Haikus, 11/9

I'm lingering here
Faded, cold and untouchable
Just a hopeless one

Love is a temptress
Promising such sweet things
While feeding poison

Innocence is a gift
That can easily be taken
Never returned

Another life was mine
Different yet I harbor
The same soul

Winter reminds me
Of mountains and temples
Of that I don't know

A child's face
Bright, blue eyes and happy
Is he my own?

Faith is folish
Can an unseeable spirit
Save one like you?

Trust is of the weak
To need a lean-to at times
But I am weak too

Spring sings of times
With blooming pink blossoms
Oh so beautiful

Death is not of pain
It is to be embraced
All things must fade

Pulled toward a land
Never before seen with eyes
But known in the heart

Friendship from the core
Can last over lifetimes
With undying souls