"Infinite and Interconnected" by Monngo Bonngo, September 2012

Disclaimer: All characters presented here are product of fiction. Any resemblances to real characters are of a pure coincidence. No intention was made to insult anyone for any reason.

AN: This story is an act of fiction. No one should attempt to act in the same manner as described.

AN2: None.

Summary: Despite the fact that the number of homeless people was essentially unchanged between 2009 and 2011, there is much reason for concern.

Infinite and Interconnected

Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales were seated in front rows of the "Right to Live in Heaven" movement, listening to the spokesperson.

"This movement is built on the shoulders of courageous young people, but its strength lies in a commitment to collaboration." Swarthy man at the microphone glanced over Angela and she blinked unintentionally.

"If we assume that every human being born into this world has a 'right to life', then it logically follows that every human being has a right to end their life." He paused, eyeing the present supporters. "Or a 'right to die', if you want to put it that way." Angela cleared her throat carefully and Jimmy thought she wished to indicate something to him. "Because death is a part of life, a person's right to life logically assumes a right to … not have that life."

Spokesperson clasped his hands, looking upwards in an inspired way. One elderly black American woman even shed a tear at the sincerity.

"I am going to heaven because I am born again in Jesus." Slight stance. Some in the audience also clasped their hands as if praying. "I am going to heaven because I accept Jesus, the Christ, as my own personal savior, and honor Him as the Savior of the world." Some made silent crossings, others closed their eyes. "I am going to heaven because while I was, and still am, a sinner, I realize the evils of my sinful ways and try to live my life as a soldier for Christ." At this point there were even those that muttered a prayer, their eyes closed for a divine moment. "I am going to heaven because I know God, the Father, the Creator of this world and this entire cosmos." At this stage the spokesperson opened his arms wide and with his eyes glaring, smiled broadly at the audience.

Suddenly Angela, revolted by the fake acting, raised her hand. Spokesperson made one well-covered impatient nod and threw bolts and lightings at her. She cleared her throat and then asked aloud.

"So then, … when the Lord Jesus had spoken to them …", she paused to get the most of the attention, "… He was received up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God?"

"Yes." Spokesperson paused to see the reaction. It was positive and he continued. "That's right."

Realizing that Angela's question did not make much difference, Jimmy raised his hand. Spokesperson looked around as if ignoring him and then finally allowed him to pose another one.

"First off …", to his surprise, Jimmy rose up and looked towards the audience, "… where did God come from?" Security started towards him but the spokesperson waved it was all right. "I know most Christians over look it and just think who cares, he just … was." Spokesperson smiled benevolently back at those that stared at him in wonder. "But why on earth would I believe that and not believe that the earth was created randomly by molecules and that evolution was true?"

There was a pause and the spokesman looked around, waiting for someone else to add something. Since no one did, Jimmy seated himself back, feeling hurt and almost defeated. Spokesperson smiled again and then continued.

"Me? Who am I?" He paused staring around. "Am I not just another bunch of clay that was …", his lip curled into a sneer as he glanced at Jimmy and Angela, "… 'created randomly by molecules', proving that evolution 'was true'?" He smiled, looking around hungrily like a salesman on a fair.

"God, on the other hand …", he made an apologetic face, "… is in a different category." He budged, masking his pain from having to stand for a prolonged period of time. "God has always existed …", he leaned on the staged piece of furniture, "… He is … unchanging." He paused, surprised to see a military veteran present. "He doesn't get older or wear down." He glanced over him quickly as if trying to test his true motives for coming.

"How many of you are using some kind of a tool in everyday life?" He paused and then pointed at one middle-aged man that also rose his hand up. "You sir. Yes, you with a moustache. What do you do you for a living, if it is not a secret?"

"I am a barber."

"So you must have used razor blade then?"

"That's correct."

Spokesperson felt inspired and Jimmy made a secret sign to Angela.

