"What happened?!"

"Did anyone get hurt?"

"Are you okay?"

"Tell us what's going on!"

The neighbors were impossible. They kept asking questions and tried as hard as they could to get information. They even tried to get in there! Everything was a total chaos because of them. Ofek didn't understand what they were worried about. It was just a fire. It was just a simple fire that had managed to destroy their whole apartment.

"Calm down Ofek, it's going to be okay" he mumbled to himself. He knew for sure it's going to be okay for him. He could always stay at Galia's apartment. But that wasn't the problem.

His phone rang again. He immediately answered it.

"Yes...No, I understand the... Yeah. Okay. Bye."

He turned off his phone, as he always did. On second thought, it was better not to turn it off. This morning was definitely not going as planned. He was supposed to be now at the university, listening to the lecture he has been waiting for over a month. He would have never imagined what life brought to him that same day.

He sat down at his chair and leaned on the wall behind him.

"What did they say?" the person sitting on the chair next to him asked.

Ofek didn't respond at first. He kept silent for a few seconds, and then whispered in a broken voice "It's all ruined. Dad said he'll help us, but I don't really know how. He said that he'll take care of the house and that Mom will make sure you'll be alright".

The other person shook his head for a sign of agreement. "It'll be alright."

"I know, Brother".

Orli sat down with her cup of coffee in front of the computer. Her husband, Boaz, was still asleep. She could tell that by the sound of his snores. She logged on her Facebook account as she always did on her free time. There was nothing really interesting on it. It was still morning, and it seemed like nothing had changed since the last time she logged on, which was yesterday. She kept looking for something to do. She had already listened to some of the new songs her daughter recommended her, and read the whole newspaper, twice. She slowly drank her coffee, calm and free of worries. It was only a few seconds later she noticed she had a new message. It was from Aviva Ziv, one of her best friends since they were in high school. Aviva has been living in Canada with her husband Sam for a few years now, so they used the e-mail and the Facebook in order to stay in touch. Orli clicked on it and started to read the message.

"I need your help. Please send me your phone number. It's an emergency."

Orli didn't think twice. She knew Aviva asks for help only when she really needs it, and if she asks it from her, as they live in different countries, it must be really important. She quickly wrote her phone number. After a minute or two the phone rang.

"Hello?" Orli answered almost immediately.

"Orli?" Aviva's voice was heard from the other side of the line.

"Aviva! How are you? What's the matter?"

"It's my sons. You remember I told you they're now living at their own apartment?"

"Yes, of course" Orli stood up and started to walk around the house, as she always did when she was concerned about something.

"Well, about three hours ago I got a call from my elder son, saying that their house was caught on fire" Aviva said, and Orli could tell she was crying.

"Oh my! How did it happen?"

"They think it was a short circuit."

"Are they hurt?"

"No, luckily they got out on time, but there was nothing left of it. The whole apartment is ruined."

"Oh god! What are they going to do now?"

"Well, Ofek is probably going to stay at his girlfriend's apartment, but we have a problem with Saar."

Orli knew what she was going to say.

"I'll have to ask Boaz"

"Oh thank you so much! I knew I could trust you. Listen, I'll call you in 30 minute okay?" she didn't wait for an answer and ended the conversation.

Well then, at least now I have an excuse for waking him up, Orli thought and went upstairs.

Tzameret Levintal was way too tired for running home. She was after a long day of school, and just when she thought the day has come to an end, she remembered that it was Council Meeting Tuesday. She was the president of the student council at her school, and was known for never missing a meeting. Unfortunately, not everyone was in the mood for a meeting, and so she had to chase after some of the younger students. Also, after the meeting was done she had to make sure she had written down everything important that was said in the meeting. After walking out of the school's gate she had to run for the bus. It took her more than twenty minutes, but she was happy with that. It was the beginning of the end of the day. She opened the door to her house after getting off the bus and to her surprise, her whole family sat around the table, a thing that almost never happened. Not to mention, it was around seven o'clock.

She understood something was going on, but decided to ignore it. "Hey Mom, Dad, how you doin'?" she took off her bag of her shoulders and went towards the fridge.

She took out some newly fresh juice and a glass as she waited for an answer.

"Well?" she asked as she poured some of the juice into the glass.

"Maybe you should sit down" her mom said and got out the empty chair which was Merr's usual chair.

Merr finished drinking quickly and sat down.

"Today I had a phone call from Aviva" she said, not really looking at her daughter.

"Doesn't she live in Canada or something?" Merr asked.

"Yes" Orli said. She wasn't really sure how to say it.

"And?" Merr asked after a few seconds as her mother didn't say anything else.

"Well, she told me her sons' apartment was ruined in a fire last night."

"Wow" Merr was surprised, but you could barely tell that by her voice. She actually sounded bored. "Are they okay? I mean, it sounds terrible".?"

"Yes, but it seems like they can't live there anymore."

"That's not good" Merr said. Just then she realized her dad and her brother haven't said a word yet.

"So, she asked me to let her younger son stay with us, since he can't stay with his brother" Orli said everything in one sentence. She didn't like this conversation and wanted to end it as quickly as possible.

Merr was silent for a few seconds. It seemed like she didn't fully understand the meaning of this. She just stared at her glass. After a few seconds her facial expression changed from bored to completely blank. She seemed shocked.

"What? Wait, wait, wait, you said no right? There's no way in hell you said yes to this!" Merr completely freaked out and got up of the table. She looked at her family, all of them avoiding eye contact with her.

"You said no, right? Please, tell me you said no!" she almost yelled, but somehow she felt that the answer for that question is different from what she expected.

"Merri, Saar is going to stay with us until he has another solution" her father suddenly said.

"What?! No way, you can't do this!" Merr ran away from the table and headed towards the stairs. She wanted to go to her room, but somehow she ended up on the floor.

"Ow!" an unfamiliar voice said. Merr looked up and saw... a guy lying on the stairs?! What?!

"Merri, meet Saar Ziv" her mother smiled.

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