"RRRRRIIIAWR." A mountain lion screamed.

A novel

By: Trevor Scott Morgan

Chapter One: "Gotta stay moist if you know what I mean, it's good for your skin." He added.

Across the horizon of the hill you could spot the faint image of a forest canopy. Birds flew through the air as the sun beat heavily down onto the earth.

For days we walked until we reached the top of the hill. No one said a word, other than the usual " I'm tired." And " My knees hurt."

We were boy scouts, but none of us knew If we would keep our badges when we got back. Pack leader Norton told us if we ran away or if we told anyone what he did to us then all of our badges would be revoked. But most of the older kids realized what he did to us was wrong.

The first camp meeting was dress up day. He would put us in little outfits and such. And the other days...I don't want to talk about the other things he did on the other days.

I being the oldest decided to step up. When he was beating John the youngest I did it. I grabbed the rock and opened the tent flap. The rest I barely remember, just an angry haze. As if I suddenly turned into an animal. Up and down the rock went until the screams stopped, and his face was reduced to a red meaty slush.

After that Marcus being the second oldest rounded us all up and gathered the supplies. We left, to go reach something, to get away from what had happened to us, to find some place from the disaster and dysfunctionality, we looked for a place where beasts didn't roam, we looked for Civilization, and Civilization, miles away,

We marched slowly and un-orderly. A few weaker and fatter kids passed out from exhaustion, and we had no choice but to leave them for dead.

They would say things like " Maxwell you're the strongest, please carry me. Please Maxwell please. I'm going to die here."

I wouldn't answer them. I would simply walk away. Leaving them there to die. After that they would cry and cry yelling " Maxwell! Please!"

We would hear them for miles and miles until their voice died with the background ambiance of the hills.

Downhill wasn't bad, but uphill was hell. Marcus made shifts for people carrying supplies, and people who were assigned during walking up hill usually passed out.

The terrain was grassy for several days, then one day during the sunsetting the terrain became more rocky and the hills turned to mountains. There was a trail built into the side of the rocky mountain with a steep drop on one side.

For hours we went down hill on it, then suddenly it went uphill.

Marcus picked the bag off of Tommy's shoulders. and walked towards a short blonde kid.

" No, no no no!" The shorter blond kid said.

Marcus looked at him and said still holding the supplies " Look Paul I promise the moment you start dragging your feet I'll give it to Maxwell."

Paul reluctantly nodded and grabbed the canteens and slung them over his shoulder. We walked for several hours uphill, and Paul looked like he was doing fine.

Above the trail up on the mountain were different dens or caves.

" See those caves." Said Tommy

" Yeah." I replied.

" Mountain lions live up there."

" No way." I said in disbelief.

" Yepp, Packleader Norton told me."

" Packleader Norton also raped us, all of us."

" Nah, he's a good guy, just cause he has sex with kids doesn't make him a bad guy."

" Dude I murdered him remember?"

" Yeah that was kind of over board."

" Dude he was raping John to death."

" Meh, I think he was an alright guy."

I shook my head and kept walking. At this moment I realized that Paul was starting to look exhausted leaning forward and such.

I jogged up across our marching line to the front.

" Marcus, Paul is lagging behind should I grab the bags for him?"

" Nah, he'll be fine." Marcus replied while drinking from a gallon jug.

" Man this is good stuff." Marcus said as he wiped our diminishing water reserves all over his body.

" Gotta stay moist if you know what I mean, It's good for your skin." He added.

" Look should I grab the canteen?"

" No he's good." Marcus said.

By the time I jogged back I saw Paul practically crawling on his fours, then falling over dangerously close to the edge.

" Paul!" I screamed. running towards him.

He looked up at me and fell over the edge. Tumbling down like a ragdoll water spilling everywhere.

Marcus was now standing over edge screaming and crying.

" The water, noo...the water." He was crying.

I looked over at Marcus tears running down his cheek.

" You...you bastard!" I yelled.

A deep rage exploded inside of me. I grabbed his throat beating him violently to the ground. The next thing I knew was us rolling around in the gravel flailing our arms everywhere. He was winning. He had pinned me down with only one of my arms free, leaving me only able to awkwardly punch his back. I began to feel dizzy as he punched me again and again.

Everything became a blurry haze. Maybe there was gravel in my eyes I thought. "Gravel." I thought. My vision became gradually less blurry, and the image of Marcus above me sharpened. " Gravel." I thought again. The hand that could only awkwardly punch Marcus dug into the gravel dirt. I clenched the gravel with a hard grip and flung it in his face.

He was now off of me crying holding his face spitting out dirt and gravel. I ran into him not thinking on just exactly what I was going to do. I pushed and pushed until he finally tripped on his back defeated.

I was gasping for air, exhausted. All of the boy scouts gathered around us forming a circle.

All fifty of us gathered around.

I picked up the gallon of water and walked away, and that's when I heard it. The single sound that will make me shudder, leaving me to quake back into the horrible nightmare.

"RRRRRIIIAWR." A mountain lion screamed.

Suddenly all of us were running scared.

" I told y..." Tom was interrupted as a large mountain lion landed on him ripping him to shreds.

Then more and more landing down. About five in all.

Those that ran uphill were too slow, and were eaten, people running downhill tripped, and died. Some tried to climb upwards, but were too slow and died. I had only one option.

" Follow me!" I screamed. About 10 scouts followed me to the edge of the trail. When we reached the edge only 8 of them followed me down.

Climbing freehand was one of the most frightening things I have ever done in my life. We had nothing other than our torn boyscout uniforms.

I was so exhausted I felt like letting go. I closed my eyes for a second, and then woke up on my back gasping. Horrible pain was surging down my spine.

Above me were 8 faces. Looking down on me.

" Where am I?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

" You fell asleep. You're lucky that you landed on this rock thing." Matt said.

" We should have left him." Nick added.

" No he tried to save Paul. We had to, for paul." Another one of them said.

I picked myself off of the ground, pain aching my body with every move that I made. I stopped when I was on all fours and watched as a drop of sweat dripped off of my forehead and onto the dry rock. I ignored the pain and finally pulled up into a standing position. Wobbling, struggling to keep my balance as I spoke. " It's clear that we need to get off of this mountain."

" Well where the hell will we go?" Nick asked.

" I don't know. Maybe down into the forests. We'll have a chance there."

" The town is on the other side you idiot!" Nick said.

" No, Maxwell is right, there's no way we can cross the mountain and the desert without provisions." John quickly shot back.

" So that's it? Down into the forest. And then what?" Nick asked.

" We..we can build shelters. The Pack Leader..he...taught me..the Pack Leader before..before..." A young boy named Dominic said, clearly delirious from climbing and the mountain lion attacks.

" So that's it, wait in the forest until help arrives?" Nick asked clearly expressing the defeat of his idea.

