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Five: Awkward Much? (Nadine POV)

He danced well too. I couldn't deny that. Is he a 'jack of all trades' or something? He has his flaws, but they are far less than his charms. This is unfortunate. I never understood why all good-looking men seemed so perfect and irresistible until I met Jared all those years ago. Surely there must be a flaw somewhere, in their personality or their looks, I had thought. This man though, oh, he was blessed. Here I go again, fawning over a male, my brother-in-law's brother in fact, like a sex-starved female, even if I was one in real life. Will sex be fun with him? All the ladies seem to be addicted to it..

Bad Nadine.

I bet you a million dollars Ri was teasing us right now. She couldn't pass up such an opportunity. Rob and Ri have been our personal cheerleaders ever since they suspected a 'spark of chemistry' between Jared and I. They try so hard sometimes, it can be pathetic. If we must consider it, I would agree that we'd make a good-looking couple, but that's all I will say. Lord knows it isn't going to happen, not sooner, nor later. Even if he has the perfect body. Alright so I have this secret. I, the 'innocent' Nadine, prefer bulky men. Lean men lacking overly-muscular bodies don't really impress me. I'm not saying I like what Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has done to himself now, hell no. But Jason Statham is cool. He epitomizes the actual strong muscular, overly manly man. Only one person knows about my retarded obsession, and she was very eager to explain it to me. Apparently innocent girls want to feel 'protected' by their men. I was too busy licking my ice-cream cone during that particular conversation. Relationships and I don't go hand to hand anyway, and trying to make sense of my weird obsessions would be like trying to get a tan in Antarctica.

I digress.

This song is taking very long to finish. I could feel the warmth emanating from his large hands that were placed nervously on my waist. I could feel his breath -Listerine and Jack Daniels- on my forehead. I could see the way his perfectly chiseled jaw tensed and felt the hand on my waist tighten momentarily when I spotted Mr. Lambard eyeing me up. I am going to blame this song for sending my hormones on overdrive. I am hardly this observant, especially when it concerns men. That is exactly why, I started to blush. Cursing my blushing tendencies, I wondered whether Jared found me weird. It was highly possible. The awkwardness remained until the end of the ball, much to my displeasure. Circumstances never allowed us to stay far apart from each other and when the ball had finally ended, Rob, Katrina, Jared and I headed to the Mastriani house. Ri had lured me into her mansion promising me a much-needed sister bonding session and a chance to squeal (silently) at the sight of my precious niece and nephew. Rejecting such an offer would be a grave mistake, and so I tagged along and decided on the way that I would just change into one of Ri's pyjamas. My favourite ones had these cute little pink hearts on it. I realize my choice of nightwear isn't really appealing, but comfort is always going to be the better option. Alas, time flies in the presence of loved ones. Three satisfying hours later, my once nocturnal sister passed out on the couch. Rob, like the loving husband that he was, entered the guest room with squinty, sleepy eyes and lifted her on his shoulders like a caveman, before heading towards their room and closing the door. It was then I realized that Jared was my only ride home. After standing outside his door for about three minutes, eyes shut in frustration (thank you imaginary devil and angel on my shoulders) fists curled up ready to knock, Jared suddenly developed telepathic abilities and opened the door himself.

I ended up knocking on his chest.

"Uh, Nadine?"

"You have a very hard chest."I squeaked. Lady Luck hates me.


"I think I bruised my fist." Shut up brain. Just shut up.

"I'm... Sorry I guess?" He looked bewildered. Its a common reaction towards the freaky little bundle of joy named Nadine. I cleared my throat.

"I kind of need a ride home."

"I'll drop you, just let me get dressed."

Slowly, like a ticking bomb, I realized he was only in his boxers. Boxers with 'E=MC2' written all over it. Part of me wanted to steal and wear it. Maybe I could convince him that Einstein's great-grandchild wanted to honour his great-grandpa by wearing those boxers? Does Einstein even have children? The door was abruptly shut and I punished myself for gawking too intently on the 'restricted' area. He is probably planning to dump my dead body in the forrest at this moment.

He drove me in his Jaguar and we were cruising down the streets when he unexpectedly said "You looked good today, in the ball."

Almighty Jesus! That voice! Its unique ability to make me shiver is slightly unfair, in my opinion. My future husband should have that effect on me. I somehow managed a reply without squeaking like a squirrel on meth.

"Thanks, you weren't looking bad either."

Okay. Now what? Small talk? Yes? No? "So how's that deal with Klein Corporation doing?" He questioned, feigning forced interest.

Small talk it is..

I thanked my lucky stars that my residence was not terribly far away from Katrina's, and the awkward (I'm afraid this word has been overused tonight) car ride ended quickly. Not before that difficult moment though, the moment when you're not sure how to say goodbye. It was not like I could say "Fare thee well, comrade." or "I bid thee goodbye, Sir." So I settled for something ordinary. "Thank you Jared. I had a good night." I shut the door and walked the steps that led to the entrance, before rushing up the stairs towards my bedroom and calling it a night.