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I woke up, and rubbed my eyes, trying to rub the blurriness that sleep always left out of them. I couldn't remember much of my dream, just a faint repetitive noise, and flashes of light. Whatever it had been though was intense.

Getting ready for school was easy and took me only about half an hour, since I had had my clothes already laid out, and I hadn't moved anything in my bag, and
it was ready to go to school.

I looked in the mirror as I went to go into the kitchen, grab a piece of toast and walk to the bus stop.

I had short black hair cut in a pixie cut, and it fell over my face, completely obscuring one eye, and the fringe just brushing above the other. My grey eyes
were rimmed with thick smudged eyeliner, and my lips were painted a dull muted red.

I wore black skinny jeans, emphasizing my stick legs with neither fat nor any great amount of muscle on them. I wore a black singlet top, and I had a sliver chain around my neck with a grinning skull dangling from it. A skeleton ring twisted around my finger and a silver snake coiled around the same finger on the
other hand. My ears had siver skulls attached to them.

I wore a black bulky coat over all of this and my volleys were mismatched, one bright red and the other black. The single red shoe was the only splash of cloud
on my outfit.

I know that you're probably thinking that I'm some kind of a goth or emo right? No worries, I don't go around wanting to slit my wrists, nor am I a goth in
personality or anything, I just like the look.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and walked into the kitchen, grabbing a piece of toast off a plate as I passed through the kitchen, ignoring the owner of said
toasts cry of outrage.

"By Mum," I said, before walking out the door.

I got out my iPod, and unwound the headphones cords, putting them in my ears before playing the music.

My collection of music was eclectic to say the least. My taste ranged from heavy metal rock to classical music. You could go from Taylor Swift to ACDC I'm the
space of two songs.

I trudged down the road with angry screaming reverberating in my ears, before I reached the bus stop. I plunked myself down on the seat, and slouched over my iPod. I opened up iBooks and started to read a novel I had gotten halfway through the day before.

People arrived at the bus stop one by one until it was crowded and was littered with the sound of many people all taking at once. The bus I caught arrived and
half of the people peeled away from the shelter and into the damp foggy air as they lined up at the side of the bus.

I was one of the first people to get on, and I sat in an unoccupied pair of seats, placing my bag on the seat next to the window, leaning so my knees
pressed against the seat in front of me, so that I looked far too comfortably arranged to be disturbed and asked to be sat next to.

Not that many people would want to sit next to me anyway. With my gothlike looks almost everyone found me exceedingly intimidating, and the people who didn't find me intimidating and continued to bother me soon found themselves convinced of the fact that I heard voices telling me to kill them.

Well I found it amusing.

I looked at the window as the bus drove, spattered with raindrops. They raced each-other across the window driven by the buses movement. I felt myself feeling
sorry for a raindrop that quivered like it wanted to join it, but it couldn't move.

Jeez nut-bag much? I had the unfortunate habit of feeling sorry for just about anything humanely possible if I thought about it long enough. I was just glad
that I liked the taste of meat so much that I refused to let myself think about where it came from.

The bus trip came to an end all too soon and I regretfully put my iPod away as I put my bag on again and made my way to the lockers.

I repressed the annoyed huff that I felt like giving when I saw the crowd of people around the lockers like every morning. Jesus, didn't they understand the
meaning of 'get the hell out of the way idiots.'

I managed to get past them and retrieve the stuff I needed from my locker before wandering off to class.

I sat through form assembly, idly doodling a pattern on the front page of my planner, where you were supposed to write down your contact details and

My attention wandered, and I internally grimaced at the thought of the upcoming maths test. It want like I couldn't do it, I wasn't stupid or even average, but
it required concentration and I just didn't feel like doing anything other than listening to my music.

I lagged behind the rest of the class as we went to our classroom. Their happy chatter soon turned into an eerie silence. The hair on the back of my neck
prickled and I checked behind me before convincing myself I was being paranoid.

