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ClockWork: Gears

1. Receiving.

If you think that time exists, you are wrong. In this world, only human perceive this flow as 'time'. In reality, we do not live in 'time'. We live in something more simpler yet complex the same time. We live in something else, something that isn't time, we actually live in a world of brown, square-shaped...


Time Frame: Monday, 4.45 p.m.

Her short, pearly black hair draped around her shoulders prettily, and her fringe, and two locks of hair framed her face, giving her face the illusion of a sharper chin. Crimson orbs radiated with kindness, and an angelic smile. That's Akuma Sanchiko for you... president and second most sough-after girl of Akuma High. Her skin was fair for an Asian, with those clear skins without any pimples or blackheads.

"S... Sanchiko-sempai..." a boy knocked on the door. The angelic president look up, an innocent look plastered on her face. Roses and random flowers bloomed behind her in the backdrop. The rest of the student council looked at him too.

"Aa... you... you are?..." she looked at him with those big, pearly red innocent eyes. Her voice was laced with clueless-ness of a ten year old.

"I... Can you please... come with... me?" his squeaked, blushing furiously. Akuma turned around and stared at her club members, asking for their approval. Someone nodded, and Akuma stood up. "Fine," she smiled, and followed him out.

The one that nodded smirked as she closed the door.

"Morimoto, what are you laughing at?" the secretary asked, filing her bubblegum pink nails.

Aqua hair slicked to the side, with white highlights running through his hair. Pearly emerald orbs radiated with mischievousness and evil. A few strands of hair was slicked down above his left brow, giving the illusion of the typical 'cool guy wannabe'. That's Kakashi Morimoto for you. His smirk was filled with mischievousness. Before he could open his pale pink lips to say anything, he was stopped by Akuma's secretary.

"On second thought, I don't want to know."

Akuma's secretary, Sakura Lee, is born under a Japanese mother and British father, giving her a pretty Eurasian look. She's the president's secretary, and the most third sought-after girl in Akuma High. Her back long golden locks curled around her back naturally, with two large, black orbs staring at you sexily. She had a huge rack, and unbuttoning the first two buttons didn't help cover that up. She had fair skin and a curvaceous body, which is a plus for her, and not to mention her righteous personality. If only she was a bit more mannered, she would've become the most sought-after girl in Akuma High.

"What makes you think I want to tell you?" the treasurer scoffed, and rolled his emerald eyes.

"What makes you think I was talking to you?" she countered, slamming her nail file on the wooden table prepared.

"Hey, do you hear something? I think it's a fly or something." He said, pretending to ignore her and look around for this "fly".

"Why you little...!" she growled, ready to pounce on him anytime.

"Hey, you two! Stop the bickering and get back to work, lazy-ass! We don't have all day, you know! The budget are due this Friday, which means we only have two more days left! Baka!" Someone stood up, slammed her fist on the table, and scolded the two, thus breaking apart their argument.

"H... Hai! Meiko-sama!" the two nodded, and buried their heads in their work.

Meiko Kazuhana is the president of the disciplinary committee. With those slanted ruby eyes blazing with fire, tall structure, and fit figure, she has a an authority aura emitting from her. For someone that's also on the sport's team, she's strangely fair. She sat back down, her short, messy and ruffled orange hair bounced. She folded her hands across her nonexistent chest, and nodded approvingly.

"Good to know you understand," she smirked, and took a sip from her metallic bottle. Even though those bottles are against school regulations, Meiko, although being on the disciplinary committee, brings them to school, and strangely has permission to do so.

"But... Kazuhana-san, isn't it against school regulations to bring metallic bottles to school?"

Meiko sighed, slipped her hands into her skirt pocket, and got out a piece of paper. "Here, I got permission from the principle. Are you satisfied now?" it was a piece of yellow paper, with the words 'I allow Meiko Kazuhana to bring metallic bottles to school,' with the principle's signature on the bottom left corner of the paper.

Sweat dropping, the girl turned on her heels and left the president of the disciplinary committee alone.

Akuma came back in, and the wail of someone could be heard, gradually getting softer and softer. The student council president have returned, with a uneasy look on her face.

"Akuma, what's wrong?" Meiko, being her closest friend, asked her, her voice laced with worry.

"I... I feel bad about rejecting him like that..." she frowned, and walked to her seat. She slammed her forehead onto the table with a loud thud.

"A... Akuma..." Meiko frowned, and rushed to her best friend's side. She lifted her head from the table, and Akuma began to cry too. Everyone on the student council started sweating, because they didn't know what to do. "Student council meeting cancelled! We'll make it up tomorrow!" Meiko announced, and everyone left.

"Don't cry... I'll take you to the arcade later," winked Meiko. Instantly, Akuma stopped crying and smiled through her tears. Meiko smiled and ruffled her hair. "Now go and dry up those tears." She gave her a nudge, and Akuma headed off to the washroom.

Smiling, Meiko began to pack her stuff.

The sound of running water could be heard, as the student council president splashed some water on her face. She lifted her head, and stared into the mirror, with water dripping from her face, and fringe.

"Sanchiko," a cold, icy voice demanded, as footsteps rung. She looked around, and saw a girl.

Her amber eyes were blazing with hatred and anger. She twirled a lock of her long forest green hair around her finger. Her nails were painted green, like her lips. Her ears were pierced with a diamond stud earring, and her uniform seemed to be made out of better-than-average fabric. Unlike most people, she did not wear the school shoes... she wore boots instead. She had a very expensive bag hanging on her shoulders.

