Your Very Existence

Theron looked towards the flames again; he couldn't look at Echidna, not at that moment. He had heard her voice break slightly as she had told the story, as if she sympathised with the characters, as if she was emotionally affected by the suffering of the characters, which was strange because there were no creatures in it. He had sometimes heard emotion in her voice when discussing her own kind, but this was different. He had never seen her act like this over a mortal.

Echidna watched Theron as he watched the flames. He looked confused, as if he were trying to figure out something, but he was avoiding her eyes. She had only ever experienced that with him a couple of times, and only when she had gotten through to him just a little. Wanting to press her advantage a little Echidna decided to go ahead with the next tale. Maybe something a little less personal, a more general depiction of the evils of humanity, that still displayed her point and the genuine hurt the mortals could cause without even realising it. A story about the very existence of humankind and the effect they had on the other species.