I heard a whoosh of air and I thought I saw something black out of the corner of my eye. I turned to face where I had thought I had seen it, bit there was
nothing there.

I continued walking a little faster, unnerved, when I tripped over a crack on the pavement. At the same time that I fell, my head cracking against the
concrete, I saw the black shadow again. But this time it enveloped me, covering my body and leaving a chill shuddering through me, before I descended into

"Miss Greenwood," I heard a voice say, and I recoiled as the bright light of a torch seared through my eyelids. "Gene, can you hear me?"

I could hear her, and I was about to open my eyes and ask how I got here when the buzzing started. At first I was just a little bit startled, but then it grew
in intensity, and I shrank back from the noise.

The person spoke again, but it sounded muffled and distant through the hum. The noise few again, hurting my ears. Loud. Much too loud.

"Make it stop!" I cried, pressing the palms of my hands hands to my eyes in a feeble attempt to stop the noise.

I faintly heard someone ask what was wrong with me, before I fell into unconsciousness. Again.

Great, I screw my total twice in an hour.

When I woke up again, it was dark and the humming had gone. In fact it seemed like no-one was there, because the room was silent apart from a steady beeping noise.

Wait, beeping?

I opened my eyes, and waited till they adjusted to the dim lighting before leaning up and trying to look around. Bad idea. As soon as I got up my head
started swaying, and a throbbing pain made itself known.

"Ow," I said, clutching my head, and waiting till the room stopped swaying to move my head around, slowly this time.

I was in a hospital bed, and I had tubes attached to my arms, feeding some sort of clear liquid into me from a plastic bag hung up on a metal pole. A machine
measuring my heart rate was sat on a bench, the source of the beeping.

What? Yeah I had fallen hard enough to knock me unconscious, but did that warrant a hospital?

Just as I was about to call out or something, it was a little scary in here by myself; a nurse came in. She turned on a light, but only a small, low watt one
and the transition didn't hurt my eyes.

"What's going on?" I asked, my voice croaky. The nurse smiled kindly at me.

"Four days ago you fell over, giving yourself a very nasty crack on the head. You have been in a mild coma for the past four days but you were very lucky, and
the doctors haves ruled out brain damage completely,"

My head swam with questions, and my headache intensified. "A coma? I just tripped and fell over,"

"You landed right on your temple dear. You were lucky the impact didn't kill you. You're something of a medical miracle," she said.

"Where's my mum?" I asked.

"She will be right with you," she said as she fiddled around with the various things plugged into my arms. Right in cue my mum burst into the room. Her eyes
were red from crying and she rushed over to my side, her shiny eyes threatening to cry.

I reached out awkwardly and patted her on the arm. "M'alright Mum, I just fell over."

"Motor skills looking good," said the nurse as she looked at something on a screen not facing me so I couldn't l see what it was. "Oh my!" she exclaimed
before rushing out of the room.

"How are Meggie and Sarah?" I asked referring to my two younger twin sisters. Mum looked up and gave me a watery smile.

"You just came out of a coma, and you're asking how your sisters are," she said.

The nurse came back in, along with another hospital person I hadn't seen effort either.

"Genevieve, I am Doctor Williams," he said, using my full name that I didn't like being used.

"Do you remember what happened?" he asked, taking a small torch.

"I looked over my shoulder at something and didn't notice the crack in the ground, and so I tripped over it," I replied.

"Follow this light with your eyes," he said, swaying it back and forth. My eyes successfully followed it.

"Genevieve you are a very lucky girl. Irene has showed me images of your skull and it has repaired itself almost instantaneously. There is almost no sign
whatsoever that you even fell over in the first place, and once the throbbing headache I am sure you are experiencing dissipates you will be free to return

"Okay," I said, wincing as Irene pulls out the needles embedded in my skin.

The headache dissipated soon after, and yawning, I leaned on my mum's shoulder as we made it back to her car. I promptly rested my head against the window, the comforting motion of the car lulling me to sleep.