Third Time's The Charm

Chapter 7

"Hey Adi, you want to go shopping with me?" Jemima shouted, trying to coax her black haired friend out of his room. Ever since they arrived back from the sushi place, Adina exiled him self to his room in sorrow... or depression... maybe he turned suicidal.

"Go away Jemima, leave me to die!"

"Adi you're not going to die! Your over exaggerating! Just come down, we can buy Hello Panda snacks, I know you love them." Jemima pleaded.

"I don't want any! Not only did you humiliate me in public; but you humiliated me in public, IN A SUSHI RESTAURANT! Now I can never eat there again and that sushi place was the only restaurant that sold sushi with in 30 miles from here AND YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I WORSHIP SUSHI!" Adina countered.

Jemima, finally realizing she could not win against the black haired beauty, sighed dejectedly and stomped out the front door of the college dorm. Slamming the poor block of wood with so much power that it shook the ornaments on the walls; an unlucky picture of Adina and Jemima at the Hershey's Factory fell to its death as it smashed against the cheap hard wood floors.

Upstairs Adina flinched at the loud noise of glass shattering. Anger and embarrassment replaced his earlier feeling of weakness and desperation to be held. Actually, it was the sudden need to be held that snapped Adina out of his trance and finally caused him to start acting like a normal person would.

Sighing Adina sat up, deciding he had moped around enough and slid off the bed. Walking up to his full length mirror he was not pleased. 'Look at me, pathetic... Absolutely no muscle.' He thought sadly. 'I need to work out.' With unknown confidence Adina slipped on some of Jemima's tennis shoes, (Avoiding the thought of how his feet were so small he could fit into girl shoes) grabbed his iPod, slipped on some black and white basket ball shorts, squeezed into one of Jemima's tight, grey, long sleeved shirts and put a normal while v-neck over that. 'It's cold out so I should layer up' He thought.

Snatching up his phone and keys he swiftly locked the door and started jogging around the small campus. After about 45 minutes of undisturbed running Adina had to stop before he passed out. Feeling a vibrating sensation in his pocket Adina took out his phone and checked the caller ID. Adina stood shocked for a moment, and did a double take. Confused that his old phone still read, in big, black letters on the screen,

" My super hot boyfriend who I will never cheat on and love very much

Is calling... ".

'What the fuck? Who the hell is 'My super hot boyfriend who I will never cheat on and love very much'? I don't remember EVER labeling someone as such... did I?'Adina's memory was never great so him trying to remember names is a normal occurrence. Shaking his head he answered on the fifth vibration.


"What are you doing right now? Who are you with? What's so important that you made me worried by not picking up as soon as I called?" Adina was shocked to say the least, no 'Hello' or "How are you" or "Hey" greeted him and he was pissed. 'The nerve of this guy'

"Listin I don't know who you are bu-"

"ADIKIS~ WHO ARE YA TALKIN TA?" A childish voice cut him off on the other line. Does this man have a child? Somehow these voices sound very familiar.

"Max, go back to your room." The man said, though his demand had traces of 'If you disobey I'll feed you to my rabid sharks' kind of tone. 'How dare he?!' Adina thought, 'Threatning a little boy like that...'

"IS THAT KITTY?! LET ME TALK TA 'IM! LET ME TALK TA 'IM!" The boy, Max, continued to chant. Based on the sound of thumping on the phone Adina could only guess that he was jumping also.

"Max-" Before the man could continue their was rustling sound then yelling and laughing. The sound of a door slammed then banging pierced Adina's ears and finally someone started talking.

"KITTY! I miss ya so much! I looove ya more than anythin! Ya know dat right?" 'Aww, he sounds so cute." Adina had a very weak spot for cute things, puppies, babies you name it.

"Hi Max, that our name right?" Adina's voice was one of a mother, asking their child to do a task. The two ignored the banging and threats as they continued talking.

"YUP! I so happie right now! My kitty rem'ers my name!" The boy squealed. Adina smiled and laughed softly. Nothing is more precious than a child's innocence. "Now ya can 'ome ova and I can fuck ya all nite!"


"What?" Adina asked dumb founded.

"I said ' Now ya can 'ome ova and I can fuck ya all nite!' You looked like you liked it a lot las' 'ime! Maybe Adikis 'ill 'et me cum inside dis time! Adikis is veeery teto- tetor- um... TETORIAL! Dat's it! He's very tetorial! So I couldn't cum inside, though I got ta enter ya! Dat felt soooooo good! You're so warm inside! Like a heatin' pad!"



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