I was soon walking away from the alley; I had already accidentally inhaled some dust, so I could feel a slight buzz coming on. The wind blew my hair opposite the way I had parted it, poking my eyes, I really hate that. As I was walking I took in the beautiful scenery of the city, its lights always mesmerized me, it could have been the dust though. I walked into a small mini-mart, it was decked with snacks, candy, drinks and things like that. I ended up getting a bag of notch hard candy, it's a funny candy in the way that you eat it. It's got some chemical in it where, once you suck on it for about thirty minutes or so, the candy starts to melt really fast and then solidifies in your mouth like chewing gum. It's pretty neat, so I just eat them; I decided to inhale some dust walking out of the store, and as soon as I did, the colors around me just bloomed. It was amazing, I had to stop for a second and just take it all in.

I started my back into the neighborhood silently, I always dreaded going back home, and what if Brent wasn't there to help me out?

"Hey…" quiet whispers calls out.

I quickly became nervous despite the dust coursing my body.

"Don't be afraid." It whispers.

I jerk my head to the right, staring directly into an ominous abandoned house, whose door was slightly ajar.

I make a step towards the house, tripping violently over a jagged rock protruding out of the grass. IT catches the bottom of my shoe and literally takes all balance off my feet, slamming me violently onto my chest, scratching my face on my left check. I sit up cupping my cheek, a small amount of blood trickles off my chin-onto my jeans.

What little pain I had didn't affect me, I've felt worse, the dust also had a play on that part. I stood up, still curious of the voice I heard, almost shrugging it off as some side effect of the dust.

Just as I started walking back to my father's, I hear it again, "come…"

A cold shiver passes through me, the door seemed to have opened fully now, as if it was taunting me.

"W-what?" I shout at the door.

No answer.

The closer I walked towards the door, the more I noticed the outside around me was getting darker. By the time I had gotten to the porch, it was like I was in an abyss, anywhere around the house I would just fell off to nothingness.

I slowly crept through the door, I noticed immediately a strong smell of wood rot, the smell was unpleasant. I walked into the corridor that led from the front door to the living room; I turned to the right looking into the run down dining room, and froze with fear.

Two small red eyes looking at me through the window on the other end of the dining room, I took the dare to blink, for my eyes were starting to burn from dryness.

I blinked, and the eyes had disappeared, was it the dust?

A red orb had appeared by the steps, near the hallway, illuminating a small area of the house wherever it went. I slowly tried to touch it but it burnt the first layer of skin off my finger, which added to the injury on my cheek.

The orb slowly ascended to steps, looking more sinister than beautiful; I walked up the steps into the master bedroom to the right.

"Come…sit in this chair"

I was hesitant at first, but I just did what it said, so I could leave this house.