Ok, so it boils down to this: I am currently reading a book on here by lccorp2 (check him out sometime-awesome fantasy writer) and I like the idea of how he talks a little before each chapter.

So I'm going to try his idea. After all, it gave me a sense that i knew him, and i like to know whos writeing the books im reading. So here I am.

Note: this is only an experiment. I might decide to stop doing this at any time.

Now for the story.

"you. Took. Me. All this way. Because of him?!" I said, my voice shrill.

In front of me was an abandoned human barn, filled with old hay and smelling of prey.

Leaf looked at me, confused. "well, he knows more about dogs than I do, dawn. It's just common sense to bring him."

on top of a pile of hay was the biggest, most thickset tomcat I had ever seen. His black fur, pierced with a white dash in the middle of his forehead, showed that he was a rather lazy cat rather than an active one like leaf and I.

"but he's not one of us! He hasn't been to the lab!" I whispered harshly, noticing at once how he didn't have that air of awareness that a escaped cat would have. I also noticed also that his paws were short.

"look, dawn, I met him before Titan found me, so he knows our kind. He helped me control my power, ok?! The least you can do is be civil toward him. We're staying here tonight and going to get the dogs tomorrow, and there's nothing I'm going to let you do about it. Besides, the barn will partly cover our scent. Titan will have a harder time tracking us. Think of that, at least." leaf snapped.

I continued to stare threateningly at the black Tom, who, seeing us, was now walking toward the sled in a stately manner, such as a king or nobleman human would.

No, wait! Where did that come from!?

Even though my eyes lost their look of threat for only a second, the black Tom took advantage of the moment to be so bold as to walk right past me and sit next to leaf. "well, hello, friend! Hows life treat'in ya?" he asked, eyeing leafs broken leg.

"fair enough, fair enough. Of course, we're on the run from a phycho demon-cat who kills whatever or whoever he doesn't like, and I broke my paw, and dawn here refused to see sense and leave me, soooo..yeah. Oh, and we need your help." leaf said. almost instantly, the strangers eyes lit up. "what kind of help?" he asked. "paw, power, and dog-tamer." leaf replied.

The cat smiled. "well, I can most certainly help you with those." he said. "dawn, or whatever your name is, get that contraption off and come join me and leaf for dinner. I was just going to catch some prey. Oh, and my name is Solomon. Call me sol for short. Or salmon. Mmmmmm, salmon. Those were the days..."

"well you don't like at the river anymore, sol." leaf said.

"your right. But those humans would always throw me the little water-preys and say 'salmon! Salmon!'. I'm telling you, it was the life! Now, back to reality: where in the name of everything under the sky did you find such a pretty partner!? Does she have powers like yours too?"

leaf chuckled lightly. "cut it out, you romantic freak you. She's the reason I'm here, so you need to thank her for giving you a chance to see your old pal again, not embarrass her. And yes, she has powers, but their not similar to mine. You'll find out later. Now, you were saying something about prey...shall we dine?"

"ah, yes, the prey! I nearly forgot. Here, dawn, or at least I think that's your name, come on and I'll show you around the ol' place. Your going to need to know where you are if your going to eat in it."

a little stunned, I slipped out of the harness and followed after the two friends, listening to their constant and irrepressible dialogue, into which I couldn't throw in a single word.

Leaf had run with me from the family, telling me that we were to get the dogs, when the whole time we had been going to Solomon's barn.

I was more than a little angry at him.

He had told me we we're going to the lab! He had lied to me when I had trusted him! He had made me have contact with a normal cat, which was something that I had not wanted to do based on their loyalty toward humans and their inability to do anything that would define a lab cat! And what did leaf say about his power? That he needed help with it? Why? Why trust a non-power to 'help' with his own!? I could control my power like a shelled-prey could control wether he wanted to be in the water or on the land. Why couldn't he? Why couldn't he see sense and have me or another lab cat help him!?

I decided, however, that in the end I was not the one to decide, seeing that every power was different.

As I walked into the barn, though, I also decided that I was not mad at leaf anymore.

The barn was warm agenst the cold evening creeping up, and the prey practically ran into your mouth. I hunted in a corner of the barn where it was warmest and the prey was fattest and laziest, while leaf and Solomon hunted where the prey was equally as fat, but gave them more of a challenge. by the time night fell, I felt like I was going to explode, and I could see the bulge in leafs stomach.

"full already? Your stomach has shrunk since I last saw you, leaf! And that friend of yours didn't eat enough for a land-cloud! Solomon criticized, gulping down another prey.

"how in the world can you still eat, salmon?" I asked, flopping down on the hay with a soft thud.

"because I know what it's like to be hungry!" he replied, pulling another prey out of a pile he had at his side.

"But you'll get sick if you eat that much! Have some sense!"

"I never get sick. I get full!" solomon said, looking at leaf. "your friend here can prove it, too."

leaf looked rather uneasy for a second, then walked up to me and whispered in my ear. "humor him, dawn. He wants to impress us by eating more than enough prey to fill ten bone-starved cats, but at night when we're all asleep, he'll go and throw up behind the barn. Even he can't eat that much prey!" leaf chuckled softly as he pulled away and went back to his seat next to Solomon, who looked up from his meal at us.

"eh? What's that you said, leaf ol pal? Not tellin' on your friend now, are you?"

"oh no, sol, not I." leaf said "I was telling dawn of wonders too great that I was afraid the prey would hear and revolt agenst being eaten." I started giggling insanely at leafs lie, and Solomon turned toward me.

"what's so funny? Secrets as secret as that are not to be laughed at, little lady." he said.

"no, I wasn't laughing-heheh- at the secrets, I was laughing-haha- at the prey on the roof." it was a horrible lie, I knew, but I had Been in a lab until just a few days ago, and the ways of the world were still quite new to me.

Almost instantly, Solomon leaped into the air with such speed that I was afraid that he would get sick then and there. "IT'S THAT BUMKEISTER AGAIN! READY THE TALONS!" he yowled.

I stared in utter confusion as leaf shot me a slightly angry glare and then burrowed under the hay, revealing a human device with a wooden handle at one end and sharp metal prongs at the other. this was apparently what Solomon called 'the talons'.

As soon as leaf unearthed it, Solomon rushed over, the spark of excitement in his eyes. "STAND IT UP! STAND IT, LEAF! THAT BUMKEISTER WON'T GET AWAY THIS TIME!"

Solomon kept looking up at the ceiling as if it were a dangerous enemy, while I just watched in confusion as leaf stood the human device up, the taloned end sticking in the hay firmly enough to support itself from falling over.

As soon as it was up, Solomon climbed up the wooden end of it and leaped onto the large beams spanning the length of the roof. As soon as he had gotten his balance, he started running across them, jumping from one to the next, searching for something that apparently didn't exist.

"what in the name of all that's under the sky is he talking about, leaf?" I asked as the orange and white cat came and sat next to me.

"when I was here, the prey knew how to climb up on the roof." leaf said. "and then this giant grey thing-not prey, because it had teeth big enough to tear off your paw-came and ate all of them. Solomon complained of a famine for seasons, although there were more than enough prey on the ground, and swore that next time the grey animal came that he would kill it. And you just set the trigger for him to complain of a famine again, now that he's remembers it."

"but why does he call it 'the bumkeister'?"

"i have no idea. He's strange like that."

I stared at the black cat in disbelief, then smiled. I could use a laugh here and there on this journey.