Let's Bake a Cake

It was a wonderful day to bake a cake for him before he got home. I started to work on the cake when he appeared behind me.

"Hey," he whispered in my ear. I got goose bumps as he wrapped his arms around.

"Hey," I said warmly.

"Oh what are you making? Is it for me?" he asked enthusiastically.

"I'm baking a cake and yes it is for you," I replied with a smile.

"Cool let me help," he said picking up the empty cake mix box in front of me and then setting it back down.

"Um sure, you can mix this," I said handing him the electronic mixer. He took it in one hand and held the bowl in the other. He started the mixer putting it on high and sending the batter splattering all over us. I eyed him carefully and shook my head.

"Sorry," he said reaching for the sponge.

"It's okay," I laughed wiping batter off my arm.

"Don't worry I know how to fix this problem," he said carefully placing the mixer on the counter and turning to the food cabinet.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah," he pulled out a box full of raisins.

"What are you going to do with those raisins?" I asked.

"I'm going to put them into the batter," he said opening the box of raisins.

"No! This isn't bread pudding!" I exclaimed taking the box away from him.

He snatched the box away from me, "Well it's my cake and I want raisins in it."

"I will not let you have your way," I said sternly.

"Oh is that a challenge?" he asked curiously. He gazed at me and I grabbed the box. He had a tight grip on the box.

"Let it go," I said he gave me a sinister grin and shook his head. "Why… are you… being so difficult?"

"I'm not the one being difficult here," he laughed. With enough force, I snatched the box away letting it fly across the room and spreading raisins all over the floor.

"See look what you did," I said.

"I didn't do anything," he retorted.

"Well help me clean up," I said walking over to the closet to grab a broom and dustpan until I felt something hit my back. "What was that?"

In front of me, he had a handful of raisins in his hand. Oh so you want to play dirty I thought. I grabbed the bowl full of batter and a spoon.

"Bring it," he taunted. I took a spoonful of batter and aimed it at him.

"Do you have any last words?" I asked.

"Nope," he said and with that, he threw the fist full of raisins at me. I shot my spoonful of batter at him and it landed on his shirt. He looked at his shirt and I laughed. He went into the refrigerator and grabbed a few eggs. I threw another spoonful of batter at him while I dodged his egg attack. For the next, few minutes we threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other and ended the food fight with a draw.

"Well I guess you ought to clean this up while I take a shower," I said to him.


"Remember you started it," I replied heading out the kitchen.

"Oh alright I'll clean up the kitchen," he said.

"Thanks," I went up stairs to our bedroom closing the door behind me. I stripped down to my underwear until he came in. "I thought you were going to clean up the kitchen."

"Well how could I miss an opportunity to take a shower with you," he said with a grin.

"Oh no!" I said walking swiftly towards the bathroom but not fast enough. He picked me up, "put me down," and he did inside of the shower. I quickly turned on the hot water scorching his back. He sweared underneath his breath and looked at me. I gave him an innocent smile. He shook his head taking off his shirt revealing his lean abs. He leaned in towards me water dripping off his face and kissed me. He tasted like cake batter.

"Have you been eating cake batter?" I asked. He kissed me passionately in response. "Yep you have."

He laughed picking me up I wrapped my legs around him as he pushed me against the cool wall. We smiled at each other and kissed again. I wrapped my arms around him, as we tasted each other I felt his warm strong back and pulled him closer to me. His hand moved from the small of my back making me shiver from his touch and unhooked my bra. I ran my fingers through his hair and smiled.

"And what are you smiling about?" he asked.

"You finally managed to unhook my bra," I laughed.

"Oh you're going to pay for that," he said. In the next moment, I did as my bra slipped off my body and unto the shower floor. I rubbed my chest against his and he moaned. I kissed his neck then traced my lips up to his ear. I nicked his ear and he let out a sigh I smiled. I found his lips and kissed him letting my tongue slide into his mouth. I explored his mouth tasting him, his being, and his soul. His hand traveled to my leg tickling me. I broke away and he planted kisses all over my bare chest then his tongue traced a pattern along the water that was making its way down my neck. I moaned pulling him closer to me; he kissed me nicking my bottom lip then slowly releasing me so I could stand again. We kissed again and laughed.

"I guess we ought to take a shower now," he said.

"Yeah and bake another cake when we're finished," I laughed.