My life has changed so much, and it will continue to change. My parents are getting a divorce, I haven't seen my brother in 8 months, due to his career in the Navy. My parents are getting older, my siblings are getting older, I'm getting older.

I wonder where I'm going to be in a year, five years even! Where is my family going to be in a year, five years?

Sometimes I wonder why God made me the way I am, why I think so much, why I worry so much... What is God's reason?

These teenage years can be tough! So much stress, confusion, and saddness. But, I also have great times in these teenage years. So many memories, good and bad. God is putting me through all of this for a reason, to make me stronger, to give me faith, to learn to put all my worries, fears, and faults in His hands... To trust Him!

I'm ready to be a better person, I want to be a better person. I want to apply joy into people's lives. I want to be remembered as a great, inspiring person, that almost everyone loved. I want to be the person people can talk to without a problem, the person that brought a smile to people's faces. That's who I want to be... That's who I'm going to strive to be...