The paramedics walked out of the cloud of smoke, they carried Lifeforce out he was dead, one of them signaled to the care flight that Sam was dead. Johnson got up and walked over to the paramedics "He's dead," Johnson asked. "He's dead," nodded the paramedic. Kat fell to her knees, "No!" Logan said without believing it. "He's gone," Kat said trying to comfort Logan. Johnson walked over, "I think he"s dead" Johnson mumbled . "We should of helped more," Logan said with remorse.

"It's no our fault," Johnson said trying to cheer him up. They all watched on as the care flight took off, Sam rose out of the cloud of smoke. His skin was burnt off it was rapidly healing every second, new layers going over is burnt skin every second. "Sam," Kat said with disbelief. Johnson and Logan's heads turned towards the smoke cloud. Sam walked towards them, "Damn," Sam said turning is head towards the building. 'Are you okay?" Logan asked. 'Yeah I'm fine," Sam replied.

I have decided to stop writing in this story because I ran out of ideas, so this is how it ends.

They went on to beat many super villains and stopped a lot of crimes, but 50 years later Sam had died from heart problems at 98. And the rest of the team died from a super villain that was killed by all of there children. The End