The Eyes Love Never Touched

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved."

Helen keller

As a side note, when you come across a horizontal line separator, it signifies a change in perspective.

The sky was disappearing, its blue gaze hidden within the billowing grey clouds that permeated the frigid atmosphere. The people in the bustling hallways and streets scampered back to their homes as the signs of a storm were becoming apparent. Rain had just begun to fall as a loud sigh escaped a crestfallen figure in the street, jet black hair drooping across his face and dispirited eyes absently looking for an emotion he so longed for. He didn't want to admit it, but life was hard for him. It was true that every person had hurdles to jump over and falls to recover from, but he was different. Once he fell, there was no recovery, only a continuous string of damage that plagued his senses and pulverized his ambitions. Grumbling in irritation, he tried glanced up at the unforgiving sky for answers, but raindrops splashed against his eyes and forced him to once again look down. It seemed like his affliction would only deepen with time and he would grow shallow and wither away.

Rain drops fell faster and faster creating a crescendo of beats raging without purpose, location, or feeling. He let out a muffled cry of discontentment as the pearl-shaped drops assaulted his body in force, one by one acting like spears to pierce his skin. But he'd already gone beyond such physical pain, and all it did was gain his fleeting recognition. Now, everything that hurt him was emotional and his doleful face could not hide the agony coursing through his body, every muscle locked in a downcast position and every thought clouded with pain. All smiles he'd given and every act of kindness to others were all facades he played to deceive people of his actual state of being. Solitude and anger were his friends now, and there was no way back.

Few people would ever know what kind of person he really was. He was a mess, a collection of failures that overshadowed a once proud man. He had lost everything in the past few years: some of his friends and family members because they were weary of his 'pessimism', every relationship because of 'differences', and even his own personality. By now, he had hit the absolute rock bottom. His happiness didn't matter anymore, his personal image didn't matter anymore, and only a few certain people would ever be more than just strangers. But there was a dream he always had, a goal that he had not forsaken, that after so many years of good will, hard work, sadness, and angst, just maybe he could put all these feelings aside. A pained smile graced his lips. He already knew the answer, and it was that reality was harsh and there was no way that could happen.

The hands of an all too familiar clock ticked by, their clinking and clanking sound a reminder of passing time. She was amused by such a small trinket that seemed no bigger than a plate because so many things in the world were dictated by it despite its small stature. Her life never required instruction from such a petty device, and it was an enigma to her why anyone else would. Her ears would perk up at other people's recognition of time, her eyes would dart around uselessly, and her mind would conjure up feelings of intense yearning despite her efforts to repress it. Yet, she couldn't help but feel anger every time a tick crossed her senses. Every single sound reminded her of her shortcoming, her disadvantage that had wrought countless struggles for her. She would listen to people around her, and hear talk about painting, smiles, graphs, rings, every single topic imaginable, and she lamented the lack of comprehension. Sometimes it seemed like all she needed was someone to understand her and to be at the least compassionate. But she knew better than that. Life was just a cruel joke that played people like a game of chess, the kings being favored and the pawns sacrificed remorselessly. She grumbled in irritation. Was that real reality she had to deal with? Was her life just a struggle at every echelon, from birth to death, from bliss to anguish, and from superficiality to sensibility?

Snapping back to the world around her, she realized that everyone around her was mumbling about how terrible the weather was going to be in the next few hours. It had been so nice over the weekend, but to her dismay, the familiar plip-plop sound of water on the roof confirmed that it had changed. How could she hope to get home today in this weather? Everything would be unbearably harder with this stressful situation she had to partake in. Her hands encased the head that was now faced down with lack of respite.


It might have been an hour after the sky darkened when the cloud cover broke and the sun crawled out into existence. First a small light cascaded down the soaked street he was walking on, and then the world was illuminated by the sun's soft rays. The intangible hands of light grasped his soul, encasing and shielding it from the malevolent thoughts that probed his sanity. He was surprised at how comforting the sun always was, providing warmth, vitality, and hope when he needed it the most. He wanted to stay and revel in the magnificent scene, but as soon as it appeared, it was slowly fading. It was this combination of bad luck and sadness that had induced sympathy in many who truly appreciated who he was, a man who would be willing to die for the well-being of others because he had nothing to lose. Therefore, whenever people called, he would listen, he would comfort, and he would save.

