James glared as he watched as Will whispered sweet nothings into his older sisters ear, a loving smile on his handsome face. He wanted nothing more then to go over there and yank them apart, he wanted to be the one to kiss Will in front of everyone that came to his parents stupid party. Then again the press would love to see the son of biggest CEO president in the country to make a scene, anything to add on to the fact that he came out to the world that he was gay worse. Hearing his sisters giggles from his spot in the ballroom made him roll his eyes before head towards the kitchen.

All the chefs were running round and yelling at each other about what plate goes out, when he entered the kitchen, the smell of meat made him want to eat, yet he knew he couldn't't stomach it once he took a bite. He loosed his tie and shrugged off his blazer before heading to the other side of the big kitchen where no one was using and leaned against the counter top, elbows and chest on the counter. He swirled his wine before taking a small sip when he felt arms wrap themselves around his slim waist making him almost jump. Sighing softly he and closing his eyes leaned into the embrace of the strong arms.

"I didn't want to see you two laughing and dancing in there, it's making me sick." A low chuckle was heard before a small kiss was placed on the side of his tanned neck. His heart thumped in his chest, his breath hitching.

"And you thought hiding in the kitchen was a good idea?" James grinned and placed his wine cup on the counter before turning and wrapping his arms around the taller man, kissing his lover softly on the lips. The smell of his sisters perfume made his nose twitch, but chose to ignore it and welcome Will's sweet and soft touch.

"Yes, because I knew that you'll come looking for me, and I was right." Will smirked and started to nibble on James's bottom lip making the small teen sigh. James tugged at the blonde hair at the nape of the others neck loving the way his lover growled against his lips.

"I should head back before Leah comes to look for me." The smile that was on James's face fell quickly and his arms came down to his sides so fast that it felt like they where weightless. Will gently kissed his lips before moving to his ear. The hairs at the back of his neck stood on end, and he desperately wanted to keep from moaning out when he was really upset.

"I'll see you later tonight. Your sister had way to much to drink, so knowing her, she's going fall asleep before everyone else." James knew that Will taking about his sister shouldn't bring a smile on his face, but the thought of having Will all to himself was worth it. Happy James gave a quick kiss on Will's lips before the other started to leave.

"Love you, Jamie."

"Love you, Will."

It was later that night when all the guest left, the ballroom was clean, and everyone in the house went to bed was James in the shower in his bathroom. He let the hot water hit his body while he stood and let his black hair go limp against the water. Without making a sound Will kissed the back of James neck, the teen tensed for about a minuet before relaxing and leaning against the blonds chest. The small kisses turned rough and he let out a soft moan as hands began to map out his body.

James turned to look at his lover, to him Will was the most handsomest man he had ever seen. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a very nice body, a soft voice, rough cold hands, everything about Will Harris was amazing, and he knew that he had Will's heart, not his sister. He was roughly passed against the shower wall, the teeth on his neck bit and nipped, hands slowly rubbing his hard on making his moan and sighs like a cat in heat.

"Will. Will, please." He clawed at the hard back of his lover, his please echoing in the small bathroom. That night James lost count on how many times he came or when Will had to leave, but he was alright with it, as long as he knew that Will would be back the next night.

When the sun began to raise James was already awake and staring at the ceiling, just thinking. He had to pack before leaving for school, Wills lips, his stupid sister, Will's rough voice. Blinking he stretched his body on the bed before going sitting up. His hazel eyes glanced at his underwear on the floor and resisted the urge to blush, snatching his underwear he moved to his bathroom and began his morning routine.

When he finally stepped out, dressed in lose clothing, mumbling a song, his mother stood from sitting on the bed giving him a mini panic attack. She was grinning with a small glint in her brown eyes before throwing one of his shirts at him.

"Mom! My god! Do you want to kill me?" He grassed his chest tightly over his shirt making sure to take deep breaths. His mother let out a small giggle before moving towards her son and moving his damp bangs to the side of his face.

"I thought you were all ready and packed but it seems like I have taught you nothing growing up." She smacked him lightly on the forehead making James pout before moving to sit on his bed again.

"I know I know. I don't have much Ma so it's no big deal. I'll leave tomorrow morning." One of Stay's perfectly plucked eyebrow rose to her hair line as she watched her overly cocky son. He rolled his eyes at one of his mothers 'oh really' look before he moved himself to his walk in closet to grab some clothes.

"And here I thought that you would give anything to leave early to go see that mysterious boyfriend of yours. Jamie, when am I going to meet this boy of yours? You know your father keeps asking not only me but your sister as well."