" Yes, that's exactly what we're going to do." I said with a smile

There were 8 of us, me being Maxwell the tallest and clear leader of the group, then John my closest supporter, and Dominic who also supported my ideas of survival and knowing the most about surviving in the woods, the quiet and timid yet strongest one in the group was Bert who seemed a little bit retarded. Then there was Nick, stubborn and angry most of the time, he was short and squat with black hair and freckles. Nick's best friend was Matt, who was reasonable, but still sided Nick. And the two others were the Katyanagi twins. Japanese and inseparable. Their individual names were unknown to us due to them looking completely alike. They were by far the best fighters in the group, learning Karate since the age of 5.

By the time we finally reached flat ground all of us were exhausted. We hadn't eaten since the Mountain Lion attacked which was two days ago, and hadn't drunk a drop of water since the stream we found yesterday.

Nick suggested that we lick the sweat off of each other's faces to recycle water, but we all just laughed at him and called him a fag.

We found a pond near the base of the mountain. The Katyanagi twins both stripped to their underwear and socks and collapsed in the water.

Everyone else followed except for Bert who swung his legs over the edge into the water alone. After hours of drinking dirty pond water and swimming we found the Katyanagi twins sitting on the edge of the pond making sushi.

" What fishing poles did you use?" I asked bewildered.

" No pole, only hand." They both said simultaneously in a heavy Japanese accent.

We collected wood from branches and made a large bonfire along the edge of the water. Sitting around it we sung campfire songs and told ghost stories, trying to forget about the horrible situation we were in.

I woke up, my back and neck completely sore. Everyone else was dead asleep. I tugged on John collar and told him to wake up. John soon woke up along with everyone else.

We were all up and awake by sunrise as the smell of dead logs and smoke lingered in the air. " Gather all of the water." I said as I packed up the remaining sushi and fish from last nights dinner.

The Katynagi twins gathered the water as Nick and Matt sat down and watched us do all of the work. By the time we were ready and packed the sun was fully into the air, our shadows getting smaller and smaller as it reached noon.

My joints became more and more stiff as we walked. We sung marching songs as a result of a heightening of spirits. We sung and sung, drank well, and ate well.

We reached a hill and heard a sound of rushing water.

" Very bad, strong bad devil water, no escape." The Katynagi twins said again simultaneously.

" What?" Nick asked confused.

" Big bad water, very big." Katynagi twins said.

" Well, we'll have to cross anyway." I said.

We reached the top of the hill and saw the rushing river. The sound was louder than any scream, than any rock concert, than any howler monkey. The sound was at first painful to your ears, but then it blended into the background.

" How much furth.." Nick was interrupted by the Katynagi twins saying: " Shut the fuck up."

After an hour of marching we reached the river. The sounds of its rushing was now at the height of its loudness, no longer tolerable.

" I guess we'll have to cross it." I said as I began to wade across.

" No fucking way american boy." The Katynagi twin said on the right.

" Yeah he right white boy if you cross you die." The Twin on the left said.

I realized the truth in these words. There was no way we could swim across. We couldn't fight the current across, we would be pushed downstream and smashed in the rocks. I thought about the camping trip in 2007. Packleader Norton taught us how to make rafts right after he made us put on dresses.

" He's right you idiot. We should have never gone here." Matt said feeling proud.

Nick added " There's no way across, we could have survived if we didn't follow you."

" Look you're just retarded you have no clue how to.." John said, but was cut short by me saying: " Everyone stop! We need to stay together, Look John has stuck with me on every decision, Nick and Matt have opposed all of my ideas. But the only way across that river, the only way for us to survive is to float across on rafts."

They all looked at each other and nodded in approval. Nick and Matt gathered wood. The Katynagi twins cut and shaped the logs. Me and John gathered string, Bert and Dominic put the rafts together.

We had a total of 4 rafts, Two people on each. Bert and Dominic on one, Me and John on another, Katynagis together on one, and Nick and Matt on another. That morning we woke. We watched the sun rise above the mountains, and ate some trout the Katynagi twins caught. At noon we decided to cross. I made sure that strings were nice and tight.

I held the raft over my head as we walked out into the water. " Alright, put down the rafts and jump on Three."

" One." A cloud of liquid formed around Nick's raft."

I pulled John back onto the raft, him screaming and coughing up water. We were going downstream at quick speeds, John and Matt's raft going even faster. I steered the raft closer to shore, we were definitely going to make it, us being close to shore, but I couldn't say the same for Matt and Nick's raft. They were going quickly.

A formation of rocks in the river were coming closer and closer. Our rafts would surely be smashed if we didn't get to shore quickly. I leaned it to the left. Further upstream Nick and Matt's raft smashed into the rocks instantly killing them both.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed as Matt's head exploded on a rock edge.

I leaned the raft onto the edge of the shore knowing the exact outcome: Me and John getting safely onto shore. Instead the side of the raft completely scraped off on the shoreline, with the impact sending us twirling and twirling around. I heard the sound of smashing wood, with the taste of blood in my teeth.

I woke up. Half of the raft was torn off being pushed against the rock by the heavy water flow.

The other half was sitting to the right of my between two rocks. I saw John's arm resting on the side.

" John!" I screamed as water flowed in my mouth.

" John!"

I swam to the rocks. But instead of finding John I only found bits of torn and bloody shirt scraps.

" No..No...Oh...Oh God No!" I screamed crying holding the rags.

" Pussy." Nick said standing on the top of the rock.

" You..You died, I watched." I said.

" No only Matt did. I swam to shore, because I'm just a bad ass."

" Fat stupid White Boy use friends dead corpse as boat." The Katynagi twin said.

" Yeah, I saw it." Dominic said.

I pulled myself across the rocks and back onto the shore, realizing the extent of my failure.

I looked at my remaining Boy Scouts. We were all battered, and beaten down. I looked down, accepting my failure. Further downstream I saw Matt's corpse. The only thing I could bring myself to say was: " Well onwards, towards the forest."

Chapter two: The Only thing I could bring myself to say was: " Well onwards, towards the forest."

The same forest I had seen days ago, I am seeing again. I looked back at the mountains, a faint memory of the horrors we had faced was behind us, towering over us. I looked back towards the forest hoping the nightmares in our shadows would not be darker up ahead. I had hoped.

John had died because of me. I had saved him from Packleader Norton, but I didn't save him from the rushing white waters of the river. Only If I hadn't slipped, only if I held on tighter.

There was six of us now. Katynagi twins, Bert, Dominic, Nick, and of course me. I would rather get raped by Packleader Norton than do this. We all would. That's why everyone silently hated me. Looking at me with their glares, wishing that I never picked up that rock and flattened his face. Although people that would get raped by him would always scream, except for Tommy. Tommy had this weird belly giggle that he would do when it happened. Tommy had a fucked up sense of humor.

Anyways, back to the current situation. As we neared the edge of the forest a shriek was heard in the back ground. It was the sound of a boy. Then we heard another sound. It must have been a roar.

" What the fuck is that?" I asked.

" Howler Monkey stupid." The Katynagi twins said simultaneously and nearly instantly after my question.

" They're no Howler Monkeys in these woods." Dominic said.

" Escape from the zoo." They both said.

" There isn't a zoo here within a thousand miles." Dominic shot back.