He sighed as the clouds once again gained dominance and as the sun was squeezed out of his view. The rain was pattering down with a renewed vigor, with such a determination that his moment of consolation seemed like a forgotten reminiscence to him. The sky was crying, the world was crying, and now he couldn't hold back anymore. His acrid tears fused with the strident water that lethargically slid down his skin and he stumbled as his vision blurred. If anyone walked by, he could have easily been denounced like the pile of trash he looked like. He could barely stand after minutes of rain soaked through his clothes and skin, the heavy weight cackling at him with contempt as he displayed a furious string of emotions. He repeatedly clenched his fist and slammed it into the nearest wall, hoping to find a distraction from this emotional beating. With blood dripping over his arm, he pressed on alone, hurt, and condemned to be forever in the rain.

The loud shuffling of feet coming in and out of the restaurant she worked in betrayed the boredom that permeated the atmosphere. She retreated back to an ideal world of her own, shutting out every person, every sound, and every feeling. The poignant fantasies she had were always the same, both an internal heaven and a conspicuous action that amused her fellow workers.

A scowl formed on her face as the accursed clock continued to tick and ring in her ears, unrelenting and piercing in nature. She wondered what kind of message it was sending her, that time was passing, or that time was a reminder of eternity? She shook her head in disbelief. Her mind was such a violent storm, so dull that it had to examine every detail around her yet so unorganized that she was always in a state of confusion. In the past, she'd gone for help in many institutions only to walk out empty-handed and further pessimistic. A very gracious man once tried to expose her to religion, the idea that a god would ease her suffering and give her a new light to live on. She spat insolently at the idea of it. Where was the god to help her? In her darkest times she had shouted, begged, and even fell onto her knees asking for sanctuary from reality. No plea was answered, no one comforted her, and not even a single hint of satisfaction graced her presence. She was resigned to her curse forever without any simple pleasures for sustenance. The darkness was her master now, and in it would she always reside.

She lifted two fingers to her temples and caressed it in a slow, circular motion. Immediately, she began to feel a fervid rush of blood coursing from her toes to her head, showering her with a brief sense of vitality. It had been so long since even one person was able to comfort her, and that one person had already moved on. Her mother, in her eyes, was tantamount to happiness, a person that embodied it so well that not even the darkest of moments could dismantle the force of it. But now, without a guiding light through life's doors, she was lost in a perpetual loop of hell.

He was already wet from head to toe when his house came in sight. The wooden door stared at him like a warm fireplace, beckoning him to rush inside before the rain took his life. He was amused at how he saw things in life, how even the simplest of items could elicit a small and rare feeling of contentment in him that no one else seemed to realize. The lock clicked and he found himself in his eerily quiet house. The immobility of everything around him was broken by the creaking of the floorboards underneath his feet, and the once reticent air jumped to life as air blasted his face like the warm touch of a human hand. A wave of realization rushed to the forefront of his mind as he examined each detail of the house. So many memories were etched within the walls, lights, and windows from familial gratuity to the bitter rending of his heart.

His mother, fighting a fatal disease, died no longer than 4 years ago. His father was visibly devastated, silent while holding her lifeless hand, and soon after leaving the hospital, let out a guttural cry of anguish with his right hand clutching his shattered heart. All he did while his father lamented was look at the stars and the moon that shined upon him, for what little sympathy they provided and how blank their stares were. The neutrality was refreshing, for any happiness would lead to guilt and any sadness would just add to the pain. Interestingly, his father was experiencing so much grief, displaying so much emotion that it confused him. A man that grew up facing death, starvation, and fate was blessed, and cursed, with a hardened heart and an even harsher form of love. Not once had his father congratulated him, not once had he encouraged him, and not once had he comforted him. But despite how unforgiving and insolent his father was, he was his father, and for that enough a small gratitude and empathy always resided when he thought about that old man.

Not even two years later he was called about his father's accident that left him in critical condition. He didn't want to lose him, and every step he took was filled with a purpose to save what he had left, the last link that was holding his fragile chain of existence together. One of his friends, Tristan, insisted that he come, and he reluctantly agreed when it seemed he wouldn't take no for an answer. His father was in serious condition, barely alive, yet strong enough to talk. With a heavy heart, his father held on to him, his beloved son, and never muttered a word. The silence from his father was too much to bear, and he finally broke, crying a waterfall of tears and begging for his father to stay in this life, to act as the anchor and sole bond that prevented him from dissipating into nothing. Their last conversation was forever burned within his mind:

"Father, please don't leave just yet. Stay with… stay in this world… please"

"I can't believe the time has come. I can feel myself leaving already… My body won't work anymore…"

"No…. NO! You have to live"

His father looked at him straight in the eyes, and then spoke the words that destroyed what was left of his sanity.

