The trails are gone, laden with snow.

There's nothing to come and nothing to go.

sweet melody sings a song, once and twice…

Awakening the dead souls surrounded by ice.

My hands are cold, my breath consumed

This path is leading the cursed and the doomed

A lonely bridge, a wall of stone,

Just like them, we're left alone.

The wind blows stronger, the dawn arrives

We play with the snow as they play with our lives.

But we will brave both the faults and the weather

Because here and now we are forever

A beautiful snowflake falls from above

You pick it up and hold it close

Over and over a bird sings its song

All the memories return, making me long

The innocence of winter is here with me

Your image fades and I let you be

I blow a last snowflake, let it grow.

Catch it for me, never let it go