Inside the closet James froze and mouthed the word 'shit' before he shut his eyes and his mind began to race. The only excuse for him to come home was because he fought with his suppose boyfriend and wanted to 'get away from him', when really he missed Will and would come home just to see his lover. It was easy to keep his fake lover in the dark when his lived in Los Angels. Now that it has been almost a year it might be the perfect time to 'brake up' with the fake. He could always lie and say that they are fighting and when the summer comes he wouldn't have a boyfriend. Easy.

"I know Mom, but right now things are going from bad to worse and unless he's going to call and apologize I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning." He dumped all of his clothes on the bed and glanced at his mothers put off face. He hated lying to her but who knows what would happen if she found out he was fucking his older sisters long term boyfriend.

Stay sighed softly before patting her sons arm affectingly. "Alright. Well, hurry and finish getting your clothes sorted, your sister apparently has news for us when we have brunch so hurry, yes?"

With a nod James continued to fold his shirts when his mother began to make her way toward his door. Before opening it she looked back at her youngest with a frown on her perfectly red painted lips. "Jamie. You know if you ever want to talk about it, let me know."

James smiled at his mother with a small nod, giving a small smile of her own she left his room and shut the door behind her. When James could no longer hear his mothers soft foot steps he let out a grand sigh and slowly ran a hand through his hair.

Some time later found him sitting in the tea room with his parents talking about this and that and eating fruits and sweets. His father had a business trip in Japan and wanted to know what would he like as a souvenir. His mother on the other hand has fashion week coming up and was ready to punch one of her models when she hear that said model was seen eating more then she should. It was nice, relaxing, nothing to worry to about until his sister came running into the room with a grin on her face and all but dragging Will behind her. He tried to catch his lovers eye but Will ignored him like he wasn't even in the room. James felt his heart pound and his stomach fall literally into his lap, something was wrong.

"Mommy, Daddy, Jamie! Will and I have big news to share with you!" Leah latched on Wills right arm a shit eating grin on her face, James thought it made her look like a creepy clown. She held out her right hand in front of her showing her small family, and James felt the world around him start to fall apart. There on his sisters ring finger was a huge diamond engagement ring.

"We're getting married!" His mother let out a girlish squeal, his father clapped his hands together, and James swore he heard his cell phone ringing but chose to ignore it as he stared disbelief at his sisters hand.

Both his parents were hugging the new couple talking about plans for the wedding, the party, everything. James choose not to look at anyone, he felt his eyes prickle, his heart ached, and his stomach lurched. He wasn't going to cry here damn it! Not in front of Will, he wont give the damned bastard the right to see him cry. Slowly he moved towards the door, making sure his parents where still chatting with the couple, once he was out the room he ran. He ran up the stairs into his room and flopped on his bed.

He wanted to cry, he wanted to throw something, yet he knew that, that wasn't going to do anything. Angrily he took out his cell to see who had called, and saw his friend Emma had called before putting the cell back into his jeans.

He needed to leave. He needed to go back to Los Angels and… and do what? Run way? Like he does everything else? No.

Standing, he started to pace around his room. He felt hurt, used, and broken. So… what is the best way to get over it. Revenge. Right, that will be the best way to deal with something like this. He wont cry and feel bad about himself. He wanted to get even.

Smirking he took out his cell once more before dialing an all to familiar number. "John? I need a ride to the airport and a plane ticket to LAX as well as a ride from there to UCLA. In two hours I want to leave as fast as possible."

Stacey was running around in her office with different blue colored fabrics in each hand. She held up the Persian blue lace fabric near the slim white dress before huffing and tossing it to the side. She was about to tie the cobalt dark blue fabric near the dress before her son came in with a small guilty look on his face. Grinning she looked at him before ushering him inside by her side.

"Ah! Jamie! Please come and help your poor mother finish this dress. I thought that a bit of color on this dress would be better but I need to know what to add. Blue? Green? Black? See I think blue would ravishing but I'm not sure what blue." Her son looked at the dress before the different blues that his mother had. A small second passed before he plucked the Royal blue from his mother and tied it around the collar of the white dress.

"Oh! That looks amazing. Thank you, Baby." She gave a small kiss on his cheek before chucking the blue fabrics behind her carelessly, making her son giggle, before turning back to her dress. "Now. Is there something you what to say before I go off on you as to way you left brunch before congratulating your sister?"

A sigh was heard before James stood behind the dress to look at his mother. His hazel eyes where big and a small smile was on his face. "Sorry I got a call from someone and had to get it before they change their mind and get mad."