"Ano... and you are?" she smiled, trying to lift up the atmosphere.


She slapped Akuma. Akuma held her slapped cheek in awe.

"Why is it that such an ugly girl like you can be so happy? I'm sick of your laughing face," she sneered, glaring at the shivering student council president. "I hate you, I loathe you! Why is it that someone as ugly as you can be happier than someone as pretty as me!"

"I... I..."

"I don't understand! Why are poor folks like you always happier?! Why?!" she roared, her face darkening with anger.


"I can't even stand your ugly voice, you ugly bitch!" she searched around in her bag, until she got out a sturdy looking kitchen knife, with murderous intent written all over her face. "Just die already! Why are you still alive?!"

She lunged at the president, but she ran to the other side, dodging that blow. The green-haired girl ran over to her, slashing her knife around. She looked like a beginner. "Die, bitch!" she tried for another cut, but the president kicked away the knife with her leg.

"Ack!" the greenette clutched her kicked hand, and sent a death glare to the president. Akuma, snarling, tried for another kick, but the greenette wasn't any weaker. She fought back by slamming her bag at the president's face. The president lost footing and stumbled back, her head hitting a cubicle.

The panicked look of her attacker was the last thing she saw. As dark spots claimed her vision, she felt someone shake her, and screaming something. But she couldn't make out a word. Her fingers glided across the floor, and felt something hot and wet. Without even bothering to lift her hand up, she decided that probably blood.

"...ko!" she let her conscious fade, falling into a pit of darkness.

"You've got mail! You've got mail!"

Meiko jumped as she heard the random voice. She was worried about Akuma, since she hadn't come back yet, and it's been ten minutes... she unzipped her bag, and got out the ringing device... her PSP.

['ClockWorks' sent you a message, do you want to accept it?]

Meiko stared at the PSP for a while, until suddenly a bird rammed itself into the window. In a frenzy of confusion, she pressed some random buttons. The bird fell down, but Meiko was too engrossed with her PSP.

"Mail accepted!" the electronic voice buzzed away. The screen turned black, with a blue loading bar. When it was done, the bar disappeared. The words 'ClockWorks: Gears' started to show, with gears moving around it.

[Welcome to 'ClockWorks: Gears'. Are you a new user?]


[Please enter your username. You may edit your profile later.]


[Welcome to 'ClockWorks: Gears', user MEIKO. The time frame now is 'Monday, 5.00 p.m.'. Would you like to save it?]

Out of curiosity, Meiko pressed 'x' and saved it.

[Time frame saved!]

Just as the time frame was saved, someone slammed open the door. Out was woman with noticeably green hair and amber eyes. But what captured Meiko's eyes was the blood smeared all over her arm, face and torso.

"K... Kazehana-san..." she started sobbing, as tears leaked from her amber eyes. The tears, mixed with blood, made a line, like she was crying tears of blood.

"I... I think I just killed someone."

Beep... Beep...

Everything is so dark. Akuma couldn't see anything. It was like a dark void to her. Stars... and stars... and... shining small blinking stars were scattered all over the "sky". She took a step forward, and saw something in the "sky".

It was a package, and it landed right in front of her.

'To my master, Akuma Sanchiko owo' was scribbled onto the surface of the brown package. She ripped open the package on a whim. It was an iPad with a turquoise cover with watery and swirly designs.

"Open it," a soft voice commanded, and she felt a force pushed her softly towards the package.

She flipped open the cover, and pressed the button, turning it on. She slid her finger across the 'slide to unlock' bar. It opened, and the wallpaper was a picture of Akuma in her school clothes, and it looked like it was taken recently, because she had just cut her hair recently.

"Who... is this freaking stalker?! I'm not even 18! I'm underage! Won't that land him in jail?!"

"Shush, sweetie," a voice hushed beside her ear. She whipped around, dropping her iPad, and prepared for any predators. "Relax, sweetheart. Everything will be OK."

The predator revealed himself, and hugged the president from behind. She blushed, but his hug made her relax. Her muscles relaxed, as he moved his fingers and the iPad flew to his hands. He put it in Akuma's hands.

"Use this wisely, sweetie," he blew into her ear erotically, "and we shall meet again in the future."

And with that, she woke up from the strange dream, with the iPad on her thighs.

"Eh? Meiko-chan has 'ClockWorks: Gears' too?" gasped Akuma, beaming as she flipped open her iPad. She had been released from the hospital after staying for about three hours. "Can I see it?"

"B... But mine is on a PSP... you have it on an iPad..." frowned Meiko, pretending to be jealous. They laughed shortly after. After entering Akuma's name, and saving the time frame, Akuma reached her stop. She got off the bus, with Meiko waving behind her.

"Bye, Akuma!"

"Bye, Meiko-chan!"

Just as Akuma was walking to the pavement, a van rushed at her at full speed. Meiko's ruby eyes widened, and she pressed herself onto the window. "Akuma! No!" Akuma stood still, frozen to the spot.

Just as she was about to collide with the van, it was stopped. She opened her eyes slowly, and felt someone hug her from behind. He blew into her ear, one palm facing forward, with another hand playing her hair.

"I told you we would meet again, sweetheart."

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