I released her hand, but the aura didn't stop, as expected from the past experience. I asked her, "is this a dream?" though I knew in the back of my head it wasn't.

She just smiled; I knew she wasn't going to tell me, she beckoned me to find out for myself. I started to look around, it was so white, almost blinding, I had to cover my eyes a few times and look through the cracks of my fingers to see.

I accidentally touched her hip and a trail lit up, but it faded seconds after. I grabbed her hand and the trail magnified one hundred times more seeable, grass started to appear and before I could even blink it made its way down a mossy hill and into the water door.

It was great, I mean it felt great, I finally saw it again, I felt so in sync. But I was curious this time, I wanted to know what this place was.

A distant smell was spewing through the door; I stood in front of it for a minute and walked through like before. The smell became stronger, I couldn't distinctly tell if the smell was bothersome or not. It was so bright at first, but it then soon became dark, a melancholy gloom started to seath my lungs. I couldn't understand why all this darkness was filling this amazing world; through the dense, dark fog, I started to hear the shore of a beach. To me this just reminded me of the ocean I constantly saw when I fell asleep; it was starting to make me feel rejected completely.

"Was I tricked?" I thought to myself, I didn't know what was at that point.

The fog started to clear, but only in a hallway type clearing; I was standing at the shore, the fog was still blinding but I could see ahead of me into the black sea. I squinted to see a figure standing on the water…I was baffled, do I run?

I didn't run though, I figured it would do me no good, whatever could happen, would happen.

It started walking towards me; the way it walked reminded me of someone, I just didn't know though…I couldn't see it that well.

At the point of ten feet away from me I started to shake, I guess it's bound to happen.

I was mortified, I couldn't talk, my whole body was shaking…it was me, I was the dark figure on the water.

I stared at me…

My eyes were so…dead, it was like the other me was alive, but consumed with death at the same time.

He touched me, grabbed my pinky finger and just stared at my hand for a few seconds, his eyes were as black as coal.

The skin was just dead cold, it gave me constant cold chills, so pale, so…

"This is what you are…" he said, as he exhaled black, creeping aura.

"Your life is so consumed with depression…confidence…it's nonexistent in you…"

"Don't…" I said, "I'm trying to change"

"Depression…it…eats, at the core of your soul, the underlying light is a dying dream…"

"I-I know…" I pathetically gave in, I knew it was the truth.

"My heart is cold, this is you, I am your soul…and I am dead." The phantom showed a hint of depression.

It started to rain, the droplets of water over-shadowed my faint tears, I felt weak, I knew this was me. Sometimes I just can't handle this emotional burden, I felt so…

"I drowned to death…" The phantom looked at me as if I knew how he could have drowned, it was my soul, it's impossible….is what thought before I realized we were standing on the shore of the haunting black ocean.

My hair was soaking wet now, my shaking stopped, but not without darkness over taking me like before…before the woman "saved" me, if that's even the right word for it, even though depression crept back into me like a black poison.

"I drowned in your depression, this ocean is me…your soul, I'm coming to you as a manifestation of yourself, its the only form I could take, the only form I knew…"