You stand at 5 foot 11, 6 feet tall
but your heads are surrounded by the clouds
and I beneath you all

But hey
pay me no attention
I will always be strong
I have been through things
that you have never thought of

My brother was eleven
when his mind fell ill
and I had to pick up the pieces
the shards, the broken, the glass

It was my parents
who decided to this to us
leave us fending off
the pestering thoughts
of the possibility of us getting lost

And I, the older of the two,
refused to cut, to bleed, to breathe
and instead lead the way
towards freedom
with bullet holes in our hands
infuse our minds in this plan
and rid ourselves of that nightmare

A miracle it is
to be standing as tall as I am
defeated by words
yet stronger than the rest

I am the weapon
and the better part
of them all
my tremors shake the mountains
and are felt by anything
higher than them

See me smile
and laugh
louder than a bomb
I am the shorter one
who loves
to crumble