"Alysa! What are you doing?! You know we can't be here!" Luna shouted at her best friend in frustration. Alysa shrugged, opening the door to the new M3X Shuttle craft that the Czar and Elders had designed and had constructed. She was curious to the wonders it beheld, plus She really wanted to take it for a quick joy spin and test it out.

Luna huffed, fussing up a storm at the incautious young girl. It was a bad idea to be in this part of the ship, she knew; but she couldn't let Alysa do something stupid again.

"Lys, please. We're going to get caught and get in major trouble." Luna pleaded. Alysa rolled her eyes.

"Lu, can you just chill out? I just want to take a look." She climbed into the shuttle, disappearing out of sight. Luna silently prayed to the divine above to have mercy on them, and reluctantly followed Alysa into the complete steel shuttle.

Inside the was a barely lit short corridor that led to the control room. Luna couldn't see Alysa anywhere. She slowly crept along the corridor, finally noticing that there were many smaller corridors that branched off the main one. She wondered for a moment where they led to and had a sudden urge to follow them. Her common sense overruled her curiosity and she remembered that she was only on there to get Alysa off and not to explore. It was dangerous for them to be on there she reminded herself.

She looked around and saw a faint light coming from a creaked door before her. She guessed that this was the control room. Was Alysa in there? she wondered.

Luna's answer came as the shuttle gave a shake and the corridor lit up, brighter than it was. She starred in awe at the etchings in the wall that were now visible. It was an intriguing vine design that seemed to flow and wrap around the walls of the shuttle and around her. Impulsively, Luna reached out and ran her fingers over the etching. As she did this, dragging her hand along the wall, it came to life with swirling colors.

Luna gasped, mesmerized. It was beautiful. The shuttle gave a jerk, almost knocking her over. She shook her head, gaining back her sense.

"Alysa!" She hollered and hurried to the room at the end of the corridor. She pushed it open, stepping inside.

It was definitely the control room. The room was circular. Along the walls were six huge computer screens. The main one in the center, was slightly larger than the others. Below the five smaller screens were controls boards and cushions seats. in the center of the room was a larger cushion chair with railing around it, and of course another control board.

Luna knew that the five small screens were for the five elders- her parents, Alysa's parents, and Elite's parents- and the Main screen and station in the center was for the Czar- Ceaser Romanov. At a second glance around, Luna noticed her devilish, young friend sitting in the Czar's chair. Luna glared, marching over to her. Alysa was always dragging them into trouble. She could never contain her curiosity.

"Hey Lu!" Alysa giggled, smiling and flipping switches. Luna was exasperated.

"Alysa, what are you doing?! Are you trying to kill us?"

Alysa rolled her eyes and fiddled with a big green button. The shuttle began to rumble as if it was waking up.

"They'll have to catch us first!" She laughed and before Luna could grab her best friend and drag her out, the ground gave away below her. Not literally of course, but it felt that way as they ascended into the open outer space. Luna panicked, looking around at the control boards. There seemed to be no way of steering the ship. Then she saw the one and only joystick which was obviously used to fly the shuttle, and it was on the main control board, in the hands of Alysa.