In 2503 Japan developed micro cosmetic DNA. No one but the scientists in Sector 12 in Unit 47 knew about it. They decided to keep it a secret and develop it in secret although the secret didn't stay a secret for very long. In 2513 China tried to develop another antibiotic to subside the effects of Subaltitude Hypertension, an epidemic caused by the greenhouse effect, so they could make another three trillion dollars by selling it to the United States. The research was inconclusive so China called in help from Japan. In the end Japan revealed the micro cosmetic DNA secret and China fully developed the vaccine and sent it to the U.S.

In 2514 parts of China and Japan sealed themselves away to research the new possibilities of micro cosmetic DNA. Soon the world was engulfed with new technologies that could do almost anything. Certain humans were injected with software that enhanced the brain in certain elements of knowledge, mostly the military. Other gadgets included hoverboards and wrist computers. It also sprouted Aircress, the international game of hoverboard races. In 2521, Japan started taking products from the market due to glitches, mostly the software injected into the minds of military men and woman. Scared, the Japanese hid and waited for the glitches to subside. But they never did and the people started to go mad and grow violent. No one dared to fix it and now it continues to grow….


Chapter 1

Pentagon, Washington D.C, 1:45 P.M, 2529

"Lucky," Ty said to me smiling. "You get full access here just because you have Roc in you."

"You have it too you know." I pointed out.

"I know! But just because I have it, I don't get to go where you are! Just because you're his daughter it doesn't mean anything!" I laughed.

"Shh, or you'll get kicked out…or killed." He grinned at me as he opened the door for me. I went inside and he waited for me.

"Ah, Phoenix." My dad said with a smile on my face.

"You called?"

"Indeed I did. I need to discuss something with you." What did I do now? I nodded but didn't say anything. "In 2521 the Japs-" He was cut off by violent screams and the door burst open. Ty and my other friends Kayla, Brianna and Mike were standing there with wild looks on their faces, Kayla had a wicked grin on her face.

"What are you-" Mike pulled out his pistol and aimed it strait for my dad's head before I could finish my sentence. I pulled out my gun just as fast.

"Relax Sweety," Ty said. He didn't sound like himself…he sounded like a robot. "We just gotta do this one thang to clear our case." His speech was off too.

"Who are you?" I asked firmly, gun still raised.

"Who do you think we are?" Kayla slurred. "I'm Kayla, this is Ty-"

"And I'm your dad's killer." Mike finished firing a bullet at my dad's skull. I shot a bullet at my dad as well and a sharp pop expoded right in front of his face. My dad was in shock from all of it.

"Well well," Ty said. "You've got some skillz. Your Roc has developed quite well. Why don'tcha join us?"

"Never." Mike shot another bullet and my dad and I shot the bullet once again. "We could go all day." I growled. What the hell had happened? Was Ty a spy? No. He was as loyal as a baby duck following its mother. My mind was racing. What about Kayla and Mike?

"I figured chat." Ty said. "3," he said.

"2," Kayla smiled.

"1," Mike said.

"KABLOOM," Ty finished with exaggeration. I heard cracking and that was when I saw the fire.

"Bubby.." Ty said as a wire came down. I shot at him but he was already in the air. I couldn't see him in the smoke. Fuck. I fired into the sky. My skin was burning and my eyes were watering. Someone shot back but missed as well. My head was beginning to spin as the smoke cleared. I saw something dripping from a pipe. Fuel! The helicopter was in the air and a thought appeared in my head. I shot the pipe immediately and it caused another explosion, this time causing the helicopter to spin out of control. I heard some cursing and that was when I blacked out.