Idris. A land ruled by the royal family of the Lindrans for over two centuries; where magic can only be used by the nobles and the upper class. Above all else, it is my home.

Before it was a kingdom, Idris was divided by lords who waged endless wars against one another. That all ended when the Lindrans united the kingdoms two centuries ago, bringing an end to the infamous "Age of Warring Lords." For the next few decades, the Lindrans ruled the kingdom with a fair hand and prosperity reign, bringing in a new era.

However, that era ended with the death of King Jaq and the crowning of his son, Lungrad II, a century ago. Ever since his rule, the Lindrans have simply focused on ruling one small kingdom, and using their power for pleasures. All the nobles followed their example, and my family, the Kronals, was no exception.

The Kronals were the Lindrans' first allies when they came to power, and always remained faithful to the royal family. They were seen as kind and chivalrous, but we eventually faded into obscurity. My family conformed to the other nobles, and became as aristocratic as the rest.

Well, that all was about to change. Let me show you how the Lindran's rule was replaced with mine. Let me show you how I became known as the Dark King.

AN: This story here is the first installment of a trilogy. It's a chance for me to experiment with an original fantasy story that was inspired a lot by the Games of Thrones tv show, which is based on the books. I hope it fits your tastes and if there are any problems with it, please give out constructive criticism, so I can know what to fix. At the same time, please don't be too hard on, since this is my first fic. Thank you.