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Sickly white walls so clean you just want to throw up at the sight of them were the first things I saw as my eyes opened. My body felt numb, medicated. The feel of pain killers was one I recognized well. Sadly, even though they helped with the pain I am probably in, they also give me bad cotton mouth and tell me that I must be in the nurses office. Grunting, I moved myself into a sitting position to see the different health posters on every wall. There was a set of cabinets and cupboards with a metal sink on the other side of the room. Looking down at myself, I was still fully clothed. My shirt had blood on it and my pants were splattered with crimson under the thin blanket. Nurse Penny walked in the door, catching my attention. Her smile was friendly as she informed me that my father was bringing me a change of clothes. Suddenly, I remembered the precious scarf around my neck. I reached to my neck to grip the fabric.

"Don't worry, your scarf is right here. It really is a lovely scarf. Luckily, you didn't get any blood on it," she opened a cupboard door and reached in before pulling out the black fabric. Still smiling sugar sweetly at me, I allowed her to hand me the scarf before I wrapped it around my neck. My body grew tense even after she left as I awaited the arrival of my father. After about fifteen minutes, my rough estimate since there was no clock in the room, I watched the steel handle on the white painted wooden door turn and my father entered. He shut the door behind himself and I held my breath, awaiting some type of punishment. His silver eyes slid down to my bloody clothing. Biting my lip, I slid off the scarf and presented to him like a prize jewel. His hands took the scarf and he looked it over before nodding and setting it to the side. He dropped a set of clothes at the foot of the cot I was sitting on.

"Do you want to explain to me why I am here and why you are covered in blood, Artemis?" his cold, merciless silver eyes bore into mine. I wanted to shake my head vigorously and apologize until my throat ran dry. Instead, I said nothing in response. "Quit biting your lip like a child and answer me!"

"It was my fault father, I am sorry that my foolish actions made you have to take precious time out of your day. Will you find it in yourself to forgive me?" my eyes slid up his face, getting to his nose before refusing to rise higher. I had stopped biting my lip and now had my hands folded in my lap as I tucked my feet under me. He moved over to where I was on the cot and sat down next to me. His hand gripped my chin and I looked up into my father's eyes. The emotionless silver was like a pool of Mercury.

"You owe me for this, Artemis. I just missed my early flight because of your negligence," he looked down at his watch as he released my chin. My eyes lowered to my hands as he leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the cheek before leaving. The place where his poisonous lips had been felt colder than ice. Standing up, I got busy getting dressed in the clothes he had brought, taking note of the fact that the scarf was now gone. First, I slid on a white long sleeve shirt. Then, over it, I put on a black mock turtle neck. The rest of the outfit consisted of black fishnets and a black skirt that ended one and a half inches above my knees. Sliding on my old converse, I walked out of the nurse's station and into the front office. Admeta was in the office, her eyes went straight to me.

"Oh my god! Are you okay? That was so horrible! I tried to get her away from you but those two cronies started a fight they couldn't finish with me. Are you hurting still? The cronies got suspended," she peppered me with words until I held up a hand to stop her rambling.

"I am fine. That was nothing, really," I muttered. We left the office together and I looked up at a clock to catch the time, it was almost time for lunch.

"Do they do that to you a lot?" Admeta finally asked. I bit my lip as my eyes stayed focused ahead of us, unwilling to look her in the eyes.

"Whenever they get the chance, usually Shelby doesn't step on me though," I felt my lips purse. I didn't like it when Admeta asked these kinds of questions, it bugged me. She should know better than to stick her nose in places she doesn't belong.

"Oh, I like your outfit," Admeta changed the subject as she made me stop so she could survey my outfit. I nodded with a weak smile in her direction. This outfit was one of my only really nice ones, although it did have a slightly goth look to it. "Also, by the way, I got detention after school for the fight. So I guess we could probably just meet up at my house later to hang out."

I was about to respond, saying that that was unfair for her to be punished, when a voice stopped me, "Artemis Fainge, wait a moment."

Turning, I spotted Mr. De Luca approaching. His tall form walked over and stopped in front of me. Again, maybe it is just my shortness. Either way, I didn't want to see him right now.

"You left the office before you could receive your punishment," he explained his sudden appearance. Punishment? Of course! I flat lined, Admeta gaping at him beside me. "You will have a week's detentions starting today. I want to see you in my room after school."

