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It was just another day of summer, but many people had died that particular day.

The heat hadn't reached the cadavers, but the sharp, nauseating smell of blood was impossible to miss if you were within a 2 mile radius.

Unfortunately for two people, they were in that radius.

Outside it was very hot and very dry. You could actually see the grass going from deep green to brown, and the thick dead plant shoots looked like fingers poking out of the gravelly dirt. There were no clouds to shield them from the sun, glaring down at them with burning hatred. But this was just the outside of the abandoned warehouse, and at that moment two people inside were wondering if they'd ever take shade for granted again. Considering this heat wave, probably not ever.

It had been quiet for about six hours in that shady little corner of nowhere. The monster inside liked it that way, after such a feast. But the silence was broken by two whiny voices, male and female:

"Jacket, jacket…Cold…Why can't there be a nice abandoned place for once?"

"Because there are no nice abandoned places!" The male voice rasped. He made a disgusted sound. "My god, it stinks in here. Where the hell is my flashlight?!"

"Shut up, Andy—!" The female coughed as the stench hit her, stronger now that they were both inside. "Ugh…We gotta call the police soon."

Panic. Fear. Anger. It shouldn't have stuffed itself so much.

They'll just be wasted food now.

But then the male snack cried "No!"

The creature raised a bloody black brow, then began to slink over soundlessly.

"Why not?"

"They're going to ask questions," Andy said. "Names, when where, and why. Neither of us have answers for that!"

"We can't just leave these people like this!"

"We can call and then leave! Now shut up. At least whisper until we know we're alone?"

Ruby relented. "…Sorry. But don't tell me to shut up again or I'll punch you in your children."

The monster blinked. His what?

"My what?"

She kicked at and intentionally missed his crotch. "Okay, I get it, no need to demonstrate!"

It snickered before it could stop itself.

"Holy shit, did you hear that?!"

They both began to look around, eyes and ears straining for the creature.


Of course, the only way to find the creature gawking at them would be to see it, but how could they?

It was very dark in the warehouse. Almost pitch-black. Only the monster could see in the dark. It felt a small surge of pride, but reminded itself not to underestimate the two snacks. The rapidly fading scar on it's head reminded it that not all it's food was defenseless or stupid.

It looked up at the holes in the ceiling, squinting in pain despite the holes only letting in a bare minimum of light.

It shouldn't burn this much..What—?

Then it turned.


The broken door was cracked open, allowing the two people a slice of complete visibility.

They weren't in the slice.

The monster confidently marked them as idiots.

The idiots spoke quietly enough that it could only hear indistinct murmurs.

"Anyone?" Andy asked the other silhouette. "Is someone calling in, Ruby?"

"Not…wait, someone's coming. I feel it…" Her voice was oddly hollow and echoed.


"I'll ask." Andy couldn't see how large the girl's pupils had gotten. "Hello? Hello? Who is this?"

"Uh, my name is Katie." The third voice echoed throughout the warehouse, shaking.

The creature flinched, got on it's new hands and knees, and began to crawl even closer.

It was strong now, it could kill them both at once. But not now. Later.

It wanted to hear more of the Ruby's trill, Andy's annoyance… and Katie, for no other reason than it's own sick joy at hearing her voice tremble with fear again (her hair shook more, though, it thought out of nowhere). It could almost feel the messy curls pressed against it's face again, smelling of some fruity shampoo. The breeze of a condescending giggle, jumping from soft pink lips. Then the small hands, sweaty and shaking. He liked those hands, so he had started with them.

The monster could still taste the blood, hot and thick and salty-sweet on its gray tongue.

"Don't be scared, I just want to see you…that's it. How cute you are." The girl called Ruby said warmly. Andy nodded, eyes roaming up and down.

"You really are," It wasn't a patronizing statement, guessing by Andy's tone. Katie began to back away, and Ruby smacked the back of his head. "What?!"

"That dude with the hippie hair whose tongue is hanging out," Ruby grinned, and her canines were surprisingly sharp. "He's Andy. Call me Ruby."

"Hello, Ruby." You could hear the fake smile. "How long have you two been dead?"

Ruby snorted.

"Sorry, only one of us has no pulse," Ruby pointed at the girl for emphasis, "and that's you."

Katie ignored the jab. "So you're one of those medium? Hey, can you-"

"No time for that." The words were clipped. "I need you to try and remember what happened here."

"Here? I was just in my room, and then…" Katie blinked. "Where is 'here'?"

"Knells Creek, New Delany." Ruby held her hands out and waved them around, wildly animated as she spoke. "We're talking in an abandoned storehouse, see? You died here. And I'm sorry, you died horribly."

Ah, those big, teary green eyes! "H-how…How long ago?"

"Well…" Ruby glanced behind her, at the cadaver not a foot away. "Probably…A few hours ago. Late enough for you to figure out being dead, but too early for you remember how or when or why." She played with the black strap of her watch before tapping it's glowing face. "It should coming back to you. Right…about…"

Katie suddenly stood very straight, rigidly at attention. She made an odd gagging sound.

"AGH!…" Then she bent at the waist and began to retch. Blood gushed from her mouth, evaporating before it hit the ground like most summer rains as of late. Her hands broke away until they were bloody stumps, her blouse ripped open to display a gaping hole in her stomach, the organs absent, devoured, as they were on her real body.

Andy flinched and looked away, very obviously fighting down the urge to vomit.

Whatever it is that's going on here...He's new to it, the creature realized.

Ruby did not blink, her face oddly frozen as the rest of her shook violently. Her knees buckled, but the boy caught her before she could fall. She shook him off.

Ruby waited, still expressionless even as tears ran down her face. The agony was a ghost pain that shot through her body and made her knees weak; the shared pain of a murder victim and her medium. It would go away, though, unlike the creature staring up Ruby's skirt, having finally slithered over undetected in all the excitement, it's form now shifted to that of a young man.

He just lay down and waited, fighting back a twisted smile as he slowly rotated his head so that when the time was right, his breath would hit Ruby's ankle.

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