The Katynagi twins said nothing in reply.

We kept walking in complete silence.

My mind reeled backwards, to better times. It was father son camping trip day. We woke up early before the sun rose and did our usual camp inspection. Usually at this time Norton would scream at us, claiming that the Vinyl didn't smell strong enough. And when a kid claimed that he didn't know what Vinyl was Norton slapped them and asked loudly " What the Faaaaack? Did you learn anything in school? Huh? Huh? Huh? Naaooooow! You didn't! Where is he? Where is your God?" By this time he would be bursting into full tears, claiming that our society was oppressive in nature, and we should rape kids to be free.

But on the Father Son camping trip everything was normal, Inspection, Kayaking, Bird Watching, Nature Learning, and then at night be made S'mores around the campfire and told ghost stories. Ah those days. When our minds roamed freely through the forest, mysterious full of adventure. We would roam around with crayons and paper, and make maps of the campground, jesus the smell of Mesquite burning in the air, the distant sound of birds chirping, and the gentle breeze shaking the branches, breaking the peaceful solace of silence.

Back on to the current situation.

The sun had completely set leaving the scene extremely dark, due to the light of moon and stars covered by the thick canopy of trees.

" We need to stop and Camp." I said.

" No sheet Shamrock." Katynagi twins said.

" I believe it's Sherlock." Dominic said.

" Shut your stupid pile hole or else I'll shove your foot in your bungalo hole." One of the Katynagi twins exclaimed in anger.

" You just..uh never mind, just gather some branches."

We walked and walked until we found a clearing in the forest with a pit dead in the center surrounded by half cut logs.

" What the hell?" I asked as I kicked the dead logs in the pit.

" Someone's been here recently." Dominic said as he felt the heat of the ashes.

" Look it doesn't matter, whoever they are, they're human, and not Mountain Lion. If they were here they might come back." I explained, trying to reassure our safety.

We all gathered branches and other pieces of wood, and threw them into the base of the pit until a decent pile was made.

" Alright I learned this from a movie, but I'm still pretty sure it'll work. We split a log in half first then.."

" No stupeed, to makuh spark you just use my matches." One of the Katynagis said.

" You've had a match this whole time?" Dominic asked.

" What? What you think we light our raschiashkiks with?"

" Raschiashkiks?" I asked.

" Rashiashkiks." The Katynagis replied nodding.

" What the fuck is a Rashia..."


" Oh Fuck!"

A Mountain Lion jumped from the trees landing on one of the Katynagis him screaming.

The other Katynagi screamed something in Japanese, throwing the match in the fire, the fire exploding in flame.

Bert and Dominic ran from the fire, confused and afraid, towards the Mountain Lion that was biting down deeply on one of the Katynagi's leg.

" Dono Sursanto!" The other Katynagi screamed running toward the Mountain Lion.

The Mountain Lion immediately grabbed the other twin with its mouth and tossed him across the ground, him hitting the trunk of a dead tree. The dead tree was uprooted falling forward on the fire, causing the ends of the branch to catch on fire.

I was hiding in the bushes with Dom and Bert watching the Katynagi twin scream in horror as his legs were torn apart.

" We need to save him!" Dominic screamed.

" No shit shamrock." the other Katynagi said.

I looked at the burning tree and the Mountain Lion.

" Wait I have an Idea."

" What?" Nick asked.

" Okay Nick I know you're going to reject this idea, so just follow my lead, and push this tree trunk as hard as you can."

" Okay on three."

" One." Bert positioned him self in the back of the trunk.

" Two." We all planted our feet deeply in the ground.

" Three!" I wasn't going to let the Katynagi die just like I let John died.

We pushed, all of us screaming a war cry. " For the Scouts!" Bert said.

" For Matt!" Nick Screamed.,.

" For John!" I screamed.

" For the scouts!" Dominic screamed.

" Fuck the Police!" The other Katynagi twin screamed.

The upper half of the tree completely caught on fire, strangely so, as if the tree was covered in Gasoline.

We pushed until we hit the Mountain Lion, and the other Katynagi instantly turning both into a raging inferno. The Mountain Lion shrieked as its fur was burning.

It shrieked, running away, leaving a trail of fire in it's shadow.

" Yeah!" I screamed.

" Victory!" Nick said high five'ing Bert.

" Yeah, I only wish we could've kept that Tiger.."

" Mountain Lion." Dom corrected.

" Yeah, Mountain Lion, I wish we could have kept it." I continued.

" What the hell would we do with a Mountain Lion corpse?" Dom asked.

" I don't know, eat it."

After the screams of victory died down there was still the sound of shrieks. " Wait a minute, where's the Katynagis?" I asked looking around.

Bert looked at me with a straight face and pointed downward. I followed the motion of his hand down to the image of the Katynagi twin still on fire and screaming. I grunted in surprise. " Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I screamed in rage at Bert.

Bert shrugged his shoulders and replied, still with a straight face " I don't know, you never asked."

I looked at the other boys screaming in frantic panic " Hurry, get some water or something."

Nick looked at me smugly and said " Wow, haven't you been drinking enough water today?"

" You idiot, the Katynagi twin is on fire from the tree." I screamed back, still frantic.

" Why didn't you tell us earlier?" Dominic screamed.

" You never asked!" I said, now frantic with fear.

The Katynagi twin was still screaming, rolling trying to extinguish the fire. I looked around, trying to think of a way to extinguish the fire. I looked at the Trees, then at the burnt one. Dammit I can't do anything with the trees. I can't drag him to a pond, nor can I stumble around in the dark looking for one.

The other non-fire Katynagi twin came out from behind the bushes, oblivious to the fate of his twin brother. He was eating a roasted squirrel. " This taste like shirt." He said in his heavy Chinese accent.

" No, it taste's like shit, shirt actually doesn't taste bad if you keep an open mind." Bert replied.

" He's on fire, and you're worried about your squirrel tasting like shirt?" I screamed.

The non-fire Katynagi looked down at his twin brother and shrieked. " We need to save him!" He said dropping the squirrel.

" No shit Shamrock!" The Katynagi that was on fire screamed.

" Wait a minute, shirt." I said.

" Shirt?" Dominic asked.

" Shirt!" I screamed.

I threw off my shirt, and tied the sleeves together. I ran up to the burning Katynagi, who was getting closer, and closer to death each second.

" Don't worry, we're getting you out of this!" I screamed.

Holding onto the sleeves I began to pat the shirt onto the Katynagi twin, then with full force I jumped on him, covering him with the shirt. I successfully put the fire out, cutting it off from oxygen. When I pulled the shirt from him he simply lay there. The image of him was repulsive. Patches of skin were black, and in other places there was no skin at all. Across one side of his face was a claw mark from the Mountain Lion, and on his head was a stream of blood which later dried.

After saving him there were no victorious chants, no "Good Jobs!" or

" Yes we did it!"'s there was only the sound of silence, and the occasional moans of pain from the Katynagi twin.

" What do we do now?" Dominic asked.

I wasn't paying attention to him. Now I was looking up at the sky, the sun coming over the mountain on to a new day.

