Ifound this in my drafts folder in my inbox. It's from a good two years ago and I wrote it for one of my best friends, Kelly (alwayslove28 on here I believe). Anyway, the title was originally "Epic Fluff For Kelly" but I like this title much better ;) R&R!

Mom and Dad laugh, the sound drifting upwards through the heating vents. My sister Louise and I are lying on the floor, ears pressed to the grate, grinning from ear to ear. It's been a hard year for our family.

First was the passing of Grandpa Dave. He was Mom's dad, and she took the loss pretty hard. Then there was Baby Daniel. Even though he never really lived, Louise and I have learned not to mention him. Mom visits him every week on Saturday mornings and she always comes back pale and quiet.

The icing on the cake was Dad getting let go. His company decided to downsize and the 'minions' as my father called them were all fired. Unfortunately, my father was one of those minions.

But bad things always come in threes, and things were starting to look up. Louise and I listened intently and imagined the scene unfolding below in our heads.

Mom in her best red dress, Dad in his dress pants and only tie. A forgotten dinner and lit candles sitting on the table, wax dripping towards the candle sticks, meat going cold. The lights dimmed, the radio playing softly in the background. Mom with her head on Dad's chest, her arms wrapped around his neck. Dad with one hand around her waist, the other resting on her slowly rounding belly, his chin sitting on her head. Both of them smiling, eyes closed, forgetting the past and dancing into the future together.

Louise and I grin at each other and scamper to our beds, squirming beneath the covers as only excited little children can.

Yes, things were finally starting to look up...