Do you remember what you once told

my innocent soul in that night so cold?

You came down to earth as a shadowy ghost

Your callous heart what I was craving for most

Willingly I followed, tempted and tried,

Your dark intentions were no longer to hide

I did not mind all the lives you destroyed

After all you'd saved me from the truculent void

My fate was changing, not to explain

While you were feeding on sorrow and pain

You made me whole and you tore me apart

You were a lie, right from the start.

The bittersweet agony, the tempting black

you took my choice and left no way back,

I did not know what was right and what wrong

You lead the way with your will so strong

Now I am bare and lost, left behind,

breathless, by you, in this world so blind

It was your scheme to lie and to drain

My fallen angel, you are to blame

My desire for you, still restless it stays

Your love is toxic, your passion's a maze

I long for your poison and you know it too

I played with the fire and I found it in you.