" Hey, Maxwell. Maxwell."

" What?"

" What do we do now?"

" I don't know, I just don't know."

" Well we have to do something."

" Like what?"

" I don't know."

" Well then why were you asking me?"

" Because I didn't know." Dominic replied.

" Oh, well I guess that makes sense.

After all that we had been through I finally caved in. My sadness and pain was sharp and deep. I wondered what I had done to deserve this. The worst thing I have done was murder my Packleader, and that guy was a dick. If I didn't murder Packleader Norton, then all that would have happened to us was get raped, but instead all of us died. All of us except Me, Bert, Dominic, Nick, and the Katynagi twins. It was only until now that I realized that it truly was all of my fault. It was my idea to kill Packleader Norton, it was my idea to float across the river on rafts, it was my idea to catch the tree on fire and scare away the Mountain Lion. It was my fault that all of the people were killed by mountain lions, it was my fault that Matt died, and it was my fault that my best friend John died.

I looked around at everybody else, the six people I didn't indirectly kill yet. They were all quiet, dead quiet, even the wounded Katynagi twin's moans died down. It was noon, and the sun had risen fully into the sky. The fire pit only had a few burnt and dying logs.

I stood up and walked away announcing " I'm gonna go collect some firewood. Don't follow me."

" Sure." Dominic said.

After a couple minutes of walking I found a suitable log to sit on. I thought about everyone, Paul, Marcus, Packleader Norton, and even Tommy. They were all dead now because of me. We would all be safe at home if it weren't for me. If only I didn't pick up that rock, and bash his brains in.

I covered my face with my hands and began to sob quietly. " It was all my fault." I muttered to myself as tears began to roll down my face. A squirrel ran by my foot, looking at me with big eyes. " Go away." I sobbed. " I don't want you to die too!"

The squirrel rubbed it's head on my ankle and looked at me. It squeaked a little and scurried away.

I turned around, now facing the opposite direction. I opened my eyes and saw what looked to be a lake.

" Dammit!" I screamed realizing I could have easily saved the Katynagi twin.

I began sobbing, quietly. I was only fifty paces from where we made camp, and they could easily hear me if I sobbed too hard.

" How's the wood coming?" Someone from behind me asked.

" What huh wood?" I looked back wiping the tears out of my eyes.

" Woah man, you're eyes are really red."

" Yeah, yeah." I said realizing Nick had followed me.

" Why are your eyes so red? Were you doing drugs?"

" Crack."

" What?"

" Crack, I'm smoking crack."

" Oh boy, that's illegal isn't it?"

" Yes, very." I said sniffing.

" Oh man, I know it's illegal and all, but can I try some?"

" No."

" Why?"

" It's illegal."

" Well, I know that, but no one will find out."

" Yeah."

" How?"

" Cameras." I lied again irritated.

" Woah, they have cameras in the woods?"

" No."

" Oh."

" Yeah, so you can't have any Crack."

" Oh, can I just have a little?"

" No, I already smoked it."

" What did you light it with." He asked.

Realizing the extent of his stupidity I replied " Leftover fire from last night."

" Oh, well I guess that makes sense." he said.

" Yeah it does."

" Do you have any Crack leftover?"

I looked at him and said yes for some stupid reason.

" Well, I don't know if I should try it, what does it do for you?"

" Cancer." I replied.

" It gives you Cancer, and it's illegal, well then there must be some good stuff it does."

" No, just Cancer."

" Well, Cancer doesn't sound that bad. My aunt had it and.."

" Aids." I interrupted him.

" Aids?"

" Yes, Aids, Crack gives you Aids."

" Wow, well I guess I shouldn't try it then."

" Yeah, you shouldn't."

" Wait, but earlier you said that all it does was give you Cancer."

" And Aids."

" Are you lying about all of this?"

" Yes." I confessed.

" Really."

" Yes." I said which was followed by a moment of silence, then I broke it by saying " Except for the Cancer and Aids part."

" O.K, I know you're lying."

" Alright, you got me. I never smoked Crack or did Drugs."

" Then why are your eyes red?"

" From taking 1,000 milligrams of Ibuprofen."

" What's that?"

" Drugs."

Nick shook his head and left, walking back the 50 paces to our camp.

By this time I was too tired to cry, so I took a walk along the shore of the pond. The body of water was strange due to it's size. It was too big to be a pond, but too small to be a lake. I watched as the sun set, it's image reflected on the pond.

Across the lake I could make out the faint image of what looked like a shaved dog. It stalked the edge of the pond, snapping at something. As it finally snapped, holding its prey in its mouth, I realized that it was not a dog, but a Mountain Lion. I knelt down to examine a piece of black fur, burnt and singed. Then I looked across the other side of the pond, at the Mountain Lion, it's fur burnt completely off.

I locked eyes with it, and walked back to the camp.

As the sun set we gathered wood for the fire, realizing the strange intensity of the fire.

" Why is this fire so strong." I asked.

" I don't know, could be a natural gas vent. I read about those once."

Nick came from behind the bushes, drinking from his canteen. " Good thing you found that Lake man, I was thirsty."

" Yeah well good thing we didn't have to resort to your sweat licking fetish." I replied.

" Fuck you." Nick said.

" Water...I need..." The Burnt Katynagi twin muttered.

" Go get your own." Nick said, downing another gulp of water.

" Give it to him." Dominic commanded.

" No."

" You selfish faggot!" I yelled as I tore the canteen from his grip.

The Katynagi twin moaned in pain as I carefully poured the water on his dry and blistered lips.

" You guys idiots, water won't help him." The non-fire Katynagi twin said.

" Well then what will?" Dominic asked.

" Bowl o' rice and Hot Saki." He replied.

" Ok, next time we stumble on Hot Saki and a bowl of rice make sure to let me know." I said.

After that we went to sleep early, with Bert on watch. I tried to close my eyes but all I could think of was the kids who had died. I saw Tommy yell " I told you s.." Just as a Mountain lion landed on him and tore him to shreds. I saw Paul's small body roll down the edge of the mountain, his body like a rag doll. Then I saw Matt. Him looking back until his face was smashed on a rock, the stream pushing his body downward. Then I could see clearly, the Katynagi twin's lifeless burnt body.

I laid there all night, hearing the coughs and cries of the burn Katynagi twin, but when the sun rose, there were no more sounds coming from him.

The Non-Fire Katynagi twin awoke first. He walked over to his brother.

" Yatsumoto, wake up. Yatsumoto?" He knelt beside him, shaking him " Yatsumoto..? Yatsumoto, wake up Yatsumoto."

Dominic walked over to the Katynagi twin, felt his pulse and shook his head.

" No, he's not dead!" The Non-Fire Katynagi twin screamed with tears in his eyes.

" I'm sorry, but.."

" No! No! He's just sleeping! He..He.."

" He's dead as fuck." Nick said.

" You...You.." The Katynagi twin said sick with rage.

" Go cry about your brother elsewhere scat fucker."

" You bastard!" He screamed running toward him.

