One step closer I approach the deep hollow

The chains of despair and frustration, they burn

If we do not stop it, more sorrow will follow

No more, sweet agony, for you I will yearn

My little dove, now spread your wings

Learn to fly, for the sky you must strive.

Like the hope that grows and sings

In need of light and love to thrive.

I know it has obnubilated our hearts

for way too long it has poisoned our minds

Yet, today our journey starts

We step outside and the light, it blinds

Redeem us from the pain and fear

the evil ghost that dwells inside

Solemnly it's been coming so near

What I love to hate and fail to fight

Show me with your eyes while you tell me

"Open your heart and open your mind"

Will we escape, will we break free?

A sacred light so dulcet and kind

When again the sun will rise

I will be safe and I will be yours.

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