"What a failure… what a failure…"

For the first time, he was broken, broken like a twig in two and scattered a million miles from each other. His friend had written down his father's last words, begging and yelling at him to read something. But it didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered after that, and the world fell still as his mind shutdown. His own father did not love him, he'd lost everything; there was no reason to go on. But he endured, maybe to prevent others from facing the same cruel conclusion, or to stay on this world because he didn't know whether life or death was better.

Years had passed, and he began to heal all the scars that were etched within him. He had improved to a point in which he had found someone that made him happy for the first time in what felt like centuries, and he relished the love with her every single day. But soon enough, his dark thoughts once again relapsed and before he knew it he was walking away, in the rain, from a girl who was on her knees experiencing the same pain he sought to avoid. It was reality's way of building him up and tearing him down, and he repressed those memories to the point of extinction. From then on, he never loved again.

The time to leave had finally come. Her dull day only fueled her resolve to rush home and collapse on a soft, comfortable bed. The weather made it rough to navigate back, but her resolve could not be denied. Arriving at her door, she pried it open and trudged in slowly before falling down onto a couch, deep in exhaustion from the pure mental strain she'd just put onto herself. She hated every moment being in the restaurant, but it was the only place she could stay to find enough money to live on. Her unrequited anger for working there only served to further distance her from the love she so longed to find, but it couldn't be helped. Whenever ease came, tribulation came soon after and the weather was a clear representation of this. She was stuck in this sorry fixture of wood, paint, and material, condemned to be alone for the rest of eternity. What hope she had that anyone would even respect her soon disappeared from her thoughts. A watery line formed on the precipice of her eyes, and a single tear rolled down her cheek, cascading through the air and finding its final resting place on the knees that were now held close to her chest. She was struggling to hold back, to not fall into the same routine she unwillingly partook in everyday. A soft whimper reverberated throughout the house followed by a string of remonstrative panting. She looked over her shoulder and standing on all fours with ears flat and tail stiff was her closest companion, Sune. She stroked his soft back as tears began to fall in full force. What little comfort he could offer only forestalled the inevitable, and soon enough her tears lulled her into a distraught state. Side by side, the two lay, both sharing in the sorrow that fell upon their lives.


She was just ten years old, sitting with her mother on a grassy knoll overlooking the resplendent lights of the city below. The world was so quiet then, so calm that even the most dexterous of animals could not mask their sounds. Her fingers curled around the soft grass as her face contorted into a confused look:

"Mother, what beauty is there to see?"

With a sweet chuckle, her mother asked her a question that she pondered up to this day:

"What is a picture to you?" Her mother whispered in her ear

"Well, it captures a beautiful moment, something that will be forever recorded and never forgotten."

"That is true, but does a picture capture the cozy touch of the grass, the ambient sounds of nature, or the smell of sweet honey dripping from a bee hive?" Her mother countered with a hint of amusement

"Well, if you think that'll make me feel better, it didn't. You know that all I want is-"

"I know, I know. But once you realize what my question means, you'll thank me." Her mother chimed cheerfully.

The night grew late, and soon she was walking back, hand in hand with her guardian, her savior, her comfort, her guide, her mother.


She sat, thinking over every word her mother graced her with. But no answer came, and she was secretly disappointed in herself for not being able to respond. Her eyelids became heavy, and her body relaxed as she fell into a deep sleep.

"…Sorry mother… sorry mother…"


But it was too late. He was forced to watch his former self walk away from a woman kneeling on the cold pavement, tears falling but no sound being produced. He saw the conviction within those dark eyes, the pain that clouded judgment, the demon within him. It all seemed so real except that he was a spectator this time. No matter what he voiced or tried to modify could deter the scene from moving along its course. His past self, grinned deviously and instantly appeared next to him. It was then that his apparition grabbed onto him, choking his soul and extracting what seemed to be his hopes first, then his dreams of happiness, then all the mirthful emotion he had left, and finally the expectations he'd brung upon himself all into a long, thin glass vial. He noticed a single message written at the top of the vial, but his eyes just couldn't read it because by then the world disappeared and left him in a black void. He was going to die…


He was sweating all over and breathing heavily as his body jolted awake. He looked to his left to find his alarm clock signaling 7:15 am with a rapid beat that matched his quick heart rate.