" Agh!" Nick screamed as the Katynagi drove him to the ground kneeing him and elbowing him, in the Karate fashion.

" Wait!" I said running toward him.

" Stop!" I grabbed the Katynagi twin's shoulder. He reversed me and sent me to the ground.

My face was on the ground, covered in bruises and sand. I heard footsteps and Dominic scream, then the muffled sound of struggling. The next thing I saw was Dominic breathing heavily in pain on the ground next to me.

" Stand back Bert!" I heard Nick scream.

Then I heard heavy footsteps, then struggling. I rolled on my back to see The Katynagi twin being held by Bert with two hands. Then he dropped the Katynagi, while kneeling down at the same time, causing the Katynagi twin's back to land on his knee.

I heard a crunch, then the Katynagi twin on his back screaming in pain.

" No one hurts Dominic. He's my friend." He said in his half retard voice.

After a couple of hours we decided to have a funeral for the Dead Katynagi twin. His living brother said nothing during the funeral, only looking at Bert and Nick in anger.

We dug a shallow grave for him on the edge of the Bank of the Pond. Dominic suggested that we let him sink into the Pond, but if we did that his body would only float back to shore, and be eaten by some animal.

We all stood around the grave. Bert carried the Katynagi's corpse to the edge of the grave, and dropped him in.

" Would anyone like to say any words?" I asked.


" Okay, I'd like to start off. Yatsumoto Katynagi was a great friend to us all, he was always there for us. I remember the first time I met him. It was a bright autumn day and I zipped up my tent. We all gathered in the center and Packleader Norton started raping us. When Norton asked me if I had been raped I was about to tell the truth when Yatsumoto said that I had already been raped, and it was his turn. Now whether or not he just wanted to get raped first, or if he didn't want me to get raped doesn't matter, because on that day I didn't get raped. And if Yatsumoto and his..other brother, also named Yatsumoto, didn't catch those fish in the pond, then we would have definitely starved." I said.

" And if you didn't kill Packleader Norton then we wouldn't have to starve would we?" Nick asked.

" Nick!" Dominic said.

" What?"

" Shut the fuck up."

" Anyway as I was saying. We will all miss Yatsumoto and.."

" That's bullshit, and you know it. We all hated that squinty eyed fucker." Nick said.

" Dude, come on show some respect we're at his funeral." Dominic said.

The living Katynagi only looked at him with anger.

" You guys are just sucking his shit because he's dead! He was a shit eating cock choking faggot ass licking dick shitting cunt bag that liked to suck on old grandpa dick while watching reruns of murder she wrote..." The Katynagi looked straight at him, the rage building up deeper and deeper "...while sitting on a 10 inch dragon dick, he jacked off to furries while his gay clone twin brother shoved his .9 millimeter long cock down is throat while listening to a faggot band like Slayer..." he looked at me and pointed his eyes wide "...and he would have lived, they all would have lived, if you didn't fuck things up for us!"

I looked at him, nearly in tears I walked away, to the spot on the log where I sat yesterday. I walked the fifty paces carefully marking each time I heard the crunch of the leaves under my feet.

I found the log and sat there, looking at the sun on the pond. Nothing I had ever seen had been as beautiful as the image before me. Birds chirped in the air, squirrels climbed up trees, and snakes hid under rocks. The ecosystem was in perfect balance. All I wanted was to see my wrists bleed onto the soil and trickle down into the lake. Everything I wanted was only a slice away.

I could see it in my head, fresh, red blood trickling down my arms as I close my eyes and die happy knowing that no one else will die by me.

I pulled out my pocket knife. I flipped open the blade and looked at my reflection in the blade. I hadn't seen my reflect since the morning I left home. My appearance had drastically changed from living in the wilderness, but that didn't matter. When my parents would find my body it would be decomposed, little animals would nibble on me, and a snake or two would crawl inside me and live there for days.

I held the blade to my wrist, a tear dropped on the blade, all I saw was the shape of the single drop of liquid streaming down the edge until it finally met the tip of the knife. I closed my eyes, holding back the tears. I pushed down on my wrist, everything now a blur, nothing mattering. Deeper I pushed until I felt the warm comfort of blood.

" Oh what a grand view, take a photo Gordon." A voice said.

I opened my eyes, my vision sharpening to see the image of a girl my age in heavy make up, and a fur coat. She puffed from her cigarette, the smoke twirling up into the air. She was beautiful.

" Oh, what is this fellow doing here."

" Drugs."

" What."

" Drugs." I said wiping the tears from my eyes.

" Oh what a grand thing. Gordon take a picture of the drugs."

I realized to the left of her was a middle aged Mexican butler standing a head shorter than her. He pulled a camera up to his face and took a picture of me.

" What are you doing here?" I asked, too stunned to be begging them to take us out of these woods.

" Ugh, looking for my brother, mother and father sent me here to fetch him."

" What's your brother's name?" I asked hoping to help in any way I could.

" His name's Robertson, he's a rather large fellow, very stupid. Heir to the Peikoff family fortune."

" Is he a boy scout?" I asked.

" Uhm, yes I suppose so."

I could think of no big Robertsons in my boy scout pack, I knew a few Roberts, but none of them big. He must have been killed by Mountain Lions in the first attack on the mountains.

I put my arm on her shoulder, comforting her as I said " I.. I'm sorry. But your brother, Robertson, he...he was killed by mountain lions in the mountains. I'm sorry, I wish I could have saved him."

She grabbed my hand and replied " Oh, no don't be sorry, if he's dead then it's a joyous occasion."

" Why?" I asked confused.

" Well then I'm heir to the family fortune."

" Oh, well I guess that's cool."

" Oh yes it is Grand, say let's go to your house I am dying for a full body salon machine treatment."

" Oh..I don't have one."

" What?" She asked bewildered.

" Well no, me and five, no four of us are stranded in the woods, all of us boy scouts."

" Oh, well ok."

They followed me fifty paces back to camp. When we reached camp she began laughing. She leaned on me saying " Oh, what a funny joke, I was almost surely convinced my brother was dead. Haha, how grand, Gordon, take a picture of the joke."

The midget latino butler pulled the camera to his face and shot the picture.

" Wait a minute." I said.

She gave me a hug thanking me and walked towards the fire.

" Sister!" Bert screamed in his half retard voice.

" Wait a minute, Bert is your brother?"

" His name isn't Bert it's Robertson.

" Who is this bitch? I bet she has a furry fetish with that fur coat she's wearing." Nick said.

" Dude, Nick!" I said

" What?"

" Shut the fuck up."

" Alright brother, let's get out of this God Forsaken landscape."

" Can I bring my friend?" He asked pointing to Dominic.

" No, father said specifically no friends."

" Wait, why can't I go?" I asked.

She looked at me and smiled, " Well I guess we can make an exception for you."

" Wait, no, I'm not leaving without my friends."

" Oh, don't be so stubborn, Gordon call the helicopter."

The Midget Butler nodded and raised the camera to his face.

" Not camera, helicopter."

He looked at her blankly.

She sighed and did the motions for a phone.

He looked at her blankly still.