Stacey stopped fiddling with the fabric and looked at him dead in the eye. Her lips pulled down into her face before putting her hand on her hips. "Was it that mysterious boyfriend of yours? Is everything okay?"

James nodded the smile turned into a grin as he watched his mother carefully. His mother really did love him and it killed him to lie to her but he needed to leave. He had to play it off a bit longer, sighing dramatically. "He apologized and asked if I could go see him before the week starts. You know, time to work on us."

His mother gave a soft smile before shaking her head and going back to messing her dress. "You know when your father and I were dating we had to go threw so much, mostly because of the revolting mother of his, but we got through it-"

"Mom. I have a plane to catch soon. I just wanted to let you know before I left." Sighing Stacey playfully glared at her son before kissing him on the cheek again and patting his arm.

"Fine, rude little boy. Have fun, be safe. Make sure you two talk, communication is key in any relationship, yes? Oh! And make sure to bring him to the house some time."

Nodding at everything his mother was saying James began to leave his mothers office. Before he had a chance to close the door his mother once again had to say something. "Oh! Make sure you talk to your sister! She was hurt that you just left like that."

Rolling his eyes James glared at the floor. "Knowing them they would be in the room 'celebrating' the news."

And with that he slammed the door with more force then necessary. Stacey stared at the door bewildered before shaking her head. She turned back at her dress and took a long look at the royal blue added to it.

Jackson was reading files that his secretary sent early this morning with distaste. He would give anything for a distraction right about now. He spent most of the rest of the morning reading and reading that he was about ready to throw the papers on the desk. God seemed to like him today when he heard a small knock from the doors to his office.

"Dad?" Smiling Jackson dropped the files along with his glasses. "Come on in, son."

James poked his head in with a small guilty smile. "Your not busy with anything important right? I could come back later."

Jackson shook his head and ushered his son in. James sat in front of his fathers desk, his looked up at his fathers identical colored eyes. "Never busy for my family. What's up son?"

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm going back to school today. In like… an hour." Jackson looked at his son, a small frown on his face, not a pout!

"I thought you weren't leaving until tomorrow morning. What happened to us spending time together?" James looked guiltily at his father. Every time James came home his father and him would go have dinner or a walk around the garden just taking, catching up. Jackson did this with both his sister and him, they had done this since they were little and he wasn't't going to stop now. He felt that if he didn't spend a little bit of time with his kids they would end up like snotty rich.

"Sorry Dad but the heart wants what the heart wants." At his Jackson straight up and his body tensed. His son seemed to always have a fall out with his lover and although, yes it still meant that the family name has now reached its end, he still loves his son, and his lover keeps fighting with him, which is not okay with him.

"James, I want to meat this love of yours. You two always seem to have a fall out and I have to say, that is not a health relationship." James sighed softly, he looked at everything besides his father while rubbing his arm.

"I know. I have to fix this, that's why I'm leaving early. I want him to know that this is it. One more fight and I'm done." Jackson stared at his son before nodding his approval. He didn't want to pray, that was his wife's job, but he's still worried about his son.

"Alright. Have a safe trip then son. Make sure you study hard, keep your grades up, no wild parties." He watched his son grin before leaving. When the door closed he sighed softly and rubbed his forehead. On the one hand his has his baby girl happy in love and now getting married while the other is having an off and on again lover that no one in the family has seen. "Kids these days."

At noon James had his bags in the trunk of the car and John in the front seat ready to leave the White mansion. James gave him a small smile before getting in the car. "Ready sir?"

"Yeah, lets go John." As soon as James couldn't see his house he called his best friend and like always not two rings she picked up.

"Yes Jamie?" Laughing at Emma's sticky sweet voice James took out his wallet.

"I want you help Em. No questions asked until I get to Cali." He flipped open the leather wallet before taking out a small picture.

"Sure thing. What's up?" Will's smiling face was looking at him and he wanted nothing more then to scratch it off his face.

"I need to get back at Will. I want him to hurt. I want him to feel pain." He rolled down the window and threw out the picture without looking back, his heart thumped in his chest.

"Okay… We'll talk when you get here, Sweetie. In the mean time, I'll think of something." James sighed in relief, eyes closed before smiling.

"Thanks Em." Saying their good byes he shut his cell. His chest hurt and he knew no amount of pain killers would do anything for it. But he will get pay back. The back of his eyes stung for what seemed like the thousand time today and yet again he ignored it and didn't let a single tear fall. He wont cry for someone like Will. Ever again.


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