The Bet I Lost

It was dark and my back was against the wall. I couldn't see so my other senses were heighten. It was just me, him and the bet I lost. Now I let him have his way with me. First, he started to trace the side of my arms with his fingertips it tickled and I chuckled softly. Then he grabbed my hand and gave each of my fingers a kiss. I blushed a little embarrassed from this treatment.

"You like?" He asked.

"Yeah" I smiled.

"Don't worry this will take a while so relax and enjoy the bet you lost." I laughed and decided to unloose a little.

Next, he wrapped his arm around me and settled his hand to the lower part of my back tracing his fingers ever so slightly across my back. With his other hand, he ran his fingers through my hair. I never felt anything like it before it was as if I was getting a massage at a spa. Before I knew it, he was moving onto something else.

He took his fingers out of my hair and unwrapped his arm from around me. He slowly pushed me against the wall clamping his hands to my arms and pressing them against the wall in an I surrender position. In the next instance I did, as his lips traced a pattern across my neck. His lips were soft like a blanket and they moved from my neck to my chest in a snake like pattern until he came to the side of my neck for a what I call mock vampire kiss. He slowly parted his lips letting his tongue slip out, licking my neck slowly before slightly nipping my neck with his fangs, then closing his mouth and pressing his lips against my neck. It might sound like a lot of work but trust me it's not.

After, he started to plant kisses all over my neck and chest area. I have to admit I couldn't help sighing for relief from him kissing me in a certain area or moaning when his kisses became intense and to think that he hasn't reached my face yet.

Finally, the moment he has me all worked up for; face time. His lips traced my jaw line and the teasing felt so good. He unclamped his hands from my arms letting them rest. While his lips traced all over my face. He nipped my ear and whispered with his warm breath "are you ready?" I couldn't speak I was still entranced by his lips moving all over my face so I nodded. He placed a kiss on my forehead, nose, cheek and chin. I was trying to refrain myself from attacking him and kissing him on the lips and I did well. He brushed his lips past mine teasing me. He kissed me on the side of my lips and I waited patiently.

At last, he softly pressed his lips against mine it might have lasted a few seconds but it felt like an eternity. He broke away I could hear his heavy breathing and my heart beating in my chest. He pressed his lips against mine repeatedly. Then he slightly changed his technique. He started to part his mouth letting his tongue slip out then he traced his tongue against my lips. It's good that I had strawberry flavored lip gloss on since strawberries are his favorite snack. That's what I felt like a snack to him as he tasted my lips with his tongue, nipped my bottom lip with his teeth, and sucked my top lip with his lips. Nevertheless, I enjoyed being his own personal snack however; I wasn't going to let him be the only food taster.

When he parted, I bit my bottom lip. "You're such a naughty girl interrupting me. is there something you wanted?" He asked in the sexiest voice I've ever heard.

"When are you going to stop teasing me? When am I going to taste you?" I asked the darkness.

"Soon," he said kissing me softly again.

"Please," I said licking my lips they tasted minty. He nipped my bottom lip again in response. He kissed me his tongue darting in and out the opening of my mouth.

"Please," I sighed.

"Please what?" He mumbled against my lips.

"Please let me taste you," I moaned. He didn't say anything but I knew he was smiling. With that, he kissed me again passionately easily sliding his tongue into my mouth. He explored my mouth with his tongue and took the gum I was chewing on. He traced his tongue against my lips then back into my mouth repeatedly. Until he gave me, one last kiss and released the darkness from eyes. When we parted, I slowly opened my eyes to look at him. He stood in front of me grinning with a blindfold in his hand.