He'd experienced nightmares before, but not one so vivid, so realistic that his own body was exhibiting tremors and cold sweat. All of a sudden, memory of the events rushed to the forefront of his brain.

"The writing… what did it say? It seemed so important…" He thought with a renewed interest. Whatever it was, it may have been some kind of symbol to something… But he couldn't remember at all.

With a groan, he reached for his clothes and languidly slipped of his bed. Contemplating the circumstances he was in, he deduced that work was probably not going to be something he could survive through. So with deep regret, he called up his boss and informed that he needed a day to unwind. Of course, since his boss had been trying to get him on a vacation, gave him the day off. A rare smile crawled up his face. The last time he'd allowed himself a vacation was at least 2 years ago and he was asked every day to take a break by coworkers or superiors, which he shot down promptly for even half a day off. He would always be content on finding something to do, a proper distraction to the life he lived. Though he was a clear psycho in most people's eyes, the truth was he liked being different.

After all morning routines had been sufficiently completed, he slowly meandered around city streets until he crossed Eternity Park, as he read on a newly painted sign. Interestingly enough, he'd never once entered such a popular area before, maybe out of ignorance or lack of time he didn't know. Regardless, he was curious today, and entered leisurely. Immediately, vibrant maples and richly colored cherry blossom trees immersed his view, their delicate branches swaying in the light wind and eliciting a halcyon state of mind that he could easily lose himself in.

Lying down in a sparsely populated area, he saw that the clouds were chasing each other between the peaks of the tall skyscrapers and felt the grass massage his feet like a mother would to her baby. How he had missed these feelings, these rare moments when he could forget about the past and the future to enjoy the present moments of euphoria. He smiled as a small, heart-shaped flower petal fell from a nearby cherry blossom tree and landed on the crook of his nose. Blowing it off, he saw that hundreds of its fellow companions were gliding across his vision all shaped like delicate, innocent little hearts. Some found themselves nestled comfortably on the ground while others were trampled harshly by oncoming waves of people. He mused on the sight of the tranquil scene, how even in nature his life was imitated with striking accuracy. Was it telling him something? He couldn't tell, but his heart certainly took a deeper sense of understanding. Maybe it was time he put aside all the expectations, all the pain, and all the pride he'd gained over the years and start a fresh life, one with love and true friendship to replace sorrow and self-pity. Sighing loudly, he turned his attention elsewhere.

There were plenty of families enjoying the sights and sounds the park graciously provided, some kids playing soccer in a near field, a woman and her dog sitting on the grass not far from him, a… He quickly looked back at the woman faster than was even humanly possible. He'd come by attractive women before, but something about her was just different. She was absently looking up at the sky just like he had moments ago, there were no signs that she was just passing by the park, and she seemed so relaxed and happy; the perfect antithesis to him. For the first time in a while, something gnawed at his heart, a small but recognizable feeling of need that he had denied so often. His thoughts quickly shot back to the nightmare he'd had, and apprehension caused him to feel uncertain. Who was he to be interested in anyone? Surely it would just end just like the nightmare, and he wouldn't be able to change a thing. But this time he couldn't help it, his body and mind overwrote every barrier he'd placed upon himself and followed instinct. Instinct. It was the very behavior that had brung his life down, yet it was the only one that could bring him up now, and so he put aside all the questions to approach this woman.

Another sleepless night plagued her vitality as she found herself struggling to do the simplest tasks. Had it not been an off-work day for her, she may have just collapsed from exhaustion. She smirked at the thought of herself falling asleep while attending to restaurant duties, not that anyone would help her, but it sure would be a rather lively scene in an otherwise monotonous environment. The morning quickly grew old as she continued to be deep in thought and once she'd eaten breakfast it was already half past ten, at least according to the obnoxious clock that announced every single damned minute. Anywhere but her house seemed more inviting, so she slipped on a light jacket and, rather unkindly, woke Sune from his peaceful slumber. Upon opening the door, she felt the air outside brush across her with a fresh and crisp feeling, almost like a bottle of energy that immediately jolted her awake. The inviting atmosphere washed away any last traces of the night before and she finally set off to bask in the light of the new day.

Eternity Park was a place she frequented many times of the year, whether to escape the boisterous antics of life or to forget about her problems. Today, however, she just wanted to stroll around and enjoy nature like most others did. She laughed as Sune decided to take the lead and choose a place to sit down, which he'd been denied the last few times they came because she was more focused on herself.

