Liar, liar,

Pants on fire.

Fall atop

A burning pyre.

Leave me alone,

I just don't care.

Say my name?

Oh, don't you DARE.

Liar, liar,

Words on fire,

Leave me be

Why don't you tire?

I see your game,

You're a disgrace.

Shove your lies

In your own ugly face.

Liar, liar,

Set on fire,

Do me a favor,

Go expire.

You're a fucking,

Dirty, ugly cheat.

Conning girls

Is no big feat.

Liar, liar

Set you on fire.

Disgusting, perverted

Intentions dire,

You're a criminal,

Yet you still try.

I see your lies,



(Go fuck yourself, asswipe. The Internet doesn't need you here, spewing lies to manipulate those weaker than you.)