When Sekai finally woke up, it was a miracle.

"Mmm…" She shook her head and began to sit up.

"No, Lilly don't sit up. You are too weak to move right now." The nurse gently pushed the frail body back.

"Where am I?" She looks around.

While she was looking around she realized she was at a hospital. She was also wondering, who the hell is Lilly?

"You must be starving." The nurse said handing her a tray of food.

The tray was beige and the food looked lumpy and gray.

She pushes it aside. After all the years of being starved before, she can handle a day without this disgusting food.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Well, the band Blossom came through the ER. Their personal doctor took them in a private room to examine them, but when he realized it was you, a girl, he quickly changed his mind and got his wife to check on you. You understand right? Since he's married he doesn't want to examine a girl's body. So now Blossoms personal doctor's wife is your new personal doctor. She started putting blood back in you when you were still conscious. Do you remember? You were screaming no when she said that."

She shook her head.

"Oh well. So then we had a heart monitor. Oh," She quickly paused.

A women showed up opening the door.

"Excuse me; I'm not intruding was I?" She asks.

"No not at all Doctor. I was just explaining what happened." The nurse informed.

"Well, it's a good thing I came in just the right time. Let me do the explaining. You can take an early break." She answered.

"Thank you." The nurse leaves.

"So, Lilly is it?" The doctor asks.

"...Um, yes?" Sekai asks confused.

"Do you remember when you went crazy on me?" She asks.

"No." Sekai answers.

"Hm," She scribbled something on her clipboard. "do you remember having the taste of blood in your mouth?"

"No?" Why would Sekai have blood in her mouth, but then something came together.

"Well, when I was putting blood in you I found a mysterious discovery." She raised her voice just a little

"Don't tell me. I didn't mean to." Sekai answered.

"Am I the first, is what I have to say." She asks.

"No, third, but two died making you the first now. I didn't mean to do any of this." Sekai answered.

"You realize this is very important information, and I have to kill you." The doctor informs.

"I do not mind." Sekai answers lying in bed looking out the window.

"You are my first discovery. It is my duty to turn you into where the scientists are."

"So then I'm a lab rat?"

"If I turn you in, and I must. It's the government's secret. The uncovered law only for scientist, police officers, and doctors must know this law. I can't break it." She answered in a low voice.

"There is a loop to this law though." Sekai says in a low voice.

"So you found it." She says.

"Quite a while ago actually, but I swear I didn't mean to." Sekai assures.

"I know, but let me tell you what happened."

Sekai laid there ready to hear.

"Well, when I was about to put the needle through, you quickly woke up and took it from me. I had no idea what had happened. You had blood everywhere on the bed. Your left arm and left leg was broken too. Your left was broken in two spots while your leg was broken in three spots, yet you were still able to move. It didn't hurt now did it?"

Sekai shook her head

"Didn't think so. Anyway, when I was about to lose control of you, you bit my arm. You know how hard it was to hide this wound from my husband?" She rolled up her sleeve revealing a big bandage on her forearm.

Sekai eyes shook in fear.

"I didn't mean-"

"It's alright. My husband thought I accidentally cut myself with a knife that's all. Now then, when I gave you a good hit to back off, you passed out."

"Well that's embarrassing." Sekai says looking out the window again.

The doctor chuckled.

"Well, then we put the heart monitor up just to be sure you were just asleep or dead. We attached it and turns out you were alright. You started to wake up again and when we were trying to put a cast on, I think some of the blood I gave you travelled through your body turns out you got a flat line for 12 minutes. The band thought you were done for when my nurse told them you got a flat line. They went home, but I didn't give up. I don't know what in the name of hell I was thinking, but I knew you couldn't die. So I continued to wrap your arm and leg. 12 minutes was up and you woke up. I guess your healing abilities just came back because we took a quick x-ray of your arm and leg, and it looked fine. I took it off and let you rest." She answered.

"Do you know anything else that I did?"

"Oh yeah! You drank some of my blood as if you had no water in you. While operating on you, you destroyed most medical equipment and blood was everywhere." She smiled.

"That's not what I meant…" Sekai answers

"Well, Chun and the rest were on their private jet trying to heal you with all the medication they had. It didn't work out very well. Now you're in Florida!" She smiles.

"Florida?!" Sekai begins to sit up

"Ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow…."

"Relax, you need to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks. Maybe longer." The doctor said.

"I have a question." Sekai said as the doctor helped her lay back down.

"What is it?"

"How did you give me back my blood if I lost gallons?" Sekai asks.

"Easy, it was poison." She said in a low serious voice. "You see, I had no clue what to do. I mixed all blood at once, and it didn't work. I used water and red food coloring. I-"

"You injected that in my body?" Sekai asked.