It didn't surprise me that I was going be punished, although Admeta looked like she wanted to hit him for giving me detention. If you object to the way things work here, you get punished for it. I nodded at Mr. De Luca before walking off in the direction of the lunch room. Admeta walked beside me, looking even taller by comparison. The lunch room was just filling up as we entered and I felt every eye in the room go to me. Some of the people in the room were actually smiling, a group of guys at one table start cheering and making cat calls that sent a light shading of pink over my cheeks. Bowing my head, I let Admeta lead us to our table. Carmen looked up at me as I took my seat by her.

"Dude, are you okay? I heard through the olive branch that you gave the cronies what for earlier," she commented, looking at me with an excited gleam in her eyes.

"I heard they had this really scared chick cornered and you totally told them off before punching Shelby in the face. Then all the cronies had to work together in order to beat you. It must have been epic!" an Asian-looking boy with dark black hair and brown eyes was looking at me from the other side of the table. My mouth opened to correct them, but the teenagers had immersed themselves into tales of my heroism.

"They always do this, it keeps them entertained. Don't bother trying to squeeze in the real story, they already know. But now you're one of us, and they see it as their duty to convince the student body that you are amazing," the guy whom Admeta sat next to yesterday and today informed me. His arm went around Admeta as she rolled her eyes at him. Ah, so they're dating? "I'm Elliot Grey, Admeta's partner in crime and best guy friend."

Admeta was blushing lightly, ducking her head in order to cover her face with strands of hair. Oh, I see. They're not dating, she just wishes they were. A small smile formed on my face as I watched her cheeks turn a light shade of pink through the strands of scarlet and black hair.

"I'm Artemis Fainge," I nodded my head once in recognition to Elliot.

"I know who you are. Admeta here wouldn't shut up about how we should abduct you to our table for awhile now. To be honest, I thought the odds of you wanting to sit with anyone, much less us, were slimmer than a toothpick," he shrugged with a smile on his face. Admeta's head snapped up as she frowned at him and went into a rant about how he never put faith into her abilities. Admeta had wanted me to sit with her for awhile?

"Why would you think that?" I asked, curious as to why anyone would think such things. Elliot disregarded Admeta as he turned back to me. I didn't fail to notice the light sheet of silence that covered the table in the moment following my question. Instead of Elliot, an Asian girl, that looked a lot like the boy that had spoken to me earlier, chipped in her voice.

"You're the daughter of Mr. Fainge, right? He is one of the most intimidating guys in town. Being his daughter kind of makes you a little intimidating too. We figured that you would turn us down for not being 'worthy' of your company. You don't sit with anyone else, though," she spoke in a small, lightly accented, voice. She was right about my father, he was an intimidating individual.

"We know about the drug rumors," the Asian boy spoke up next. "The thing about that is, only the popular kids circulate them and we don't hang anywhere near their circle. As far as we knew, when we first met you, you looked just like your father. Plus, the idea of Mr. Fainge letting you do drugs is not even plausible."

"Then I actually got a class with you," Admeta began, finally calmed down and back to her usual flamboyant attitude. "You seemed the opposite of everything we believed. You were intelligent, nice, shy, and the opposite of intimidating. That's when I realized you were actually more of an outcast than anything so I started bugging them more and more until yesterday when I approached you myself in the bathroom."

"You thought I was intimidating? Are you sure you're talking about me?" I asked, still not quite comprehending what they were trying to say. It was odd, hearing rumors that weren't meant to rip me apart, especially such absurd rumors. They all nodded before Admeta changed the subject. I was too lost in my own labyrinth of a mind to hear a word about whatever nonsense left her mouth. The end of the day approached quickly and I soon found myself walking down the hallways, my steps echoing. Sometimes, I was amazed at how fast students could desert the building, considering most were brain dead by the time their last class came around. Admeta had office work to do during her detention whereas lucky me got Mr. De Luca to deal with for the next hour of my life. I walked up to his classroom door and took a deep breath. This was the hard part, the part where teacher's either ask you a million questions about the incident of they lecture you about your behavior. My hand rapped against the door and I waited patiently. Stupid me, I forgot Shelby would probably have detention too as my head was shoved into the door and a hand tangled into my hair.

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