"Well aren't you the boss now eh Sune?" She heartily praised while ruffling his fur.

Sune barked in affirmation as they stopped in a rather quiet field. She fell down into the grass and let the world around her consume her like a savory treat. Everything was so soft, so quiet, and the aroma just overwhelmed her senses with delight. She thought that this was how life should be lived, free and unrestrained to the petty bonds that only served to harm. Her smiles were instantly sacked as a quite unfamiliar smell and sound assaulted her nose and ears:

"Hey, nice day today isn't it?" A male voice remarked with a high amount of nervousness.

She had never been approached like this before. In the past, some guys had come in confidently to woo her, but she dismissed them as quickly as they came because it was obvious that a relationship wouldn't last. But this man was different and he seemed like he didn't even know what he was doing, which amused her.

"You sound quite tense, you should relax a bit" She stated openly.

She smiled as he was stuttering and trying to find a proper response to her words. As clumsy as he was, it was kind of cute… Wait, what was she thinking? This man was just another one of those punks trying to win her love, and as a bonus she hadn't met him for more than five minutes. Her thoughts quickly dissipated as he spoke again:

"You know, I saw you looking up at the blue sky and bright sun for quite a while. Sometimes I find myself doing that quite often because it's so refreshing, and it's nice to see that someone else shares the same interest" He said without a hint of doubt.

She hadn't even considered what she was doing when she arrived in the field, but the sincerity of his words made it clear that he'd come for nothing but simple talk.

"I guess so. It's a nice way to escape the hectic parts of life. I work in a dimly lit restaurant for most of the week, so getting outside like this is like a blessing."

She heard him chuckle quietly. Was he mocking her?

"Working in that lighting must be pretty dull. I'm lucky enough to at least have natural light in my presence when working. What restaurant do you work in if I may ask?"

"It's called the Blue Garden Cafe. Where do you work?

"I'm a newspaper editor for the Radial Times. I've actually come by your restaurant a couple of times. It has pretty good food"

She had not actually read anything published by the Radial Times, which made her a bit guilty, so she quickly started to talk about other matters.

They talked for quite a long time, both enjoying the beautiful park and each other's company. But a day only had so many hours, and before they knew it, the sun was dipping below the horizon.

"Well, it was nice talking to you"

"Likewise" He responded emptily. "You know, we've been talking all this time and I didn't catch your name"

She laughed. He was now reverting back to his timid state that had made him so interesting in the first place.

"I guess it was rude of me not to say earlier. I'm Eleanor, and you?"

Mentally, he was slapping himself. He'd expected to be a suave man who would woo the girl of his dreams, but all it ended up with was stuttering and laughter. He was glad that she was able to look past his taciturn personality and see that he was actually an amiable person, but he couldn't deny that he had absolutely no skill in talking to women. Shaking that thought off, he stole a quick glance at her. The faint but familiar feeling of the gnawing on his heart regained momentum as he surreptitiously examined her. She was quite beautiful, her lightly caramel-colored hair draped down to her shoulders like flowing water, her skin was a warming color between tan and white that hypnotized his conscience, and her eyes were soft cerulean in color like the sky they had been watching. He'd seen women such as her before, and frankly, they were all talk and completely lost within the bounds of a materialistic society. Eleanor was certainly different, a woman that seemed to take joy in some of the more calming things in life.

"I'm Vince, nice to meet you"

He watched as she smiled and then excused herself because the day was getting late. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she left because he was so entranced with every feature of her…

"I forgot to say goodbye…" He quickly realized.

Beating his head in frustration and stupidity, he trotted back to his house as if nothing but her mattered.

Her hand stirred the now cold bowl of soup that was sitting on her dining table. What happened today? A random man called Vince appeared, and he was the first to connect with her on a level that she couldn't even comprehend. But who was he? A man who wanted her? A man who was a friend? She thought deeply about the experience and though she believed he was just a friendly stranger that would enter and exit like everyone else, she couldn't stifle the small spark of hope that was whispering to her that this time she'd found someone, the perfect friend, the perfect listener, the perfect person who could understand her affliction.


"Don't worry Eleanor, you'll be fine on your own."

"I don't want to go mother! You know the other kids won't even want to play with me. I might as well let them have fun."

Her mother sighed. "You know, if they don't like you then that's how it will be. But trust me on this; if someone does look past it then you know they will be a true friend"

"Trust is a hard thing for me to just give out mother. You know that."

