Author's Note: This is done in a technique called "style copier", and here I attempted to copy the style of C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters. If you've never read that particular work by him, you should. Please read and review.

My dear Wormwood,

I note that as of late you have been trying to convince your patient that sin does not exist. That is the traditional way of coaxing humans into sing, but you must recall that tradition has gone out of style! Humans no longer have deep, philosophical thoughts upon what is the nature of a thing or whether that thing really exists; instead he will think of the things that entertain him.

People now spend their time convincing themselves of the existence of such silly things as unicorns, faeries, aliens, and goblins merely because they find them to be madly entertaining. You need not convince the patient that sin does not exist, but merely that sin is fun! Make him believe that chastity, diligence, or any other manner of self-control is old and boring. It is more fun to be promiscuous, frivolous, lazy, glutinous, or even to go on murderous rampages. Tempt him to do what is abnormal, or rather very unconventional and forward thinking, such as eating his neighbor or his children instead of going to market to save himself money. Surely only someone as creative and futuristically thinking as himself would think of something like that! If you change your methods to be more modern, I can assure you that you will successfully guide your patient safely to Our Father Below.

Your Affectionate Uncle,