Hey guys, I'm answering a request from Ink Flows Into Power (thanks for reviewing!) on my latest poem "Liar, Liar". I'm just gonna stop here and let the words speak for themselves. :)

Elusive and mysterious,
always just around the next bend.
Slipping through our fingers
as we struggle to understand.

we lurk in the shadows,
hesitating before we follow
but it's already too late.

It stops.


No more hiding.
We want the lies to stop?
Then first, we ourselves,
must stride into the light
and reveal the skeletons in our closet.

They do not take away from us,
no, rather,
they help define us.
Who we are,
and who we're going to be.

Who we want to be.
That is no secret.
It's been right in front of us,
patiently waiting for the fog to clear.
And it is the purest truth
that we will ever find.

So hold on to it.





Wow. This is probably one of the longest poems I've ever written. Not sure because I did it on impulse, but it only ocassionally works out, so lemme know if it did this time! Reviews are loved, the people who write them even more so.