"Maybe so, maybe so…"


Her mind slowly came to a realization that she'd given out her name to someone she'd just met once. It seemed like ages since she voluntarily gave information like that with such ease. Her mother would have easily pushed her to strengthen such trust, but she was not her mother, and this wasn't something that even mattered.

"What the hell…" She exclaimed while bashing the table with such strength that even Sune ran to hide.

Vince had been the talk of his whole workplace. Never before had they seen him walk in with a smile and greet each and every person he met. Everywhere he went his happiness rubbed off and soon enough everyone was questioning him.

"What happened to you? Did you get hit on the head?" His friend Tristan cautiously questioned.

"No, I just have something to look forward to at lunch today."

"You mean you're going with someone to lunch?"

Vince paused. That thought never crossed his mind… "Well, not really, in a way it could be, but yeah…"

Tristan winked at him suggestively. "Ahhh, I see what you're up to Vince. I only got one word of advice for you, don't blow it"

He gave Tristan a glare. "You don't say Tristan. Out of everything I never considered that scenario!"

Laughing at his own sarcasm, he set off to toil the rest of the morning away.

"What do you think you're doing? Trying to cheat me out of my money you idiot!"

She'd just given a dime short of change back to a quite hot-headed fellow. Her boss was now trying to calm him and say it was just a mistake, but she knew it was a rather fatal one. His words hurt her to the core and she had to run outside to escape the harrowing words and glares that were sure to be looking at her with contempt.

"Damn this establishment, damn this life, damn these people"

She grabbed a fistful of hair and ruffled it out of shape violently. Why did everything have to turn out this way? She clenched her fist into a tight ball, ready to demolish the nearest thing, but instead she fell into her arms and wept.

No one dared to bother her, and consequently, she didn't even want to move. If only she could… If only…

"What are you people looking at, mind your own business" A familiar voice rang out.

She heard the grumbling and sighs of the people that were watching her turn away and resume their previous actions.

"Hey are you okay? Is something bothering you Eleanor?"

A voice that was very deep, calming, and strikingly familiar made her heart jump. She immediately opened up to him.

"Oh Vince… To think you would come here… I'm so sorry"

His voice was now filled with concern. "Sorry about what? You can tell me anything Eleanor"

"Why do you treat me like this? Why aren't you like everyone else? Why don't you hate me…"

She tensed for a moment. Now he knew even more about her, how weak she was… How much of a failure she was…

"I can't hate you Eleanor. How can anyone hate a beautiful, kind, and thoughtful woman like you? Only fools would."

She felt him place his hand on her shoulder, as if to act as a shield to the harshness of reality. They sat there, immobile, until she quickly realized what he'd just insinuated with his words.

"So, I'm a beautiful, kind, and thoughtful woman?"

"Oh you know… Anything to make you feel better" He nervously replied

She laughed and gave him a playful push. "You big knucklehead! But… Thanks for making sure I was okay. It means a lot to me"

"You made that day in the park enjoyable, and I'm just making sure your act of kindness is repaid."

When the commotion inside the restaurant cleared, Vince offered to buy them both lunch. Despite her protests, he rushed in and paid before she could even get up. With lunch on the table and Vince across from her, she thought it was the right time.

"This is very generous and all, but please tell me, why are you doing all this for me?"

Vince began to ramble profusely. "Well… When I make a friend I stay true to them… I respect women… I think no one should have to…"
"Just tell me one thing. If I were to share with you something that was completely crazy, so out of perspective that even the sky would blanch, would you still treat me the same way as you do now?"

She heard a small shuffle of feet and a prolonged silence that followed her short outburst.

"Well…" He began slowly. "I think I've known and experienced a fair share of odd and shocking things in my life, so I think my opinion of you will not change at all"

What was she talking about? His first impression was that she actually did some questionable activity other than working at a restaurant, but the seriousness and sincerity of her words shocked him. What could she possibly be hiding that would turn the world upside-down? He settled into his chair and his whole body began to shake as her mouth spilled out a harrowing truth.

So! It has taken me quite some time to finally complete the first chapter of this story. I know this is kinda of a really angsty, sad, depressing chapter, but it won't get any more gloomy. I promise. What's she going to tell him? What could she be hiding? Why are these two so interesting? Who is the real main character? Some of these questions can be answered in this chapter, but tune in for the revealing in the second chapter! As always, any criticism is welcome as long as it's constructive and not destructive.