She would run through fields, and ride with Mum on slippery dip and swing,

In her infancy, when taken to the park on days of spring.

She would play with dolls, inventing games, when she could only crawl.
She brought happiness to family folk and friends then, one and all.

She made friends in primary school, and found it easy to excel

In the pleasures of the playground time, partaking, keen and well.

She had ups and downs, like every child; but always found the glass

Wasn't empty, as she worked her way through every prep school class.

In her junior high, she learned to dance, and tried her hand at sport.

Though occasionally involved in mischief, even getting caught;

She was never far from optimism, dreaming far ahead

Of the life she planned to build, inspired by that which Mum had led.

In her teenage years she socialized, and rode more fields on foals,
Seated well on ponies, valuing her life and setting goals;

So that study moved towards them. But before she'd made her climb,

Something happened and she fell upon a not-so-easy time.

Why were dolls and swings and playground years forgotten, when she found

That her income came from evening work, where thumping hands would pound

On the table tops in shady clubs, where ladies of the night

Showed what only future husbands should have later born the sight?

Why was innocence forsaken, just to pay her monthly rent?

Well in fact, it's down to ways that men's own income's being spent.
God made no-one, with such jobs in mind. So guys, let's make a stand.
Take that market to extinction, by removing all demand.