell rang above, and the sound of rowdy middle-school kids erupted through the hallway. The young adult continued her work, checking around, when suddenly, the lights above her went out. Nothing could be seen, the door at the top of the stairs was shut. The kids better not be playing a trick again, she said to herself. She felt her way over to the light switch and flicked it up and down. Nothing. She climbed the stairs carefully to try and open the door, but the doorknob wouldn't turn. She didn't have her phone... Then, a terrifyingly loud crashing sound was heard below, and Marina nearly fell down the stairs from her jumping reaction. Is someone down there? She was silenced in fear. Another sound erupted, followed by small creaks and scraping. Marina clutched her chest. Her breathing was shallow. Her eyes wide. She was trapped. She heard running liquid gushing from somewhere below. "Hello?!" she exclaimed, her eyes watering. "Show yourself!" There was no response, only the quiet trickling.

Marina silently made her way down the stairs again, and when she reached the bottom, she attempted to look around for someone. Anyone could be around the corner. She didn't know if there was a flashlight or weapon, she was still a new teacher and had only been down here two other times. She moved even further towards the sound of the water, and as she got closer, she could smell something. She wasn't sure what it was, but she'd smelled it somewhere before. The scent increased and became extremely pungent as she went deeper. She squinted her stinging eyes and covered her mouth and nose with her sleeve. It seemed to be coming from the furnace room, so she proceeded. The liquid was leaking all over the floor, her feet wet and cold in her heels. She looked over her shoulder, swearing that she felt a draft pass by her back. She quivered and tears streamed down her cheeks. Suddenly, she remembered something. The matches. They were still in her pocket. She quickly reached back with one hand, the other still covering her mouth, and she held her breath. Her frigid, dainty hands twitched as she attempted to get a match out.

Finally, she managed to grasp one, and held it in the position to strike the match. She hesitated because she wasn't sure if she would burn herself with her shaking hands. Marina, now terrified, nearly fell to the ground when she heard a creaking sound and then a loud slam. She tried to take a deep breath, but choked from the air she'd inhaled. She struck the match in frustration, and opened the door to the furnace room. What she saw before her eyes she did not believe. An erupted liquified natural gas container that was pouring the toxic, flammable fluid out in quarts. Her scratchy throat closed up from all of her emotions and the fumes. Her eyes burned, and her head felt like exploding.

Marina suddenly came to a horrific realization in a matter of seconds: that she was holding a burning match.

Anyone who's reading this, I would like to know what you predict would happen next... Thank you. :)