I'm flying, I'm free

I have the wings –

Strong enough to carry me

but more fragile than you think.

The breeze or wind makes me struggle

but not fall.

I am strong –

But not enough,

not enough to withstand a tempest.

It hits me like the hand of God –

like the car whose wind

blows a dragonfly off course and to the pavement.

I'm stranded, I'm trapped

my wings –

Only gossamer that can break

I can't save myself.

Help me,

I know you're right there.

You saw me batted down

saw the whole thing, and now you watch –

You, who are so much bigger

so much stronger

it would be so easy for you to help.

I don't need much –

Just a hand


me out of the street,

to the shelter of the gutter,

or the grass.

Not to the sky, just to safety.

But why should you?

I'm just –

a stranger,

a bum,

a wrong choice,

so far away.

What if a car hits me while I help?

You think.

It's not your fault

that I flew out,

and of course I would be tossed

by the winds of God.

You knew that.

How could I not know that?

But how was I supposed to know –

I can't see, I can't know

is it my fault I'm so small?

So you watch, and think

oh, no harm will come

they'll manage

somehow –

Until your bus comes

and it has to go into the gutter.

That's just how it had to be

it was only natural

not your fault

you couldn't have done anything.

You think.

And I can do nothing

as the tire –

the final act of God