She sighed and grabbed the brick of a phone out of his pocket. She dialed something and spoke " Helicopter, yes arrange for me to be picked up..Oh I don't know use the tracker...Alright."

She pushed the button and said " There, it's all arranged. We're being picked up tomorrow morning."

" I don't think you understand I'm not leaving without my friends." I said

She laughed.

Chapter Three: " I don't think you understand I'm not leaving without my friends." I said.

As the sun set we made a fire, we all sat around it telling stories. Margaret (Bert's sister) was especially impressed by the ghost story I told. She would say " Oh Maxwell, that's so grand tell it again." And I would.

" Nick, you've been awful quiet why don't you tell a story." Dominic said trying to heighten his mood.

" Okay." He said looking at me and Margaret. " This is a scary story, and it's true. One day..one day a kid was on his computer, and...he was on his computer and was watching..umm..he was watching a movie. He downloaded the movie illegally, and was psyched that he didn't have to pay for it. The movie was..umm...it was batman. And the scene where batman was in the batcave someone busted through the door. He saw that it was a swat guy, big muscles and alot of guns and stuff. Then the swat guy grabbed him by the neck and threw him out of the window. He broke his arm on the way down. Then this swat guy takes him to the mall and makes him explain to the man at the video store why he stole the movie. Then the swat guy is all like ' You butt licking faggot, you practically wiped your ass on this guy's face.' The kid was all sorry, but the swat guy was having none of it. ' Do you know what you did to Batman when you illegal downloaded him?' The kid muttered something and the swat guy was all like ' You wiped your ass on Batman. Of all people fucking people, Batman. You know what you want to wipe your ass on batman go ahead!' The swat guy grabbed the kid by the broken arm and threw him on the video stand. The video store guy was laughing as the swat guy bought a copy of Batman. ' See, this is what you get for shitting on Batman, go ahead wipe your ass on Batman!' the kid crying on all fours on the stand in the middle of the mall opened the batman case and pulled out the disk. Still crying the swat guy tore off his pants. Then the kid started scraping off leftover shit out of his ass crack from last night. ' That's not wiping!' the swat guy screamed. ' I'll show you wiping fucker!' Then the swat guy grabbed the disk and scraped it on his ass crack, the disk shattered, leaving cuts all in his asshole. The dvd was shattered into such little pieces that it was impossible to pull them out. The swat guy dragged him home. The kid couldn't walk for the rest of the week, and he never illegally downloaded again."

We sat there stunned. Silence filled the camp ground until the shudder of the camera sounded, the Midget Butler sitting there holding the camera.

" Oh..." Margaret said. " ...that story wasn't grand. It wasn't grand at all."

" I agree."

" Oh shut up Maxwell." Nick said.

" You shut up."

" O.K, well at least I didn't kill my packleader."

" Well at least I didn't insult The Dead Katynagi twin."

" Wait." the other Katynagi twin said.

" What?" I asked.

" Did you say we were twins?"

" Yeah."

" We're not."

" Oh, well still he was your brother and.."

" No he wasn't. We weren't related."

" Wait, but correct me if I'm wrong your last names were both Katynagi."

" Yes, but that has nothing to do with family."

" I'm pretty sure last names have everything to do with family."

" No."

" Wait...wait a minute your accent, you don't have an accent. Well not anymore."

" I never had one, my Parents are from Michigan."

" Wait a minute, what was all that sushi and stuff about."

" I don't know, I guess sushi tastes good."

" But wait..wait, why did the other Katynagi look exactly like you?"

" Oh, you're just asking that but you already know the answer, you racist pig. You think that just because we're asian we look alike."

" Well, no I think you too look alike because you two both look the exact same."

" He wasn't even from the same country. He was Korean, I was Japanese."

" Wait." Dominic said. " You two had to have been twins."

" You are just racist."

" What? No I'm not I just..."

" Shut up! All of you shut up!"

We sat there in silence all looking at the fire.

Behind Bert I could see a shadow moving around in the bushes. It could just be the flickering of the fire, but I wanted to make sure. I had no flashlights, nor matches so I decided to use the only electronic I could.

" Gordon." I said to the Midget Latino Butler.

" Yaes saer." He said

" Take a picture of those bushes over there."

He nodded and walked over to the bushes. He aimed and shot the camera. In a single flash I saw the image of a Mountain Lion, it's skin burnt and charred, lunging toward The Butler. He screamed as the Mountain Lion Landed on him, tearing bits of flesh off.

After that it was chaos all of us running for our lives. " Oh how grand." Margaret said as I pulled her away running.

The Midget Latino Butler screams became muffled and strange sounding as the Mountain Lion tore out his lungs and chewed on them, tearing them to pieces. We all ran through the thick brush in a chaotic formation. Nick was screaming, and so was Dominic, The Katynagi twin was as well, but the rest of us were silent.

Up ahead I saw open ground, with no trees. " Thank God." I thought until I came to the edge of the forest line.

Looking down was a river bank, about a 20 foot drop down. I stopped just at the edge, gravel and dirt falling over. I heard another scream, to the left of me was Nick dangling over the edge. Holding on by one hand. I hesitated to grab him, considering everything he has done. Then at the last moment, just as he lost his grip I jumped towards him, grabbing his hand. Pulling him up was a struggle. He was heavy and would not put his legs on the side of the overdrop. " Help!" I screamed.

Bert came to help pulling up his other arm. We just about had him pulled up when I heard something. It was a faint sound, quiet, soothing almost. It was the sound of dirt falling loose, and falling. Like the sound sand makes when ticking down in an hourglass. "Oh shit."

Bert let go and edged back, scared. " We can't leave him!" I screamed. Bert shook his head.

I looked back at Margaret, Bert, Dominic and the Katynagi twin as the dirt underneath me came loose and sent me and Nick tumbling down the 20 foot drop of the riverbed.

I think I blacked out, I wasn't sure. What I remember was hearing someone crying, a girl, saying " They're dead, they're dead, oh they're dead." Then I tried to get up, but felt a pain in my arm, then terrible exhaustion.

After that I opened my eyes. Had I fallen asleep on this comfortable mud bank? Had I passed out? I still to this day I don't know what happened on that river bank.

The sky was a dark blue, and the sun still hadn't fully risen yet. I looked to my left horrified. My elbow was twisted backward. I screamed crying in pain. After hours of sitting there screaming, tired I finally gave up.

"I am going to die here." I muttered to myself crying. After propping myself on the edge of the bank I realized how thirsty I was. A couple of feet across from me lay the river. It was a small, slow river, but it was still a river.

I dragged myself with my good arm toward it. When I got to the edge I moaned in relief. The water tasted horrible, but it was still water, and I was glad to have it.

The pain still persisted. My scream echoed through the forest, but nobody responded.

When drinking the water for a second time I realized the strangeness in it's taste. It tasted salty, and I knew there was no salt in rivers. Then I noticed the discoloration. It was kind of purple, no not purple, it had to have been brown or something. Then that's when I realized it. In the river was blood.

I rolled back away from the river. screaming.

