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The plan, although mentioned, will not be revealed in this chapter. Sooner or later, you'll find out, but I don't think that Titan would tell his plan to anyone but Miri, who is sworn to secrecy, as being second in command requires.

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Titan sniffed at the hole in the rock, then looked at Miri and dusk. "they were here." he said. "and they are not far off."

Dusk looked at the sky nervously. "it is almost night, superior." he said, glancing around nervously. "why don't we sleep here for tonight?"

instantly, Titan snapped his head around to face the inferior, his eyes narrowed to deadly slits. "I will not sleep in he same cave in which the fugitives lay. I will sleep in the sky-reachers. You, on the other hand, can sleep in the accursed place if you want. At your own risk." titan said the last sentence in a light, poisonous hiss, his face so close to dusk's that his breath tickled his whiskers.

The smallish pale grey Tom cowered under his master's glare, his ears flattened agenst his skull and his belly to the ground in submission. "a-as you w-wish, m-m-master. I will s-sleep ou-outside." dusk stuttered.

Titan, giving a final glare to the inferior, turned to Miri, his face gone of all the former rage. "Miri, as my second in command, you can sleep with me, if you want. Or you can sleep with it."

Miri, expressionless as usual, stared back at Titan with cold yellow eyes. "if the superior doesn't mind, I would like to stay on the ground and guard inferior. We do not want to lose another one of our kind, do we?"

Titan smiled to himself, pleased at choosing a smart second in command.

"no, we do not. We have lost enough to the advance already."

dusk looked up for a fleeting second at Titan, burning with a question. "Titan, if you do not mind my asking, oh most respected superior, could you explain why we are chasing the two fugitives? And why we need another one of our race? Can't we just do whatever it is you intend to do on our own?"

Titan sighed, as if he was awnsering a kittens question. "dusk, an inferior such as you cannot use my name unless in the presence of another cat of our kind still new to our ways. But still, I will awnser your questions, since your flattery has qualmed my anger at your stupidity.

We are looking for the fugitives so that I can exact justice upon them for leaving the family, and looking for another of our kind so that we can complete the advance."

"but superior, what exactly is this plan?" dusk asked, lowering one ear as an apology.

"the advance is not for inferiors. Now silence your ever-moving tongue and be quiet." Titan said stonily, leaping up a nearby sky-reacher.

Still a little confused, dusk settled under a small, scraggly bush, while Miri found a sheltered place nearby.

Soon, both were asleep.

"MIRI! Wake up and GET OVER HERE!" Titan yowled impatiently, waking dusk up as he did so.

Silently, the grey cat watched his peer scramble rather ungracefully toward Titan, only having just woken up as well.

"look at this. What kind of tracks are these?" Titan growled, gesturing toward a thick, long track in the soft earth.

"something must have been dragged through here, superior." Miri said, eyeing the track. "could it be a slab of bark?"

Titan grimaced as if someone had ripped open his underbelly. "yes. See the grooves everywhere? The fugitives have a sled."

miri's face instantly took on a look of realization, her shock penetrating through her expressionless mask.

"with every second that we stand here, they are moving ahead of us by lengths! We NEED to get ahead of them!" Titan groaned.

Miri looked at dusk.

"superior, I have a plan." she said.

"look here-paw prints. It doesn't seem that their leaf's..which means that they must be dawn's." Miri continued.

titans ears flattened slightly. "why are you bothering me with frog-headed information? I know all that already."

"don't you see? Their moving faster because dawn doesn't have to wait up for leaf, and he doesn't have to wait up for her. Shes pulling him in the sled. We are moving slower than them because we have to wait up for dusk. So, here's what I suggest..." Miri meowed, entering into a whispered conversation with Titan over something that dusk dreaded was about him.

And he was right.

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