I again woke up in my bed, with no account how I had gotten from having a talk with my depressed soul to walking home or anything. I could again just say it was another dream, but my ear still had a slight ache from the head vibrating screech the red phantom eyes bellowed at me.

I could hear my dad…drunk, yelling about something someone said to him at work. I sat up in my bed; my eyes were groggy, full of gloom. I wiped my eyes of the crust that had built up on my eye lashes, they were brittle and raw.

I walked over to my closet to grab a shirt and noticed a pool of water next to a soaked, balled up polo that I had worn that night.

Was it the same night?

My dad had gone quiet while I put on a new shirt and socks, it was odd beings he is usually always yelling and wanting to fight me. The air was dank and musky; there was a smoky fog outside that seeped into my window, which helped with the gloomy atmosphere.

As I'm sitting on my bed I over hear someone knocking on my front door, a girl's voice?

I figured it was probably some bimbo my father had invited over, or maybe one of his friends and his wife had come over to drink and talk about petty nonsense.

"My boy never told me about you or any girl, I'll need to have a talk with him about this…" I heard my father say in a faint echoed tone.

I heard the girl's voice again but I couldn't make out what she was saying.

I leaned out my window to see if she came in a car with other people, or if she came in a car at all…she did not. Did she walk here?
I really had no idea who this girl was, it just baffled me, I barely knew anyone.

I sneak up to my door and listen in with my ear, "you can come in, but I don't want you here for long…" my father said.

The girl's voice was again muffled, why could I not hear her!

It was frustrating, but I didn't give up, "Thanks I spent a lot of time working to save up money for this house, but my son doesn't appreciate a damn spec of it."

This didn't bother me, as I was used to being told that, "Yes, it is nice…" I finally heard what she was saying; I pressed my ear closer as if I was trying to push my head through the door.

"How do you know my son anyway, a girl like you wouldn't want anything to do with a boy like him." I frowned.

"Isn't he your son? You treat him wrongly."

"Don't tell me how to raise my son, now go do whatever you're going to do and leave." My father demanded.

I heard her start up the steps to the upstairs where my room was, "What the hell?" I thought.

I scurried to my dresser tripping over my own feet for the mirror I had, my blonde hair had grown in the past month almost reaching my ears, my hair was thin, the type of hair to always dance in the breeze. My hair came to sharp ends, I would always just push one side up over my eye like a regular lad, I thought it fit me well, and then just leave the other half of my hair hanging, no need to mess with it.

I was always a good looking kid, in middle school I would open my locker many times to love notes and confession letters, I never acted on them though.

My eyes were grey, it scared me because they were always blue, but in a dark sense I knew why.

Eyes, door to the soul, my soul had been poisoned, it made sense to me.

A gentle face complimented my blonde hair; it was my mother's trait, whom I have no memories of.

A knock at my door gave me a scare; I dropped the mirror into my dresser and stared at the door.

"Um…who is it…?

"Um…it's me."

"It's me?" I thought, who the hell is me?

I unlocked my door and twisted the door knob slowly and cracked the door; peeking out the crack of the door I saw only a small portion of her left cheek, darkness covered the rest.

I fully opened the door which didn't help for light because the bulb in my light had burnt out, the only light coming in was a street light through my window, through the fog.

I saw a smile appear, which was oddly familiar to me, I walked back slowly to impose that she could come into my room. As I took a step back, she took a step forward, until we were in my room backed up against my bed.

She shut the door and locked it, I was slightly nervous, but it wasn't overwhelming to any degree.

Part of her blondish black hair revealed itself in the ominous light, which was also familiar to me.

I reached my hand slowly for her face, facades of dust and particles clashed and sprung away from my hand in a chaotic fashion. Before I could touch her face, she placed her hand on mine, I didn't even know she had moved, it was warm, I expected it to be cold…but I was wrong yet again. My hand met her cheek, and part of her neck.

"Cold." She said.

I frowned, "sorry, I…" I started to remove my hand.

"No, I'll make them warm." I felt her smile, even though I couldn't see it.

She came closer to me, although I was partly pulling her to me, her whole body came into light from my window, she was beautiful. I instantly knew it was the girl from the dreams of The Light.