When I rolled back I saw Nick's corpse. His head impaled on a rock. The blood from his head dripping down the sides of the rock and into the river.

I laid there for days screaming, the pain in my broken arm immense. It felt like everything in my arm was loose, disjointed. I screamed in pain realizing there was no hope of survival.

After a couple of hours the pain intensified. At it's height I vomited leftover sushi from three nights ago. After that I laid there in my own vomit, crying.

After that a day passed, just like that a whole day screaming in a ditch crying. I didn't sleep at all I just sat there, hoping that the Mountain Lion would just put me out of my misery. I thought about rolling into the river, let it carry me until it reached the heavy waters and die like John and Matt did on the rafts. I didn't have the courage though. I would want my death to be instant and painless. I wanted to fall down and get my face smashed on a rock. I wouldn't want to experience the madness that occurs near death while drowning.

On the second day I was lucky. It rained. I opened my mouth and felt the rain drops.

" Gotta stay moist if you know what I mean." I said in a maddening laughter thinking of all of the misfortune I had run into.

After the rain stopped I sat there looking at Nick's corpse.

The pain came back as the sun set. I screamed for hours and hours, then finally I fell asleep.

I dreamt of all of my scout members. They were all dead because of me. All of them. There was a slim chance that Katynagi, Dominic, and Bert made it to the plane. Most likely they were eaten by the Mountain Lion. Then I dreamt of me looking at my corpse and rising up. I felt like I was floating upward looking at myself, me covered in scars and dirt, sitting in vomit, my arm bent backward. Then I saw the image of my friends. They were sitting down smiling. Margaret, Bert, Katynagi, and Dominic. I knew they were dead. And so was I, well soon anyway. Then I saw myself running through some beautiful golf course, Margaret was with me too. Then Behind me were the gates to a mansion closing shut.

I felt my hopelessness and sorrow drive deeper into me, I felt a pain that no one should feel. Then I woke up. The sun was up, it was still rising, the redness shining through the trees onto the river, and the river reflecting the tree line as a cool breeze moves through the forest. Trout jump out of the water, and land back in. Birds whistle a tune as the same old breeze moves through the forest shaking the trees, the ecosystem in a perfect balance. I smile at the morning's beauty. The pain in my arm is still there, but somehow at the same time it's gone, unimportant, forgotten.

I realized that I would survive, I needed to. I needed to save my friends, and kill that Goddamn Mountain Lion.

I tore off a piece of my shirt and made it into a temporary sling for my arm. I walked to the edge of the lake and bent over. Just as a trout jumped out I grabbed it. It wiggled in my hand until I took a bit out of the side of it. Blood dripped out of my mouth, and I didn't care that it tasted horrible. Then I looked at the fish, still squirming with a chunk torn out the side of it. I threw it into the river.

I walked along the river bank for hours. I found a stick and sharpened it with my pocket knife to make a makeshift spear.

I walked hoping I would spot my friends, but didn't find any of them.

I walked all day holding my spear until the sun set. I decided to make camp on the side of the river collecting wood for fire and lit it by drilling a sharpened stick into a piece of wood.

I rested back, looking at the fire and had good, dreamless sleep.

I woke up just after dawn. I walked and walked until I found a clearing in the forest. It was a wide field, and would have been the perfect place for a helicopter to land. But I knew it wouldn't come. Margaret said it would come in the morning, which was two days ago. Then after that I heard something. It was a faint echo. Then it came again.

I ran through the forest toward it until it became louder and louder. What I heard was the scream of a boy. My heart sunk, realizing it was them. Still I ran trying to save them. I ran through the forest until I came to a narrow valley with a cave in it. I climbed down, realizing that whatever was living there was gone.

What I found inside was horrifying. The remains of dead people, Mostly skeletal, but a few with flesh still on them. I found Mountain Lion feces in the corner, confirming that this was it's home.

Then I got to the back of the cave. I saw a torn boy scout uniform. " That bastard..." I said holding the leftover scraps of uniform.

I clutched the spear and walked outside. I screamed in rage realizing that I could have saved them.

I at least could have waited to get home before I killed Packleader Norton, but instead I left us all stranded here.

" RRRRRIIIAWR." A Mountain Lion screamed.

I turned around, to see it. The mountain lion stood looking at me. A few patches of hair were gone, and replaced with burnt skin. I locked eyes with it, deciding that I would kill this monster, or die trying.

It lunged at me barely missing me as I plunged the spear into it's neck. It screamed as it charged toward me. My spear was still stuck in its neck so I pulled out my pocket knife and stabbed it in the eye.

The Mountain Lion screamed in pain. I was scared, petrified. All I could do was run, so I did, I ran and ran and ran some more. Then I heard more screams, then I realized they were collected screams, and they weren't in pain. " What the hell I thought."

I ran toward them anyway. When I got closer to the shouts I realized what they were saying. In collected unison they shouted: " Maxwell."

Chapter 3: In Collected unison they shouted: " Maxwell."

" Oh my god, oh my god they're alive!" I shouted running as fast as I could. Behind me I realized was the Mountain Lion. It was far off, but still chasing me.

With no weapons I had no choice but to lead him straight to my friends. When I got there they were at a clearing in the forest.

When they saw me they yelled in joy " I knew it, I knew you were alive."

But I only replied " Hide, fucking hide the Mountain Lion is chasing me!"

They all followed me behind the bushes. We watched as the Mountain Lion came into view. He walked around, circling. I could tell he was looking for us.

" There's no way we can get past him." Dominic whispered.

" How?"

" The forest is too thick it's impossible to get through."

" You're right he could hear us running."

" So what do we do?" Bert asked scared and confused.

" I don't know, we can't wait here, he'll find us eventually." Dominic whispered back.

I thought about The Mountain Lion's disadvantages. His left eye was gone, leaving him only able to see through his right eye.

" I have a plan." I said.

" What?:"

" Okay, Dominic and Bert will run around his left side, causing him to chase after you, while me Margaret and Katynagi will go around his left side where he's blinded."

" But..won't he eat us?" Dominic asked.

" No." I said.

" Why?"

" Because he can't see through his left eye."

Dominic, scared, trusted in my completely infallible logic.

" Alright, we run on three."

" One." Bert was shaking with fear.

" Two." The Mountain Lion's tail was curling and twitching with anticipation.

" Three!" We all ran. Bert and Dominic first, then a few seconds later we ran. I looked to my left as the Mountain Lion chased Bert and Dominic.

The last word Bert said was " Maxwell!" as the Mountain Lion jumped on him, him and the Lion tumbling in the dirt.

" Shit...Shit. Shit .Shit." Dominic said as he joined us in running.

Just as I started sweating I heard the sound of rushing water. We stopped at the edge of the river, impossible to cross.

" How are we going to cross?" Margaret asked in fear.

" Oh god, we're fucked." I said under my breath.

" So this is it? Is it all over now?" Katynagi rhetorically asked.

" I..I guess so."

" Wait, no! Look over there." Dominic said pointing.

There was a fallen tree that rested across the river forming a bridge.

