She lives and breathes,

But barely sees,

The cellophane flowers,

The colorless bees,

That make up this very quite nightmarish world,

Where one can never truly be.

Again I bring up,

This unfortunate girl,

With a past like a vise,

And a shadow like a pearl,

Showing who she really is,

Because she'll never know,

Why there is this much misery,

In the pain she undergoes.

To cut it short,

This has gone on for too long,

She just wants to know why,

And you shirk on the job,

Of giving her answers,

Not making her sob.

Why have you done this?

You know that it's wrong,

And yet you still push her,

You cruelly complain,

That she takes too long,

I'll tell you what's the matter,

With this vast abyss in which you've flung her,

It's a massive pit of nothing,

Lacking only what she thirsts for.

This is cruel and heartless,

A filmy sheet of misery,

And no matter how hard you have possibly tried,

To keep her alive for your dastardly deeds,

You must come to understand,

That only what you've done,

Has sadly caused this feat.