"Yeah, how else was I supposed to know, but then I used a needle and took some blood away and analyzed it. Turns out my computer crashed so I had to do it again with the hospital computers. So then that's when I found out you had DeAmonred blood."

"DeAmonred? I don't even know what that is, and it was inside of me?"

"You should understand though. The letter D? It's all too simple."

"I see. That's what."

"Now, since I'm the only one so far, I'll do my best to keep it."

"Thank you." Sekai sighs in relief.

"I'll leave you alone." The doctor says exiting the door.

Sekai fell asleep. She woke up about an hour later and started daydreaming. Then everything came together. She was waking at that time she was being examined. She lost control and became a beast. She just about killed one of the nurses. She drank the blood. Has Sekai lost everything now? The doctor and the nurse are probably afraid of her. She drank blood. What has she become?

(Please note that this stuff up here is important and please do not ask about it! Thx! ~Kiato)

She shed a few tears before sleeping again.

When she woke up again she was facing the window. She saw on the window ledge a pink. She hasn't noticed it before. Her eyes trailed on to the little teddy bear at the bed table side.

"You know you shouldn't scare us like that." A familiar voice said.

Sekai snapped her head over and just looked at them with soft eyes. She rolled back over and closed her eyes.

"Don't ignore us!" says another.

Then someone put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

She snapped her head at them again and sighed.

She got up no matter how much the feeling in her body hurt. It felt like electricity through her when she started moving. She was wearing some sweats and a T. She was guessing it was the nurses who changed her.

She went to a door labeled BATHROOM. She walked in and found her suitcase. She grabbed a comb and combed through the knots in her hair and grabbed her iPod.

It took months for Sekai to get an iPod. She put in her ear buds and walked out with the suit case following behind her.

She walked over to the window and starred at the flower.

"Where do you think you're going?" Suna asks

Sekai opens the window and looks down.

It was a long way down.

"I know you want to get out really badly, but jumping out will just make it worse. Besides, your doctor wanted me to give this to you and this note." Chun says.

Sekai turned around and snatched it from his hands.

The note read in swirly hand writing.

Once every three hours take one pill with hot water! It will keep your emotions level. If you haven't realized yet, while you were asleep, you went to killing mode and we had to tie you up. Use this so others won't find out about your little secret and I'll be sure to keep it safe. Remember four times a day! Best wishes for you and your future.

~Doctor Sally

Sekai sighs and looks at the bottle.

She stuffs it in a pocket in her suitcase. She looks back at the window.

"Will you talk to us?" Suna grabs her shoulders and stares down at her.

Sekai just stares up and him and flicked his forehead.

"Ow!" Suna shouted.

Sekai quickly opened the window and threw her suitcase in a tree. It stayed there and then she jumped.

"We're at the sixth story you seriously-"

"Calm down, Suna." Chun puts his hand on his shoulder.

Meanwhile Sekai landed on a branch, standing perfectly fine.

Ken was below her and said, "Geez, don't scare me like that."

Sekai threw her suitcase at him and jumped down. Her left leg started hurting, but Sekai doesn't do anything to show that's she is hurt. Her hand twitches wanting to her hand on her thigh.

"You ok?" Ken asks putting the suit case down.

Sekai crossed her arms and pulled her suitcase closer.

Suna, Chun, and Subaru ran out of the building and shouted, "You do realize you have to go back right?"

Sekai looked at them. They were talking in Japanese as if it was normal to talk in whatever language they want and not look weird.

Suna and the rest caught up.

"Let's just go home, I bet that's where she wants to be." Subaru says.

Sekai turned the direction of the road on her heels of her black converse shoes.

They led Sekai to the car. Put her suitcase in the trunk of a small black car. Sekai sat in the shot gun and the rest filled the seats. Sekai starred out the window with no expression on her face. They stopped at a fairly large white house. Sekai got out of the car along with the rest. She rolled her suitcase until she had to carry her suitcase up the front steps.

Chun unlocked the door and Sekai walked in.

Sekai couldn't believe her eyes. It looked like a regular house. Sort of.

To her right it had a hallway leading her to the living room. There was a flat screen TV and a comfy couch. There was an X-box on the carpet. It looked like a regular living room. Except for all the trophies they had for being the best boy band.

"We don't have any other open room for you. This isn't our house. This is our summer house. Our real house is somewhere else. We're getting it remodeled. We were kind of glad you were staying at the hospital for two weeks because that's how long it will take for the remodeling to be done. So now you're sleeping on the couch." Chun explained.

"Don't worry. I'll switch beds with you. You can have my bed and I'll take the couch." Subaru suggested.

Sekai waved her hand around and let her suitcase stay beside the couch.