" Where's the Helicopter?" I asked Margaret.

" Oh, why it's just over the hill there, trust me it's such a lovely and grand walk you'll..."

" Shut the fuck up!" I screamed as I grabbed her arm and began running. We reached the log and I started to walk across it. The Log came loose and I rolled off, but landed safely on the ground.

" We can't cross."

Dominic took off his glasses and threw them in the River for...dramatic effect or some shit like that and said " You cross, I'll hold it steady."

" Dominic, the Mountain Lion already sees us he'll kill you."

" I know."

" Dominic, please don't do this." I begged him.

" Do it!" he screamed already holding the log in position.

I crossed first then Margaret, then Katynagi. When the three of us crossed the Mountain Lion jumped on Dominic tearing him to shreds. I looked to the left of me. A single tear dropped down Katynagi's cheek.

After Dominic's screams stopped the Mountain Lion turned its attention to us. I pulled Margaret away, beginning to run, but the Katynagi twin stood there.

" Katynagi, we have to go!"

" No." He said emotionless.

" Look, we have to..wait where did you get that Katana?" I asked as he unsheathed the sword.

" I had it forever." He said now in his Japanese accent. He threw off his shirt and cut a single tear in his stomach, the blood pouring down his legs. The Mountain Lion screamed, and the Katynagi met his roar screaming " For my brother!"

" Wait, but you said..."

" Go!"

Instead we stood there.

Katynagi walked slowly across the log. A cloud formed over us, dropping pellets of rain. The Mountain Lion stepped slowly across as well. They met at the center, their eyes locked with each other's. Katynagi stood completely still as he let his blood drip onto the log. The Mountain Lion reached down and licked the blood, now looking back up at him, blood in his mouth he roared again. Then it all happened in an instant. The Mountain lion jumped up, clawing Katynagi in the face. Katynagi twirled around, and sliced the Mountain lion on its paw. The Mountain Lion screamed in rage and pain, then lunged back, this time clawing him on the side, he screamed in pain, and with his eyes closed hacked down, cutting the Mountain Lion's ear off. He tried to slice again, but his sword stabbed into the bark, causing him to lose control of the blade. The Sword went twirling down and fell into the river.

" You bastard!" The Katynagi twin screamed as the Mountain Lion jumped on him, clawing open his stomach, his intestines falling out into the lake. " Aghh!" He screamed as the Mountain Lion ate his organs and insides. In his last dying breath he looked back at me and said " Watashi wa niku, tori niku, seafoodo no kai ga taberaremasen. Sakana wa OK desu."

He grabbed the Mountain Lion by its back, and with his last remaining strength rolled over the edge. I ran toward the edge. All I saw was bloody scraps of flesh and clothing, leaving the water to become a red discoloration.

Me and Margaret stood over the edge watching as the water foamed against the rocks, fishes swimming under frantic to not be carried away by the current. " Oh, darling let's get to the plane." She said trying to comfort me.

" No..I just, I want to sit here for a while."

" I'll be waiting over the hill." She said walking away.

I sat there, thinking about all of those who had died. Packleader Norton, Martin, hell I even thought about Nick dying too. Then I thought about Katynagi's last words " Watashi was niu, tori niku, seafoodo, no kay ga taberaremase. Sakana was OK desu."

I looked deep inside of myself for some kind of sadness, regret, but I could find none. All of these people, I tried to make them mean something to me, but in the end I couldn't trick myself. Everything that had just transpired was all a result of my actions. If I hadn't knocked over the first domino, then the rest wouldn't come tumbling down. All I could think about was what I had done, and my utter indifference toward it. Nothing inside of me showed any signs of these so called normal emotions. Even now as I see Dominic's remains torn open across the hill all I can think about is the first Domino. Camp Leader Norton was that Domino. Metaphorically speaking, if he was actually a domino that would be silly, although sometimes he would wear these Calvin Klein Domino patterned briefs that...Shut the fuck up get back to the closing speech you procrastinating fuck-o. Anyway, as I was saying I could still see the emotion in his face as I raised the rock up. It was half fear, half remorse. I knew that he wasn't remorseful for what he did, if he could do his life over again, then he would probably rape twice the kids. Which is only our Nature. When I was killing Pack Leader Norton was I truly thinking my actions were justifiable? Would violence end violence? Or would it cause more? If I went up there and smashed Margaret's face in the ground, would she do the same to me? Or if I gave her a light kiss on the cheek would she return it? No, because bad things multiply, they breed. The events that happen aren't chance. The horrible things that happens on the earth are caused by one horrible man. And at the beginning of every disaster was that one horrible person, tipping over that domino, knocking all of the others down. I looked toward the sky, to the east was the red setting sun, everything was now in place. People had died, Mountain Lion's fed, and the birds, all of them soon had eye balls to pick out. I always wondered why they did that. I guess, if I had a kick ass beak like that, then I guess I'd peck out the eyes of dead bodies too. Are those birds evil because they pick out eyeballs? Are the Mountain Lion's evil for eating my friends? No. Why? Because they have no sense of right and wrong. So when I ask you if you have a sense of right and wrong, and you answer yes, I will call you a Liar. Because there is no such thing as right and wrong, everything is gray, nothing is black and white. It's all just different shades of grey (Fuck you E.L James you gross perverted bitch). And what am I if not a beast? I would I know that killing Pack Leader Norton was wrong. How was I supposed to be held accountable for all of the possible outcomes of his murder? Despite this Revelation I still know that what I did was wrong. I knew it was wrong, but felt so good about it. As if a burden was taken off of my shoulders. All of these people dying, because of me, caused me no sense of remorse, or regret. The only thing I felt was relief. Relief that I would get out of this damn wilderness.

I walked up the hill, the river rushing water behind me. When I reached the top I saw Margaret standing next to a private jet on a dirt and gravel runway. Smoke twirled up into the air. We both walked up together.

" Ah, Is this master Robertson?" The Pilot asked.

Before I could speak Margaret said " Yes, this is him."

He nodded and walked into the cockpit. As we walked down the aisle she whispered in my ear " My parent neglect us so much they won't even tell that you aren't Bert."

She pecked a kiss on my cheek. I looked at her and smiled. I sat down next to the window and watched the Private Jet take off. I looked at the forest line, and then towards the Mountains, looking at the paths cut out on the side where we walked. Outside of the Mountain Lion dens were blood and what looked like scraps of flesh. As we ascended the image of the mountains became more vague. The earth, was now a distant thing, the sky was where I was, too far from the Mountain Lion's reach, away from the rushing waters of the river, away from the rocks that I could easily smash my face on, and most of all Nick's bitching. His face now impaled on a sharp rock, I realized the poetic justice in it. The nagging bitch died from a rock through his throat. Later I dressed in a fitted suit and sipped something that tasted like Champagne. I walked over next to Margaret setting my drink down and looked down. I looked back at the Forest and the Mountains, their shapes now etched across the horizon as a living reminder of the horrors I faced. Then, I reclined back on my seat, not giving a single fuck.

And that's how I killed all 83 of my Boy Scout Pack Mates.