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One - Wakey Wakey Nadine!

"Good morning Ms. Alexandra."

Stop talking please, whoever you are. You're ruining my moment. Here I am, with Johnny Depp, the man of my dreams and you're telling me I'm a Ms. Alexandra? Hell no. I'm a Ms. Depp. Get used to that. Now where was I? He flashed me his brilliant smile and-

"Ms. Alexandra, please wake up."

Damn it! Quit pestering me! I'm in the middle of an important situation here. Okay, so-

"Ms. Alexandra, you're going to be late for work."

Damn it I d- wait what? Work? Oh my God. I have work! This is all a dream. I'm going to have to wake up now and freaking work. Oh no. Why can't I sleep longer and have my happy ending with the man I love?

"Damn it T-Bear. I was finally with Johnny Depp and you just had to wake me up." I groaned.

"I'm sorry, but you must not be late for work, Ms." He apologized, but I sensed sarcasm and amusement laced in his tone.

I begrudgingly shifted my comfortable position under my comforter and got up. The room was bright, but not too much, just the way I preferred it in the mornings. In front of me, were my personal butler and maid. Thomas, my butler, was practically my parent ever since my Mom and Dad decided to leave their HUGE empire and company to Katrina and I to "find inner peace" in an ashram somewhere in the Himalayas. They never came back, so it has always been just us, until Katrina married Rob of course, and left everything to me. Let me tell you, being a billionaire and London's sweetheart isn't a tad bit easy.

"I bring you breakfast, Ms. Alexandra." Sarah, my maid spoke politely, placing the tray carefully on the bed in front of me. My eyes bulged like those tv cartoon characters at the sight of my delicious breakfast. There was a stack of pancakes -my absolute favourite- on a plate topped with generous amounts of maple syrup and butter, a bowl of cereal, and an omelette placed orderly on the tray.

"Sarah, you're a life saver." I gushed.

"Oh surely I'm not Ms." She blushed.

"So T-Bear, what's my schedule for today?" I asked.

"Well, you have work till 3 pm today. Louis will come over by 4 to deliver your evening wear for tonight's Charity Ball. After the ball, you are to spend time with your sister and the twins. That's all for today." He replied dutifully.

I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face. Seeing my sister and her kids always cheered me up. I thanked him and attacked my breakfast with gusto. Both of them left the room, leaving me to get ready for the day. Since tonight was the night of the Charity Ball, I thought that I must pamper myself in order to look the best among the throng of guests, ranging from stunning young adults to snotty, wealthy old women. Satisfied with my decision, I added bath salts in my jacuzzi before immersing myself in the warm waters. After an hour of supreme bliss, I got out of the luxurious bathroom and picked out my outfit for work. I settled on a purple Dior blouse, a high-waisted black skirt, and my Charles and Keith black pumps. I put on my purple diamond studded earrings and after a final check in the mirror, I grabbed my Chanel purse and descended the main staircase. I asked Darryl the doorman to get my BMW 520i today, since I was missing riding it and drove straight to the Alexandria Corp Headquarters smack in the middle of London city. It was one of the tallest and most posh building in fact. I found it more convenient for myself to drive for work, despite having perfectly able chauffeurs under my employment. Entering through the revolving glass doors, I greeted every single employee on my way to elevator (I was grateful to them for their help and loyalty, God knows my parents were driving this company to the grounds before they ran away) when I was greeted by Marcus.

"Good morning sweetheart, excited for tonight's Ball?"

I smiled warmly at the fatherly figure next to me. Marcus was my dad's oldest brother and his most trusted companion, as well as my mentor. He was the one who showed us the ropes on how to handle this mega empire when we knew next to nothing about the business. In many ways, he was like my own father, and he adored me like I was his own daughter. He was also Vice President of Alexandria Corp.

"I am. Its still a huge occasion for me, even after 10 years. I'm honestly glad you're with me. I really do need moral support." I replied honestly.

He laughed a little and patted my head lovingly. The elevator opened with the usual 'ding' and we got out on the 3rd floor, where the main office, or my office, was situated. All of my most trusted employees also worked in that floor, and they didn't forget to greet me, just like they do every day. On the day when I was informed I was the heir to a massive business corporation, was also the day I turned 15. Just a sophomore at the time, the news startled me to no end and I was brought in the financial world too quickly before I could even comprehend what was happening. While Katrina tried to do most of the work to prevent my childhood from being ruined, what was done was done and I became mature in just a short matter of time. Even so, I feared that my employees would dislike me, but after a few years, I was confident that I was a good boss. Once I was settled comfortably in the large black chair like a boss (oh hell, I was the boss) I was immediately attacked by the onslaught of papers and files that needed my signature of approval and went through important documents to make sure that tonight's ball will go on smoothly. Finally, at about 2:45, I took my cue to leave for the day. After wishing all my employees good luck for tonight, I rushed home to meet Louis.

Ten minutes later, Louis came barging into my room saying "Bonjour Madame, Louis at your presence!" with his French accent and kissed me on both cheeks.

With exaggerated hand movements, he called in his assistant Lindsay who brought along with her a large red box and a bag, that probably contained my dress and make-up respectively.

I smiled at Louis and said "I'm hoping the gown isn't too flashy, you know how I hate showing off."

"Oh Madame, Louis knows your excellente taste in clothing, of course I brought ze best. Now hush hush, trust Louis, I vill bring out ze magic in you in a matter of time"

I did trust Louis actually, he was the best there is! He knew my taste in clothing, how I hate heavy make-up, and also which hair-do suits me best. Turns out, my gown for tonight will be a backless deep emerald velvet sleeveless gown. It clung to my body like second skin and I was extremely grateful for the feminine curves I possessed thanks to my mother. He styled my hair into a bun, with a few strands hanging out here and there. Lindsay did a pretty good job on my make-up too, she was almost as perfect as Louis himself. My make-up was simple, and I totally appreciated it.


I looked at my reflection in my full-length mirror in awe. I was actually looking pretty.

"Oh my God, this is perfect. You guys are simply amazing! Thank you so much."

"No merci please, it is my duty Madame, you look ravishing. I am so proud."

Thanking them once again, I hugged them and paid them for my services. They had outdone themselves tonight, and they definitely deserved the extra tip. I put on my gold earrings with emeralds on it, wore my gold bracelet on my right wrist, grabbed my matching Fendi green clutch and put on the velvet green pumps Louis brought me. I was aware that I might look like I'm the president of the largest Go-Green campaign, or a tree, but I quickly dismissed the thought when I realized just how many people were willing to donate their kidneys just to be in my green shoes right now. Being a millionaire does have its perks, and the large amount self-confidence is one of them.