Even with the thickest darkest blackest pairs of shades
I found the sun shining blinding my eyes
retinas shrunk
tears falling
and all I could do
was smile

The red blazing fiery star
slowly descended towards the thin line
while the world spun at point zero zero zero one
miles per hour

Two hours
then the star would begin
to dance spin laugh
till all their light poured over
the edge of time

And i
I was atop a fertile hill
head settled nestled
And tickled by the plastered blades
of the most common weed
on the planet

Waiting I was
calm and at ease
sweeping the depths of space
for the star
thee star

A crazy burst of energy
of vibrate colors shooting
racing some foreign course
at incredible speeds

Halley's comet
beautiful as the morning day
stunning like the sea at twilight
the perfect combination of nitrogen gas
propelling it sending it several kilometers per hour
and the debris it leaves behind
would surely fall and burn
the color of copper

Poised and perplexed
gaze frozen
yet my smile still poured from my lips

I knew it was going to be a great day
and an even better night