He is 6 foot 1 and has blue eyes and brown hair.


Sam is a man with professional training in the military, He served for 40 years in the marines, He is trained in every military situation. when he was 10 he went to military school for the next 8 years then enrolled in the army. He was killed in action but then he woke up the next day in a strange room the walls painted white, He felt amazing stronger than ever and younger than ever. A man came into the room with a mask on and put a black bag over his head.

He woke up at his mansion his parents were millionaires he inherited all of their money he was an only child. He felt like he was 20 again and he looked like it to, 2 years had passed he learned he had super powers he can teleport and he is extremely trained in unarmed and armed combat. He prefers unarmed combat,

Chapter One

Sam sat in deep thought about his choice to recruit more superheros and teach them how to use there superpowers. If he loses control of these young immature teenage superheros it may end in catastrophe. He heard 3 knocks on the door deciding if he should open it, He finally walked over after 2 more knocks. He answered there were 3 people a very light red haired girl and two boys with brown hair,

Come in sit down. Sam Invited

They all came in and sat across from Sam.

Um I`m Johnson, The brown haired boy siting directly across him said.

He pointed to the girl sitting to the left of him and said that`s Katherine Kat for short.

Nice to meet you Kat and Johnson. Sam said with happiness

And your name he said to the other brown haired boy.

The brown haired boy said my name is Logan.

Nice to meet you Logan, So lets get down to business do you guys know what your here for? Sam asked

Yes you need recruits to help you stop crimes and help us train to use our powers. Johnson replied

That`s right. Sam said

So you need us to help you whats in it for us? Kat asked

Training and learning how to control and use your powers. Sam replied

Ok. Kat said with disappointment

So what do you say we do some training? Sam asked

Fine with me Johnson said.

I second that. Logan said with happiness

Lets go. Sam responded

as they walked to his limousine Sam told them that he had bought a island. An island inst that a little much. Logan asked

Not for a rich guy like me plus i could use a vacation. Sam responded

They arrived to an airstrip and took Sam`s private jet. They were all on the private jet Logan was sleeping Kat was reading a magazine and Johnson was staring out the window. Sam went to the pilot and asked how much longer, The pilot answered 10 minutes.

Sam walked out of the cockpit and announced 10 minutes. Kat woke up Logan wake up were almost here she said, Logan woke up his eyes snapped open are we almost here.

Yes. Johnson said

They got to the island and got off of the airplane. They all walked off of the airplane and walked inside with the luggage it was basically a boarding school. The building is 15 acres long 10 acres wide with two floors. Floor 1 training and Floor 2 school, labs, and playrooms, They walked inside and sat down in the living room.

End of chapter one

Ok so i need to decide their superpowers so i have Kat`s and Johnson`s. But i need Logan's PM me or Review what you think his superpowers should be.