"A razor blade is an essential tool used by men when shaving. This is used to remove unwanted hair in various parts of the body such as the face, neck, abdomen, underarms, and … legs." He eyed Angela and she shuddered under the unexpected fear. "As for the case of men …", spokesperson clasped his hands again, "… this is intended for removing facial hair." He sighed as if praying and then continued. "Shaving is vital male ritual which is done on a regular basis or whenever deemed necessary."

"Just like every soul is different, so are different kinds of these tools and each one is designed for specific applications although …", someone came in late and the security helped them to find their seats, "... although all of them are meant for shaving just the same." He noticed a thin man that had a face as if it was recently waxed. "Some of the most common types include …", he nodded at the barber who was still feeling as if in the center of attention, "… straight razors, disposables, and … electric types." He spread his arms wide again, smiling. "It largely depends on the user which kind he feels comfortable to use when shaving. Right?" He addressed the barber.

"Yes. That's right." Came the brisk reply.

"Now miss …", he looked at Angela and she shuddered again.

"Beesley. Angela Beesley."

"Miss Beesley …", he repeated like some promoter, "… are you Christian?"

"Yes, I am."

"And do you … Angela Beesley …", spokesperson paused and shot one wide stare at the audience, "… believe that there is a heaven and that there is … hell?"

Angela rose up impatiently and opened her mouth even before the spokesperson finished.

"Look … yes I am a Christian and I do believe there's a heaven and hell." She paused, her mouth still open. She hated when she felt guilty for no obvious reason. Jimmy moved uncomfortably in his seat, feeling similar. "Scientists are even discovering that there is a spiritual whelm that we cannot see beyond this earth. Okay …", she turned around and looked at the audience, "… I have read a book '23 minutes in Well' and even saw an interview of the guy who experienced this." She expected the spokesperson to stop her, but he seemed interested and she relaxed a bit, continuing.

"God revealed to him what hell is like so he can go tell others that don't believe and are doubtful." Another pause. Suddenly she felt as if some invisible presence was watching her through the numerous eyes of those that were seated behind her. She lowered her head down for a moment and then continued as Jimmy nodded with assurance. "And no, he wasn't on drugs or hit on his head or was … dillusional." She used her hands to mimic her point. For some reason she blushed and the spokesperson nodded like some preacher. "He said that when he was there it was the most horrid place he had ever experienced." She faltered and excused herself. Spokesperson motioned to bring her a glass of water.

"He said there the smells are horrible and you're lonely and … isolated." Angela suddenly felt some heavenly presence and tingling at the back of her neck. "You're not in company with anyone else. He said being there for 23 minutes felt like an eternity that's how horrible it was. So …", she thanked the security guy that brought her water in a paper cup, "… you should never joke around about going there." She drank and felt ridiculous for a moment, wondering what made her come here. "I mean … seriously." She was not sure how to proceed further. Spokesperson's smile made her at ease. "It's so bad you wouldn't want to with anybody to go there even if they're cold hearted, etc. God prepared that place for Satan and his fallen angels …", she glanced almost apologetically at the spokesperson, noticing there were more security guards present now than when she entered the hall, "… being they were so, so … rebellious."

Another security man brought her more water and this time she smiled freely.

"It wasn't meant for us." She checked with spokesperson and he motioned her to come on the stage. She was so excited that she was barely aware that the others were helping her to reach the microphone. After taking a deep breath and smiling, she continued.

"We can only send ourselves there by rejecting God and mocking that he's as real as the tooth fairy." Some laughed in the audience while the others murmured. She waited for the silence and then continued. "Is it that hard to follow God and reject evil?" Spokesperson was still cautious and Angela knew that he could switch her audio system in a nick of a time. "What's so bad about having faith? Why question everything and be so doubtful? What are you going to accomplish? I'm being honest here." She paused and the spokesperson grinned widely, enjoying her speech. "What do you got to lose? If I'm wrong … if you say what do I got lose, hey? You know … why take the risk?" Some tried to applaud, but the spokesperson waved to them to be silent. "There is an afterlife and heaven described in the Bible as an amazing place, so …", some people left and the spokesperson placed a finger on his mouth, "… so why not follow God and accept Christ as your savior so you can go there?" Elderly women applauded and some younger men cheered her up.

