I don't care if you read this.

Neither do I care if you don't read this. Really, it's just my new diary. I've kept a few in the past (not that there's anything interesting in them). I'm just talking about my feelings to a bunch of people who most likely don't live in the same city, or in the same state, or even in the same country, for that matter. All I care about is getting out my feelings.

So what about me? Well, my real name is Amanda, and I'm 16. My hair is dirty blonde, and my eyes are a sort of golden brown color. I'm about 5'3. Does that satisfy your questions?

Anyway, I'm listening to Linkin Park right now (which has lately been my favorite band). The song that's playing is Numb. School started less than a week ago for me, and I already have a pile of homework. And my sister is continuing to make the biggest mistake of her life.

I won't tell you the details about the last one because it's so long and crazy.

Sigh. What else do I say? Maybe I should do homework. After all, I do have plenty of that.