Inspired by a really nice song, Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift. I'll get out of this dark mood soon, guys, just let me take my frustration off with a few more poems~!

I Am Done, Sweetheart

Never thought that you would make me say this,
But you sought after every opportunity you got.
I am tired of giving you so many chances,
When all you do is waste them all.
I know you never gave a damn about me,
You didn't even have the courage to say a sorry.

I can't even count how many times I have cried,
Not even once did I have you by my side.
I am surprised, even though you never did fake any concern;
It still took me a while to figure it out, hon.
I took it till today, and I can't take it anymore.

Really, I never thought that you would be someone I would abhor.
I am sorry, dear, but now I won't let you twist my heart.

I am done with you, Sweetheart.

Even when you shattered all my wishes,
Just saying so that you don't badly guess;
Sadly for you, I didn't cry lakes of tears.
Didn't I already tell you, you weren't worth them, dear?
People say that 'love is blind' and I find it true,
But someone so unkind? Never thought it would be you.

I gave you my heart and you threw it down the drain,
You didn't even turn around to see my pain.
Now that I am able to think, I have figured who you are.
You aren't as innocent as you seem by far.
You weren't brave enough to face me after your deeds;
It explains your actions quite well, indeed.
You can turn hurting someone into an art;
But now, I am done with you, Sweetheart.

Now when I finally understand your conceited air,
I now know I couldn't have lived with your stupid attitude.
That vanity would have been such a pain to endure.
I wonder if you were ever taught that ignoring someone is quite rude!
Now, you have your image all burned to ashes,
Now that I have uncovered all your faces.

Your story, I always knew;
And I am sorry for what she did to you,
But what happened with you doesn't give you the right,
To treat me as bad as you like.
That bitter outlook is going to drag you down,
I could have tried to correct it if I were still around.
But you never gave me an 'authority to hurt',
And now I am done, Sweetheart.

Excellence at anything is in my character,
What you saw was only the teaser.
The whole movie is still left, my dear,
And that is something you should really fear.
No one has ever been able to win against it;
It's really bad that you don't see where you have hit.
I am telling you, I never lose a fight,
You better keep that in mind.

Look at the irony, you were my first heartbreak;
Someone for whom I once could have put my life on stake.
You'll realize your loss after my feelings fade,
But I have made up my mind and I declare it today;
Even though it's quite sad to depart,
I am done with you, Sweetheart.

- Tensai-Teki Kuroneko