There was a spontaneous applause and the spokesperson lifted his arms upwards and the cheering made Angela almost cry from the overwhelming feeling of joy and acceptance. Even Jimmy was doubtful and grinned uncomfortably in his seat, hiding his smile.

"You may say God is not a loving God …", she continued the noise simmered away, "… he lets evil happen and let innocent people die. Look …", there was a deadly silence now, "… I've had my doubts like that some people time is earlier to go while others is not and they live longer." She paused and grabbed the stage. 'We will never be able to get a full concept of how God thinks and lets certain things happen." Spokesperson's eyes flashed and glistened. "We will find out in heaven though." He applauded and everyone else did the same. Angela looked down, feeling exhausted and drowned up. Another glass of water was brought to her.

"Also …", she waited for the audience to calm down. Spokesperson whispered something to the security manager, pointing to his wrist watch. "Also ... though God gives people free will because he didn't want robots to follow Him …", there was more and more open approvals now, atmosphere becoming less and less rigid and more and more friendly, "… and he wants people to have the freedom to choose Him or … not." She eyed Jimmy and he shuddered, feeling surprised and taken up. Angela sneered, remembering how she reacted just minutes ago. "He doesn't force people to follow Him but he did give commandments in the Bible for people to abide by and if they don't want to follow it …", she sipped some water, adjusting her hair unconsciously, "… because they say it's fake and stupid then …", for a moment it seemed she was out of her lines and spokesperson moved forward slightly, "… then it's their choice but they are going to face the consequences from rejecting and mocking God!"

A cheering applause followed and some even rose up. Spokesperson mimicked to the security to be ready for any possible outburst of emotions.

"I am not here to judge ANYBODY …", she continued, fully inspired now, "… atheist or not but …", more cheering and more people rising up for a standing ovations. Spokesperson immediately ordered pizza and pops, feeling elated as well. "I am here to tell that the people who don't believe and mock need to understand that Hell is a horrible place, so why don't you give God a chance?"

Now the noise was almost deafening and the spokesperson placed hands over his ears, imitating pain. He was now grinning broadly and fully supporting her newly discovered assistant.

"Like I said …", she waited a bit, "… what do you have to lose?"

At this the audience went wild and laughing, singing. Spokesperson could not believe his senses, trying to let Angela finish her speech.

"He doesn't bite … just pray to God and ask Him to have faith and to accept Jesus as your Savior." Audience was now claming down. "I don't need any mocking answers but I know I will get some anyway but …", she paused, feeling stiff suddenly, "… do you think rejecting and mocking God is worth the risk to go Hell?" Some murmured while the others kept reserved. "You are here on this earth to enjoy life and to love one another and help others and … and …", someone motioned that the pizzas arrived and spokesperson gave his credit card away, "… build each other and preach God's Word and follow His commands. It's not so hard." She paused, swallowing dry after realizing that someone must have been sponsoring all this. "Just do me that favor to just try to read the Bible and … pray." Some elderly women applauded, grinning. "After these long details to go with my question … I know I'm still going to get people who will mock, make fun of, and still have doubts to my question and … statement." She bowed and then withdrew.

Audience rose up and gave her standing ovations once more. Blushing she reached her seat and hugged Jimmy as if he was Jesus the Savior himself.

Spokesperson came back on the stage and waited for everyone to get quiet again.

"This idea that …", smell of pizza was now obvious as the security opened the front door wide open, "… that judges aren't already involved in popularity contests, or that they're immune to the political considerations in their judgments is … ridiculous." Audience laughed and giggled. "Now … if you will honor me and have a slice of pizza and a pop drink on the house!"

"On the house?" One skinny black American repeated and the spokesperson grinned.

"That's right!"

He smiled and shook his head as everyone started to leave towards the hallway outside. Set up tables were offering pepperoni pizzas and two kind of pop drinks. One contained sugar in it.