She walked over to the door next to the couch. It was the kitchen. There were stairs going up on her left and down on her right. She went to her right and down the stairs. It was the laundry room…that's it. She went back up and up the stairs again to find a room. It had Subaru's on the door. Down the halls it had all their names and another staircase. She went up and found herself just about to trip up the stairs. There was a glass window when she reached the top. She pushed it to her right and a gust of wind blew her hair back. She got up and she was outside. There was a wall behind her. She was guessing it was the attic. There was a gate all around the top. There were clothes lines on one side along with clothes pins. On the other side there was an empty space. This house was like a normal house.

"It's like a normal house right?" Subaru says from the door.

Sekai turns around relaxed that it was only Subaru.

She turns back to the clouds and just stares at them, her music still playing in her ears really quietly.

He pulls on one of her ear buds until it comes off and asks, "Will you say something?"

She signs and pulls both ear buds out and pulls her iPod out of her pocket.

"Sure, I'll say something. Why did you save me? Of all those attempts to die I never did die. Now look, I was just about to die by my adopted parents! Just what they want and what I want. That simple, but no. You thought you had to go and save me. Have all those attempts mean nothing to you?! I almost died of blood lost, but you had to treat me. You had to take me to a hospital. You had to do this to me! So what now? You got what you wanted, what do you want to do with it? Use me as a punching bag? I don't mind. Whatever it takes to go to my peaceful state, sure! I don't mind! Just what do you want from me? I'll just destroy your lives. It's pointless having me around. I'm nothing but an IT. Just throw me away like all the others. I'm just an object to you. Aren't I? I mean nothing, like garbage. I'm trash. I'm living hell. Do you think I want that? You know how hard it is to live life knowing you did something and you are something you never thought existed! I'm just going to get buried and everyone will be happy! I just know it! Everything will be better when I'm gone! Just let me die! Why couldn't you let that happen? I can't enjoy life. Just kick me out of your property already. I deserve to die don't I? After all I did. Plus, what the hell! Who is Lilly?!" She shouted

"What on Earth are you talking about?" he asks as if it's like a game.

"You'll know… Later." Sekai sighs glad she let it out and walked down to the couch. She locked all entrances to her "room." She took her medication before locking all entrances. She went to sleep and woke up three hours later and took medication again. When she was reading the side effects it lists drowsiness, unable to use some abilities, dizziness, and muscle pain. She quickly went back to bed before she had any muscle pain or she was unable to use some of her abilities like getting up.

Meanwhile the band had a team meeting.

"She said that?" Ken asks.

"Yeah, I forgot some stuff, but that's what I remember for sure." Subaru answers.

"What's wrong with her? Usually people would say thank you and sorry, but to her it was why? Just when we thought we might get her to say those words, we fail. What do we do with her now?" Suna asks.

"Don't talk about her like that!" Chun slaps Suna's arm.

"What?! What's wrong about talking about her that way?" Suna asks

"It's like one of those stories with a hurt girl. We can change her heart from all the hate to kindness." Subaru smiles

"Whatever you say, but I don't understand her. One minute we are told she broke her arm and leg, but she looks perfectly fine. She even jumped! Is she superman or something?! Does she have magical powers or something? I don't understand anything!"

"I know, they say she survived. But! If you got a flat line for 12 minutes with a broken arm and leg with just about no blood, how is she alive?" Chun asks.

"Guys, do you not like her or something?" Subaru asks.

They all fell silent.

Wonder what that means…

Three hours later, down the stairs Sekai fell off her bed.

She sat up with her the palm of her hand on her forehead. She shook her head to stay awake. She got her bottle of medication and walked to the kitchen. Well, kind of. Along the way she kept bumping into walls left…right…left…right…

The guys were coming down the stairs to find her tripping on her own feet and her hands smacking down on the countertop.

"Sekai?! Are you alright?!" Subaru ran down faster.

Sekai tremblingly got up on her feet again and held both the empty glass of water in her left hand and the bottle of medication in her right.

"Are you taking too much?! Stop it!" Subaru took the bottle away from her.

Half asleep she turned around and tried to take the bottle from him.

Suna, Chun, and Ken grabbed a hold of her.

Suna was grabbing both her arms above her head; Chun wrapped his arms around her waist, while Ken was on the floor hugging both of her legs.

"Give it back." Sekai demanded pulling her arms apart. Suna's grips lessen and she was able to get out of his grip, but he grabbed her arms again.

"It's past three hours. I'm supposed to take one every three hours. Side…effects…drowsiness…un…" She trailed off before sleeping again.

"Oh." Subaru says in realization.

Sekai's eyes twitch and she's awake again, but this time her eyes are a light blue.